HIV Testing and Pregnancy Toolkit


The National Center for Training, Support, and Technical Assistance presents this HIV testing and pregnancy toolkit to help organizations reduce perinatal HIV infections in their communities. The kit includes reference guides, fact sheets, brochures and information on topics related to HIV and pregnancy. We hope that you find these resources useful in your work to prevent perinatal HIV transmission.


 Info-graphic Posters

This informative graphic discusses key points that providers and counselors can use to educate, motivate and empower pregnant women to get screened for HIV and receive proper medical care. 

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HIV Testing and Counseling
Use this reference guide to provide effective responses when a pregnant client is reluctant to get tested for HIV.
Become familiar with the different approaches used in healthcare settings to test pregnant women
for HIV and the CDC recommended approach.

Inform clients in advance on the steps taken during testing sessions to alleviate client fears and increase testing confidence.

 Educational Materials

HIV and Pregnancy Fact Sheets
Support HIV education by providing clients with the following fact sheets to reinforce key points and answer common questions about HIV and pregnancy.
  The topics discussed include:
  • HIV Testing and Pregnancy
  • Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV *
  • Anti-HIV Medications for Use in Pregnancy
  • Safety of Anti-HIV Medications During Pregnancy
  • Preventing Transmission of HIV During Labor and Delivery
  • Women Infected with HIV and Their Babies After Birth
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* The term perinatal transmission or vertical transmission is preferred over the term mother-to-child transmission to help reduce HIV stigma.

         Use this brochure        (in English or Spanish)   to educate couples and expecting mothers on the importance of HIV testing.

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