The City's Voice for People 
       with Hearing Loss

Information, Education, Support and
Advocacy for People with Hearing Loss 

Chapter Meetings
2nd Saturday of the Month
1 - 3 pm, ( September- Ma y)

Community Room, Gold Hill Police Station
955 W Moreno Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

April 2019 Newsletter

April 2019 Newsletter

We Welcome Jaynie and Ginger to our Newsletter List.  
They are newsletter editors in California and New York Chapters!  

Next Chapter Meeting 
Saturday, April 13, 2019
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Community Room, Gold Hill Police Station
955 West Moreno Ave., Colorado Springs

Meetings are free, and all are welcome. 
Membership is not required to attend

Free parking, refreshments, hearing loop, assistive listening devices (ALDs), and CART (live captioning) are provided.



Join us at 1:00 p.m. for a bite (no pun intended!)  to eat before the April meeting.    Please RSVP for your food "ticket" by Thursday a.m., April 11th,  or, just do it right now!   Click  here .  
Meeting will start at 1:30 p.m.  

We have some other fun stuff planned, too!

This Month's Presentation: 
The Marion Downs Center

Marion  Downs was an Audiologist and    Professor Emerita at the  University of Colorado  Health Sciences Center, Denver.

Known as the "Mother of Pediatric Audiology", she pioneered universal newborn hearing screening in the early 1960s.
As a result of Marion's efforts, 95 percent of all newborns in America are now screened for hearing loss!
The Marion Downs Center is a non-profit 501(c) that provide research, education, awareness, and support for individuals with hearing loss or communication challenges and their families.
REMEMBER - CART transcripts of our meetings are available!   They are posted within a week after each months' meeting. Click  here.  

Join the Team! 
Be involved in Chapter Leadership

Nominations for Chapter Secretary will be announced at the April Chapter meeting

 If you are interested in being considered as a nominee, have questions, or want to find out 
more, contact:

  Duane Gritzmaker, Vice President  or 719-649-9220

To be considered,  you must be a member of HLAA National and the HLAA-CS Chapter

Members may  self-nominate or b e nominated by someone else
  • More than one Member may run for the same office
  • Candidates are encouraged to share their vision for the Chapter prior to the election
The Secretary must be available to attend monthly Chapter meetings, and Chapter Board meetings

Secretary's Responsibility is t o record the Minutes of the Chapter meetings and Board meetings

  • Chart the Chapter's course and establish its goals for the next two years
  • Eligible to attend the HLAA National Conventions at a greatly reduced rate and to serve as the Chapter Delegate
  • Eligible to receive a Chapter Stipend to help offset Convention expenses
Chapter Committee Chair Opportunities

These positions are appointed by the Chapter Board.  Requirements and Perks are the same as for Chapter Officers.  

If you are interested in one of these Board positions, please contact Vickie at
  • Loop Colorado Springs Committee Chair -Purpose is to educate the community about what induction hearing loops are and what they can do for people with hearing loss, and to advocate for professionally installed hearing loops in public facilities
Tasks   include:  
  • Identify, coordinate, and set up temporary looping at community-event opportunities
  • Identify potential locations for permanent looping and initiate contact to explore looping possibilities  
  • Outreach Committee Chair - Purpose is to provide community outreach and education about HLAA and the Colorado Springs Chapter
Tasks  include:
  • Recruit members for Outreach Committee, as needed
  • Publicize HLAA-CS Chapter meetings and events to online calendars, and in other  publications
  • Distribute HLAA-CS Chapter flyers and brochures at community locations
  • Identify and coordinate potential opportunities for HLAA-CS advocacy in the community

HLAA Veterans  Virtual Chapter

Veterans with Hearing Loss -  Attend monthly online meetings the 4th Wednesday of the month from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. MST.  

To join and/or to find out how to attend the online meetings, email Nancy Macklin at
FREE HLAA Educational and 
Product/Service Webinars

Next Webinar is
Wednesday April 17th
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm MST 

"Life Without Limits" 
Join Bill Barkeley, a deaf-blind adventurer, advocate and storyteller for a conversation on his most recent adventures to Spain and Nepal.  

All Webinars are Captioned and Recorded

Schedule and Recordings

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of bad weather 
on the day of a chapter meeting or 
event, an email  notice of cancellation will be
 out no later than two (2) hours prior to the scheduled event 

Be Sure to Check Your Email Before You Head Out !

Looping Colorado Springs

The City of Colorado Springs has installed more 
counter loops around the City!  
  • City Clerk's Office (City Administration Building)
  • Payment Bureau (Municipal Court)
  • City Attorney's Office (Municipal Court)
Staff have been provided with a user guide developed by the City's ADA office, plus orientation to the technology
More counter loops are to be installed at the CSPD substations and Police Operations Center fairly quickly 

I am so excited to hear this that I almost want to encourage all of us to get a parking ticket just so we can pay at a looped counter!    -  Vickie



As required under ADA Title II, the City of Colorado Springs has and maintains an ADA Transition Plan for its buildings and facilities. The City recently conducted a reassessment of the physical accessibility of its building and facilities and is updating its ADA Transition Plan to better reflect current conditions. This plan assists with a long-term strategic approach to continue improvements to the accessibility of City facilities, programs, activities and services. Because of the large number of City buildings and facilities, the City is releasing this information in phases.

Click here for more information

Phase 1 Documents 

The City is asking the public to provide comments and feedback on this reassessment information . Public comments and feedback for each phase will be accepted for 30 days after publication. Comments are accepted via mail, email, and fax.

  • Phase 2: Police Stations - in process
  • Phase 3: Community Centers, Sertich Ice Center and Beidleman Center
  • Phase 4: Fire Stations
  • Phase 5: Parking Enterprise and City Auditorium
  • Phase 6: Office of Sustainability, Public Works facilities, Senior Center & Golf Acres and Parks Administration Office
  • Phase 7: Cemetery and Golf Course Enterprises
  • Phase 8: Pikes Peak - America's Mountain
  • Phase 9: Sports Complexes and Recreation Centers
  • Phase 10: Colorado Springs Airport
  • Phase 11: Mountain Metro Transit
  • Phase 12: Memorial Park
  • Phase 13: Regional Parks
  • Phase 14: Community Parks
  • Phase 15: Neighborhood Parks


HLAA 2019 Convention will be in Rochester, NY -  Home of one of  the oldest and most experienced HLAA Chapters in the country,  founded in 1984!  

Excitement starts with 
landing in an airport that is totally looped, and with other accessibility features!  This includes
smart color-coded LED lighting in the gate area to promote visual cuing 
to alert 
all passengers for 
important messages 
such as boarding announcements or emergency notifications.

In addition, there will be  terminal-wide hearing loops and counter loops installed at key locations!!

HLAA  Conventions  host the most communication accessible event in the country for people with hearing loss.  Hearing Loops  and CART Captioning  -  All sessions and breakout rooms will be looped and captioned!
Experience 1CapApp's  captions which are displayed on the same screen as the speaker's presentation slides  (no more head turning back and forth !).
Complete Information,  Forms, and 
Online  Registration here

HLAA offers complimentary registration for veterans  and their caregivers who are attending their first  HLAA Convention

Convention Schedule  here

Convention Hotel and   Travel Information  

HLAA-CS Chapter Stipend and Delegate Information  for HLAA2019 Convention -  Scroll further down for this information

Mark Your Calendars!

It's Time for the 2019 
Colorado Walk4Hearing!!

This is HLAA-CS' most important event  - our one and only fundraising event for Chapter funds.   We have a very limited budget, and donations to the Colorado Walk4Hearing are essential to support our  operating costs.

 Chapter Goal is to Raise $3,000, 
receive 40% of what we raise.  

Support Our Team -  make a  donation to the Chapte r, or
donate to a Walker,  or  Sign Up to Join our Chapter Team, " Springs Sweet Soles" and s tart your own fundraising now by asking Friends,  Family, and Co-Workers to Support You!

Click  here, then click on "Register by Joining an Existing Team."   Scroll further down if you need help on "How to Use the Walk4Hearing Website".

Click here to Learn More about HLAA Walk4Hearing

Help Make  HLAA-CS the 
Top Fundraisin
Chapter  in the State 
for the 4th Straight Year!

Our top competitor is the Denver Dazzlers

Walk Day:
Sunday, June 9, 2019

Clement Park
7306 W Bowles Ave
Littleton, CO

Click here to:

Read "Why We Walk"

Be An Alliance
Become a Sponsor

Opportunity is Available for the  
Colorado  Walk Coordinator
Contact Walk4Hearing Manager, Ronnie Adler

Congratulations to Melissa!!
Michelle was proud and excited to announce that her daughter,
Melissa, has found employment at Division of Vocational Rehabilitation!

How to Use the Walk4Hearing Website
  • Go to the Walk4Hearing homepage:   Click on "Register."
  • You will come to a page called "Find a Walk." Scroll down to the Colorado Walk: "6/9 Colorado Walk4Hearing."
  • Click on "Register/More Info." You will come to the Colorado Walk4Hearing page. On the right side of the page you will see "Participant" and "Team." Click on Team.
  • Where it says "Team Name" type in "Springs Sweet Soles."
  • On the page "Search for a Walker or Team to Support," you will see "Search Results." Our team name will show up. Click on it, and then click on "Join Team."
  • If you've never registered with the Walk before, click on "Register as New Walker."
  • You will come to a page "Participation Options." It automatically suggests your fundraising goal as $200. You can change that now or later. You do not need to make a donation now. You can leave that blank. If you do make a donation and don't want others to see the amount, unclick that box.
  • You will fill out Personal Information, Contact Information, and Create a Log-in.
  • You will come to a page that says "Additional Information." There are 7 questions on that page.  Question #2 is very important! You must select where you want a portion of your funds to go. Click
  • on the down arrow and you will see several choices.Click on the Colorado Springs Chapter.
  • The next page will say "Registration Summary.  Check your info and click on "Complete Registration."
Set up your Personal Page
  • Go to Click on "My Walk Center."  
  • Scroll down to the 6/9 Colorado Walk4Hearing. Click on "Log in." Enter your user name and password. You will see "Welcome, Your Name" at the top of the page. Scroll down to "What to do next?" Click on "Set up your Personal Page."
  • You should see "Edit Your Personal Funding Page" at the top. There is a suggested text for this page, but I think it is much better to write your own. This is where you can write about your experience with hearing loss, why HLAA is important to you, and why you are walking. You might want to write your own paragraph and use some of the suggested text at the end.
  • Click on "Save" at the bottom of the page and then click on (View Personal Page) at the top of the page. This will open in a new window and show you how your message will look. If you want to go back and edit it some more, just click on the tab at the top of your browser that says "Participant Center." This will take you back to your Personal Page. You can make changes and/or add a picture. It's nice to make it more personal with a picture.
  • To add a picture, click on "Photos/Videos" on the right side. You should see Photos/Videos at the top of the next page. Click on "Choose File" and then "Photo Library". Choose a photo from your computer. Click on "Save/Upload." Click again on "View Personal Page.
  • When you view your personal page, copy the URL in the browser window. If you decide to ask for donations using email (instead of the Walk website) you can use this link in your email. Then people can simply click on the link, click on "Donate Now" and it is easy! You can also use this link on your Facebook page to ask friends to donate.
Use the Website to ask for Donations
  • Log in to This will take you to your "Home" page and show you the overview of your fundraising progress. On the right side, click on "Add Contacts."  This will take you to your contacts on the "Email" page. 
  • On the right side you will see "Import ontacts" or "Add single contact." I have never used "Import contacts" so I recommend clicking on "Add single contact." You will see a box asking for the first and last name and email address of the contact. I find it easiest to do this if I open my email and enter the contact's name as if I were going to send an email. Then I copy that email address. That way there are no errors by trying to type it in. Paste it into your contact and click the green "Add" button. I find this goes very quickly, just copying and pasting from your email.  
  • When you finish adding all your contacts, click on "Compose" on the right side of the page.  Click on "Solicitation" and "Preview." Here you will see the suggested text for asking for donations. You have 3 choices here:
  1. Use this letter exactly as it is;
  2. Use the suggested solicitation letter and add your own information to personalize it. Select it, click "Next" and you can edit it here;
  3. You can create your own letter by going to "Other" and "Create Your Own Message." If you modify the suggested letter or create your own, click on "Save as Template" and then click "Next." You will see your letter here again and can double check it. Click "Next" again and you will see your contacts. Click the box next to the names of the contacts you want to email. Click "Next" and "Send."
  Need help? Contact Vickie at

HLAA-CS Chapter Stipend and Delegate Information  for HLAA2019 Convention

If you have questions after reading the policy, procedure and requirements, please  see Vickie, or email her at

If you are an HLAA National  Member and belong to the HLAA-CS Chapter, you may be eligible to receive a financial stipend to help offset the expense to attend the HLAA National  Convention in Rochester, NY in June.  

An applicant must have demonstrated an interest in and is currently involved with hearing loss issues. If you are interested in applying for a  Chapter stipend,  e-mail Vickie at as soon as possible.   Applications will not be accepted after April  13 , 2019.  

Determination of awardee(s) and stipend amount will be made by May 11, 2019 and you will be notified.

Stipend(s) is awarded after your receipts* are submitted upon returning from the Convention.
  • Applicant(s) must be a Member of HLAA National and the HLAA-CS Chapter
  • Applicant(s) pays for and completes their own travel and hotel arrangements and Convention registration.
  • The amount of the stipend(s) is determined by the HLAA-CS Board.  Remaining costs are the responsibility of the awardee.
  • Determination is based on factors such as the number of applicants, other scholarships received, first-time attendee, Chapter participation as Officer, Chairperson, Committee Member, and/or otherwise actively involved in the Chapter.
  • Determination of awardees) is made by the HLAA-CS Board. 
*Receipts include hotel receipt upon check-out; plane boarding passes to and from Convention;  Convention registration receipt 

Chapter Delegate - A  Delegate is one (1) Chapter Member who is generally preparing for, or is involved in, a Chapter leadership role.  

If you are interested in applying as the Chapter Delegate , e-mail Vickie at as soon as possible.  

Applications for Chapter Delegate will not be accepted after April 7th, 2019.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Chapter Officers and the Chapter Delegate rate is $125 if registration  is completed by April 15, 2019.   Thus, determination of the Chapter Delegate will be made by  April 10, 2019  and you will be notified.
  • Delegate must be a Member of HLAA National and the HLAA-CS Chapter.
  • Submit a written statement of leadership position plans/commitment in HLAA-CS.
  • Delegate is determined by  the HLAA-CS Board.  
  • Determination is based on factors such as first-time attendee, current Chapter participation as Officer, Chairperson, Committee Member, and/or otherwise actively involved in the Chapter.
  • Applicant pays for and completes their own travel and hotel arrangements,
  • Once you are selected as the Delegate, you complete the Delegate registration at the greatly reduced Delegate Level of $125  (Delegate's expense) by the April 15, 2019 deadline.
Delegate primarily attends the focused Chapter/State Development Workshops.

Delegate Agrees to the following:
  • Attend HLAA All-Leaders Chapter-Building Workshop (depending on your arrival date)
  • Attend the Opening Session and the Research Symposium (depending on your arrival date)
  • Attend one Chapter/State Development Workshop per each time slot per day of attendance  (as well as the Newcomers Session, if this is your first Convention).  Demo Room Presentations also count as, and can be substituted for, a "workshop."  
  • Present a report to the September Chapter meeting of the Workshops attended and their Convention experience
Additionally, the Delegate may also be considered for a financial stipend  (see Scholarship Application).


For Complete Information, Forms, and 
Online Registration, click here

HLAA offers complimentary registration 
for veterans and their caregivers who are attending their first HLAA Convention, and 
has its own registration form

Please Note!

If you have applied for, and/or are waiting 
to hear about acceptance for an  HLAA National Scholarship,  wait for instruction from National before using any of 
these forms!

Chapter Officers and Chapter Delegate Rate is $125, with a deadline of April 15th and has it own registration form.

Rates Below are for General AttendeesOnly, with deadlines as noted.

  By 5/15/19 On-site
Member Individual
Member Couple
Member First-Timer*
Member First-Timer Couple*
Member Student
Non-Member Student

  Package Includes
  • State and Chapter Awards Reception & Ceremony, Wednesday, June 19
  • Exhibit Hall Grand Opening, Thursday, June 20
  • Opening Session featuring Keynote Speaker, Rebecca Alexander, Thursday, June 20
  • Get Acquainted Party (GAP), Thursday, June 20
  • Research Symposium, Genetics and Hearing Loss, Friday, June 21
  • HLAA2019 Convention Walk4Hearing, Saturday, June 22
  • Unlimited entry to Exhibit Hall and Socials
  • All workshops, demo presentations and featured speakers
Daily Packages Available Also

Convention Hotel and Travel Information, click  here
Workshops are Below

PS:  Time outside of required workshops is Free Time.  

You wont want to miss the Exhibit Hall and Demo Room Presentations!   You can experience the latest technology and services for people with hearing loss under  one roof! 

List of Exhibitors, click  here

Convention Schedule, click  here

Workshops, click  here,

Wednesday, June 19
  • HLAA All-Leaders Chapter-Building Workshop (required for Chapter Delegate only)
  • HLAA Board of Trustees and Business Meetings (optional)
Thursday, June 20
  • 9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Opening Session   (required)
  • Newcomers' Session (required if never attended an HLAA Convention before)
Workshop Sessions:
  • 1:15 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. (1 required)
  • 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. (1 required)
  • 3:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. (1 required)
7 p.m. - 10 p.m. Get Acquainted Party (off-site - optional, but a TON of FUN!!)
Friday, June 21
  • 8:30 a.m. - 11 a.m. Research Symposium: The Latest on Genetics and Hearing Loss (required)
Workshop Sessions:
  • 12:45 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. (1 required)
  •   2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. (1 required)
  •   3:15 p.m. -  4:15 p.m. (1 required)
Saturday, June 22

8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Convention Walk4Hearing - 3rd year! (optional, but really fun, plus, you get a FREE Convention Walk t-shirt!), 

Workshop Sessions:
  • 10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. (1 required)
  • 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (1 required)
  •  2:15 p.m. -    3:15 p.m. (1 required)

Need Help Paying  for Hearing Aids?  

If you are a U.S. citizen living in El Paso County and need help paying for hearing aids, find out more about the  Rocky Mountain   Sertoma  H.E.A.R.S.  Program here.
For more hearing aid resources, click here

Chapter Volunteers Needed!

Did you know that all Chapter Officers and Committee Chairpersons are volunteers, too?

Ways You Can Help:

  • Spread the Word about our Chapter and Invite others to come
  • Volunteer for a Committee or an Outreach Project 
  • Help with Refreshments, or as a Greeter 
  • Like to Drive?  We need carpool drivers for out-of-town Social Activities (cost of gas is split among the riders).  Let us know if you would like to be contacted when we have a need!

"If you want to go somewhere fast, go alone.  If you want to go somewhere far, go together"   Please let any of us know if you are interested in being more involved to help HLAA-CS "go far."   Volunteering  can be a  one-time, ongoing, or as-needed basis.   You can also contact us by email at .     
Leadership Team
Website and Newsletter Editor
 Vice President

Pauline, Secretary
Michelle, Treasurer

Welcome Committee Chair
Social Committee Chair


Technical Assistant
Lots of Chapter Pictures are posted on our Facebook page!  Click  here .  
Pictures courtesy of  Pauline , our Official Chapter Photographer!

Keep Up to Date with HLAA-CS!

"The City's Voice for People 
with Hearing Loss"

Click on  Chapter and State Calendar  to find  Events of Interest to People with  Hearing Loss  


Assistive Technology Available Here 

Is Your Venue Accessible to People with Hearing Loss?  

If not, HLAA-CS can  demonstrate assistive listening technology, and/or set up a portable loop.  Hear for yourself the difference it can make!    

For a list  of Public Venues, Churches, En tertainment Venues, and Retirement Living Communities with Assistive Listening Systems in the Colorado Springs area, visit the HLAA-CS Website and click on the "Communication Accessibility" heading.

HLAA, a 501(c)3, is the nation's leading membership and advocacy organization for people with hearing loss, and has local Chapters all across the country.

As  the nation's voice for people with hearing loss , our Mission is " to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss through information, education, support, and advocacy.   As a Member, you share in this mission.  Through our advocacy work at the federal level, we represent 4 8 million people with hearing loss Membership is $35 per year. 

For Membership Benefits, click here  
Membership for our Military Veterans is complimentary! 
Keep up-to-date with HLAA!  Sign up 
 for the  
for chapter and state news and updates.  
Both are free and are delivered directly into your inbox!  
HLAA  Walk4Hearing is the largest walk for hearing-loss awareness in the country. 
Every spring and fall, teams walk in their communities to increase public awareness about hearing loss, help eradicate the stigma associated with it and raise funds for programs and services. 

For more information on National and Local Programs and Services supported by this annual fundraising event, click here.

"Hearing Life" - HLAA's Magazine  for  Better Hearing -  Click here for current and past Issues

Become a member of HLAA  to receive the bi-monthly magazine.  Click,  here  to find out all the benefits  of membership!

In Every Issue - readers look to "Hearing Life" magazine to provide them with: 

  • the  latest information on products, services, research, and technology in the hearing health care field
  • personal stories of people with hearing loss
    to find encouragement, and give them the feeling that they are not alone in living with a hearing loss
  • practical and useful information. "Hearing Life" magazine readers view this publication as a "lifeline" to help them help themselves and live well with hearing loss.

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