CrossOver’s Treatment Intervention Prevention Services(TIPS) Program has been serving HIV-positive individuals in the Richmond area since 1999.

Over the past year, the program provided services to more than 150 HIV-positive patients within the Metro area. The TIPS Program at CrossOver is unique in that it offers patients more than one service, including medical, mental health, case management, and dental services.

TIPS is made possible by funding from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program administered by the Virginia Department of Health. Named in honor of one of the most recognizable faces of the AIDS crisis, this program was created to provide medication and treatment services to low-income, uninsured, HIV-positive individuals.

With the remarkable advancements in treatment in recent years, HIV-positive patients that are engaged in care are able to lead normal lives. The TIPS team strives to ensure all patients are actively involved in their care.

One way this is accomplished is through the TIPS Consumer Advisory Board. The board brings staff and patients together monthly allowing patients to share stories, analyze services, and provide feedback to the TIPS team. Recently, the Consumer Advisory Board has been focused on patients telling their stories through their own paintings or drawings.

Thanks to Ryan White and the Virginia Department of Health, we are able to assist hundreds of patients like Alejandro in the Richmond area.