The City's Voice for People 
       with Hearing Loss

Information, Education, Support and
Advocacy for People with Hearing Loss 

Chapter Meetings
2nd Saturday of the Month
1 - 3 pm, ( September- Ma y)

Community Room, Gold Hill Police Station
955 W Moreno Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Our Visitors in September were Debra Wozney and Ken Keulhen
Next Chapter Meeting 
Saturday, October 14, 2019
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Refreshments and social time - 1:00 p.m. 

The program begins at 1:30 p.m.  

Meetings are free, and all are welcome. 
Membership is not required to attend. 

Free parking, refreshments,  assistive listening devices (ALDs), and a professionally-installed hearing loop   by  Erin Nichols from Assist2Hear.

REMINDER - CART transcripts of our meetings are available!   They are posted within a week after each months' meeting. Click  here .  

This Month's Program

Clear Sounds for People
with Hearing Loss

HLAA Denver chapter member, Wynne Whyman,
and founder of  "Let's Loop Colorado!", will be our speaker.  

This new statewide coalition is a diverse group of individuals, government agencies, businesses, and organizations with a common interest who agree to work together toward a common goal. They unite their personal, professional, and material resources to produce a specific change that they are unable to do alone.


The  Mission Statement is, "To bring people together to promote, support, educate, and create consistent use of hearing loops in Colorado".   It's goal is to:
  • increase the number of quality hearing loop installations
  • increase the consistent utilization of hearing loops by venues and consumers

Visit "Let's Loop Colorado!" website here

Chapter News

We have New 
Chapter Leaders 
and Board Members! 

  • Joy changed hats and was elected Secretary
  • Pauline also changed hats and was appointed  by the Board as Social Chair 
  • Geri was newly appointed by the Board as Welcome Chair
  • Vickie, Duane, and Michelle agreed to serve another term and were re-elected as President, Vice President, and Treasurer, respectively. 
If you are interested in volunteering in the chapter, contact any of us, or email us at

The Chapter received a $500 donation  from an anonymous donor.  We appreciate this generosity!

In our quest to find fun,  ac cessible   things for our chapter to do, we recently attended a show at the full dome theater of the Air Force Academy Planetarium and STEM Center.  

Bev, Vickie and I experienced the Northern Lights by watching the video "Experience the Aurora". We knew they did not have captions or assistive listening devices available and we wanted to see how much we could hear. Unfortunately, not much at all. 

We had a meeting with the Planetarium's Manager, Judy Cara, afterwards. She has been working with other Planetarium managers around the world to find a solution so people with hearing loss will be able to attend these shows. It seems like the eventual solution may be Sony Access Glasses. You can experience these at the AMC Chapel Hills 13 Theater. However, a friend of hers in England has added captions to the "Experience the Aurora" video and Judy has asked for a copy. 

She'd like us to return to view the film once again, with captions, to see how that works for us. We have no idea when this will be. But if you are interested in doing this with us, please let Vickie or Pauline know.  

These shows sound very interesting and are quite a treat for the eyes in this domed theater - and they are free. We'd love to be able to add the Planetarium shows on our list of chapter social activities. 
Pauline Weiss - Social Chair - HLAA-CS
HLAA-CS will have a table at the Open House.  Come learn about technology for people with hearing loss!

FREE HLAA Educational and 
Product/Service Webinars

Next Webinar is
Wednesday October 16th

New Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm MST 

"Let's Talk Tinnitus" 
 about what is being studied now

Click here for more information

All Webinars are Captioned and Recorded
View archived webinars by clicking below

Schedule and Recordings

Untreated Hearing Loss and 
L oneliness Have Enormous Medical Consequences, but  Hearing Loss Treatment Can Make a Difference!
   - excerpt taken from article submitted  by Pat  Going

She stopped going to church, since she could no longer hear the sermons. She abandoned the lectures that she used to frequent, as well as the political rallies that she had always loved. Communicating became an ordeal.  S he got a reputation for being standoffish, with neighbors incorrectly assuming that she was ignoring them when she had no idea they even had spoken to her.... 

Hearing loss affects 1 of every 5 people and is strongly linked to loneliness: Every decibel drop in perception in people under 70 increases the odds of becoming severely lonely by 7%.

As hearing declines, loneliness can intensify and set off a cascade of detrimental health effects. that raises the risks of depression, dementia and early death.
The vast majority of people who suffer from hearing loss don't know they have a problem - or don't want to know.   The changes happen gradually, and often earlier than expected.   For decades, age-related hearing loss was considered medically harmless, and Medicare still treats hearing loss as a normal part of aging, not a medical problem.  

There's speculation that those with hearing loss may recruit a different part of their brains to try to perceive sound, which could tax their working memory and lead to dementia.

People with hearing loss  can become so socially isolated that their brains get stimulated less, which could hasten cognitive decline.   If scientists can show that hearing loss helps cause dementia, they say that hearing treatment could prevent up to 9% of the more than 47 million dementia cases in the world.

These  feelings of isolation also raise the  risk of dementia by 40% and the odds of early death by 26%, according to recent studies..   Untreated hearing loss , meanwhile, increases the   risk of dementia by 50% ,   depression by 40% and falls by 30%.

Hearing aids helped reduce patients' dementia symptoms and found that seniors who used hearing aids appeared to reduce their risk of cognitive decline.    Yet only about 20% of older Americans with hearing loss wear hearing aids,  leaving more than 23 million older adults with untreated problems. Medicare's refusal to pay for these high-cost devices is not the only obstacle - hearing aids are free in England, yet only 25% of those with hearing loss use them.  

Chapter's Inclement Weather Policy...

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

but, in the event of bad weather 
on the day of a chapter meeting or 
event, an email  notice of cancellation will be
 out no later than two (2) hours prior to the scheduled event 

Be Sure to Check Your Email 
Before You Head Out !
News from National


The June HLAA Colorado Walk raised over $23,000, and,  HLAA-CS Chapter was again the Top Fundraising Chapter in the state   with over $1,700.  Thank you to all walkers and donor,   sponsors, alliances, and volunteers.  The Colorado Springs Chapter received $686 of this total.   

However,  this was  the last Walk4Hearing in Colorado .  With the loss of Walk sponsors, as well as the drop in  fundraising,  HLA A National made the difficult decision to cancel walks in Colorado The Walk was our Chapter's  only source of income, and this decision will have a huge impact on our budget ..

HLAA Executive Director,   Barbara Kelly thanked all of Colorado for the work and dedication put into the Colorado Walk, and to everyone who works on behalf of people with hearing loss in  Colorado.  Debbie Mohney Colorado State Chapter Coordinator , had this to say,:  "I know that our committee has worked especially hard over the years and I think YOU ALL deserve a round of applause for your dedication and hard work over the years!"
HLAA National knows that Chapters need to raise money to operate, and is working on a new do-it-yourself fundraising event of our choice for HLAA Chapters.   National will provide the software fundraising platform and guidance when it is ready for roll out

News from the  Colorado Commission for the Deaf, 
Hard of Hearing, and  DeafBlind (CCDHHDB)


HLAA-CS Chapter CART Grant

This summer, we applied for a grant to provide CART at our Chapter meetings.  In September, we learned that we were not selected as a recipient this year. We have been fortunate  to have received CCDHHDB grants for the last several years but.this year, with 12 grant applicants asking for a total of over $110,000, they were only able to award five applicants for a total of just under $50,000.  We hope that CCDHHDB will be able to secure larger grants in order to help meet the non-profit community needs for funding. 
HLAA-CS Members Appointed to CCDHHDB Committees
Dwight Johnsonserves on the L egal Auxiliary Services Advisory Council (LASAC).  The focus of this committee is full communication access in legal settings.  Click here for more information.

Vickie joined the Accessibility and Education Advisory Committee, headed by  Luke Adams ,  CCDHHDB Outreach Consultant for people with hearing loss.  The focus of this committee is accessible communication in Colorado for people with hearing loss.

Chapter News

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Please  consider joining or renewing your national membership in HLAA.  The yearly dues is $45 and includes the  Hearing Life bi-monthly magazine in print and digital format. If you prefer a digital format only, membership is only $35.  For the Chapter to receive a rebate, you must join/renew  online .  To join, renew, and see ALL the benefits, click here .  


Benefits of HLAA membership include eligibility to:
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HLAA members sign up for hearOclub using a coupon code online at or by calling 833.LISTEN-2 (833-547-8362). Look for the coupon code in the email confirmation when you join or renew, or in the HLAA New Member Packet which will arrive in your mailbox. Current members, sign up today using the coupon code HLAAmember at

Sign up for a 1-year hearOclub subscription and receive $30 worth of free batteries plus a battery tester keychain - a total value of $40, exclusive to HLAA members.

hearOclub is a hearing aid and cochlear implant battery subscription service which delivers DieHard brand batteries on a set schedule (with free shipping!). 

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HLAA-CS Chapter Delegate's Report

What a Trip!!!
by  Geri Tierney

I am a convention veteran, but this is the first non- nursing conference I have ever attended. I will try to convey some of the things I learned and if you need other information, please let me know and I will share what I know and maybe a contact, if I have one.

I wanted to make sure I  got to some chapter development workshops  and brought back  some goodies to share  as give aways  at meetings.   . I did a good job, no one can worry about living without a pen in the near future. 

ADA -  what the hearing loss person is entitled to and some of the recourses  if you are not accommodated. 
Devices - loops, and concern that some people are not being recommended to get telecoils, saying, ss pace in hearing instrument is at a premium, and "bluetooth is what you need" 
(Vickie here - this is not entirely true - come hear why not!)
Recommended Dr. Cliff Olson  - an audiologist who covers lots of stuff on hearing - click here
Hearing aids are really only effective 6 feet (surprise to me) 

We need to promote communication.  We (can't)  expect people to read minds.  There is a communication pendulum. Both parties are participants.
NO BLUFFING - I signed a pledge to not do that!
Lots of information on devices!

It made me  more empowered, and shy has never been something I claim to be. I learned that the FCC restricts usage of my caption phone should not be used by anyone who is not hearing impaired* Using the caption "minutes" are to be used by the hearing-impaired person only!.  FCC may complain about the cost and need to raise the fee for captioning. ( Vickie here - tthe phone and captions to not cost the person with hearing loss.   However).    

I have more things on my list, but so much of it is "look up" lots of people like Dr. Cliff. I am working on it and will pass things on as I make sure I am accurate and will put links with the notes.

I have a couple of pics of Niagara Falls and bought a video on the falls, it is amazing.

Dan and I are planning on going to ( HLAA2020 Convention in) New Orleans next June, so anyone want to join us?                                    

News from the City


As required under ADA Title II, the City of Colorado Springs has and maintains an ADA Transition Plan for its buildings and facilities. The City recently conducted a reassessment of the physical accessibility of its building and facilities and is updating its ADA Transition Plan to better reflect current conditions. This plan assists with a long-term strategic approach to continue improvements to the accessibility of City facilities, programs, activities and services. Because of the large number of City buildings and facilities, the City is releasing this information in phases.

  • Phase 8: Cemeteries and Golf Courses (current phase)
    The City is asking the public to provide comments and feedback on this reassessment information. Comments are accepted via mail, email and fax.  Public Comment Period September 30 - October 29, 2019

     Click here for more information
The City of Colorado Springs' plans more loop around the City!  
  • The Pioneer's Museum
  • City Administration Building) (City Clerk's office; community room
  • District Courtrooms
Staff have been provided with a user guide developed by the City's ADA office, plus orientation to the technology

"Paper or Plastic?"  
Gas-Powered or Battery-Powered? 
- a timely article submitted by  Pat Going 

The Sound of Fall Weather

Fall weather used to herald the sounds of metal or plastic rakes against dry leaves and lawn debris. With the invention of the backpack gas engine leaf blower, the sound of fall has gotten noticeably louder. And, unfortunately, while these leaf blowers are highly productive, they also damage your ears and the hearing of those who happen to be nearby.     Leaf blowers are a danger to your hearing  - they operate between 90 and 115 decibels (dB); damage begins at 90 decibels (dB)
  • Hearing is a complex function in which your body changes mechanical motion generated by sound waves against your ear drum into electrical impulses interpreted by your brain
  • Inside your inner ear are tiny hair-like structures vital to your hearing. As you age, these cells begin to degrade, reducing your sensitivity to sound. However, you may also suffer damage to your hearing from exposure to loud noises.Loud noise damages delicate hair-like structures inside the cochlea responsible for converting sound into electrical impulses. Hearing loss may present first as tinnitus, a ringing in the ear(s) not triggered by an environmental source
  • Protect your hearing from noise-related hearing loss

Article taken from Mercola. - Take Control of  Your Health.  Click here

for video

Need Help Paying  for 
Hearing Aids?  

If you are a U.S. citizen living in El Paso County and need help paying for hearing aids, find out more about 
the  RockyMountain   Sertoma  H.E.A.R.S.  Program here.
For other hearing aid resources, click here

Chapter Volunteers Needed!

Did you know that all Chapter Officers and Committee Chairpersons are volunteers, too?
Ways You Can Help :

  • Spread the Word about our Chapter and Invite others to come
  • Volunteer for a Committee or an Outreach Project 
  • Help with Refreshments, or as a Greeter 
  • Like to Drive?  We need carpool drivers for out-of-town Social Activities (cost of gas is split among the riders).  Let us know if you would like to be contacted when we have a need!

Are interested in being more involved in HLAA-CS?  Please let any of us know.    Volunteering  can be a  one-time, ongoing, or as-needed basis.   You can also contact us by email at .     
New Leadership Team
Website and Newsletter Editor
 Vice President


Welcome Committee Chair
Social Committee Chair


Technical Assistant
Lots of Chapter Pictures are posted on our Facebook page!  Click  here .  
Pictures courtesy of  Pauline , our Official Chapter Photographer!

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Assistive Technology Available Here 

Is Your Venue Accessible to People with Hearing Loss?  

If not, HLAA-CS can  demonstrate assistive listening technology, and/or set up a portable loop.  Hear for yourself the difference it can make!    

For a list  of Public Venues, Churches, En tertainment Venues, and Retirement Living Communities with Assistive Listening Systems in the Colorado Springs area, visit the HLAA-CS Website and click on the "Communication Accessibility" heading.

HLAA, a 501(c)3, is the nation's leading membership and advocacy organization for people with hearing loss, and has local Chapters all across the country.

As  the nation's voice for people with hearing loss , our Mission is " to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss through information, education, support, and advocacy.   As a Member, you share in this mission.  Through our advocacy work at the federal level, we represent 4 8 million people with hearing loss Membership is $35 per year. 

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