Dell Sanchez
Since that day in the spring of 1996, I have been on a never ending journey. My journey includes millions of people just like me that are Hispanic or Latino but happen to be the descendants of secret Jews of Spain. Our forefathers endured a very bloody history as well as an expulsion out of the very land our own ancestors founded during the times of King David and King Solomon." 
           --Dell Sanchez
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Our Mission
Locally, nationally, and internationally, American Anusim's mission is to restore Sephardic Anusim to its true history and to collaborate in fulfilling ancient prophecies regarding their Negev homeland.

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Obadiah's Prophecy
"The exiles from Jerusalem who are in Sepharad will possess the towns of the Negev." 
            (Obadiah 20)

"Los exiliados de Jerusalén que están en Sefarad poseerán los ciudades del Neguev." 
               (Abdías 20)
Sephardic Anusim Center 
of the Americas
I believe there exists an underground stream of Sephardic Anusim secretly trickling into the Negev. I know there are certain hidden "angels" directly helping God-sent Anusim to these hidden angels for coaching them to make aliyah.

I'm also convinced that God's mysteriously amassing a secret underground army to fulfill what the Prophet Isaiah prophesied in chapter 40 and verses 3-5...

I also believe the Prophet Ezekiel's prophecy that, in the Messianic (millennial) Age, my people will be put in charge of jurisdictions in Eretz Israel. According to Isaiah, some of us shall be sent as envoys and ambassadors throughout the globe recruiting and doing Messiah's bidding.

Finally, I'm totally persuaded that, as we say in Spanish, "El que quiere, puede"/ he who desires it really bad can do it-because God put that unquenchable desire in their soul.

God's Spirit is in total control of this hidden mystery. And He enables those that are assigned to make aliyah or to help in this process to succeed. cannot take control nor credit for this amazing fulfillment of Bible prophecy!

A voice of one (Is.40:3),