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Community Room, Gold Hill Police Station
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February 2019 Newsletter

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The Rocky and Ahme Stone Endowment Scholarship is available for a deserving member of HLAA who has never attended an HLAA Convention. If you are not selected for the Rocky and Ahme Stone Endowment Scholarship, don't despair!   Every scholarship  application/nomination will be considered for other scholarships as they become available. We strive to send all applicants to the Convention!
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  • State and Chapter Awards Reception & Ceremony, Wednesday, June 19
  • Exhibit Hall Grand Opening, Thursday, June 20
  • Opening Session featuring Keynote Speaker, Rebecca Alexander, Thursday, June 20
  • Get Acquainted Party (GAP), Thursday, June 20
  • Research Symposium, Genetics and Hearing Loss, Friday, June 21
  • HLAA2019 Convention Walk4Hearing, Saturday, June 22
  • Unlimited entry to Exhibit Hall and Socials
  • All workshops, demo presentations and featured speakers
Daily Packages Available Also
Veterans and Caregivers  Registrants 

HLAA offers complimentary registration for veterans and their caregivers who are attending their first HLAA Convention.  
Convention Highlights
  • Research Symposium, "The Latest on Genetics and Hearing Loss" - read more 
  • Convention Schedule - click here
  • Keynote Speaker, Rebecca Alexander - a most incredible individual!  Click here
Communication Access 
at the Convention
HLAA  hosts  the most communication accessible event in the country for people with hearing loss . The Convention is a place  where it's okay not to hear well, to ask for someone to repeat . But when it comes to presentations,  you will hear more than you've ever heard before!

Hearing Loops -  All sessions and breakout rooms will be looped - just flip your telecoil on and you'll be "in the loop."

CART/Captioning Captions will be  displayed on the same screen as the speaker's presentation slides using technology called 1Fuzion, developed by 1CapApp. 
Convention Hotel and 
Travel Information

Hyatt Regency Rochester -  Click 

Did You Know ??
HLAA Colorado Springs Chapter Member,  Stacy Gibson was honored with the "Service to Mankind" Club Award by Woodman Valley Sertoma President, Hal Moffatt, for her work connecting people with hearing loss with the help they need, through the Sertoma HEARS program. The HEARS program helps people with hearing loss, who are in need of financial assistance, to purchase hearing aids.

Get Your Hearing Tested!   
 -  Article submitted by   Pat Going

Uncorrected hearing loss may raise the risk of mental and physical health problems and leads to higher hospitalization rates and health care costs.

The data showed that over 10 years, untreated hearing loss was associated with a 52 percent greater risk of dementia, a 41 percent higher risk of depression and an almost 30 percent greater risk for falls when compared with those who had no hearing loss.  There are an estimated 38 million Americans with hearing loss, including two-thirds of adults older than 70, but less than 20 percent use hearing aids . And people tend to wait an average of seven years from the time they start noticing hearing loss to the time they seek help, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America.
To read more, click here.
Outreach and Advocacy

A Tool to Discover Quieter Restaurants and Voice Concern for Loud Noise by Gregory Scott

Restaurants and bars are simply too loud. In New York City, restaurants, on average, have decibel levels (77 dBA) that make conversation very difficult. And bars are even worse with sound levels (81 dBA) that put people in danger of noise-induced hearing loss.

Do you wish venues were quieter to carry on a conversation? Looking for a polite way to ask managers to reduce their noise levels? Do you seek a way to find out where the quieter spots are in your city?

Feeling completely lost in the conversation while others conversed and connected with each other?   Do you nod in unison with the conversation, pretending to hear, and then  idly pass the time by entertaining yourself?

To overcome these issues, a free app for iPhone called  SoundPrint has been  created primarily for the hearing-impaired community,

SoundPrint allows you to  discover the quieter venues in your city. Using the app's internal decibel meter, you can
measure the actual noise level of any venue, which is then  submitted to a SoundPrint database that anyone can access to find out if a certain venue is quiet or loud.

A database for your city is created and, with each submission, is enriched and becomes more valuable. In addition, submitting SoundPrint measurements is an
effective way to tell venue managers that you and others care about noise levels and that they should mitigate the increasing din.

An initial trial in New York City has begun and to date, 3,000+ venues have been measured, many of which have been measured three times or more. This has resulted in  an invaluable curated list of 30 local quiet spots wh ere one can actually hear others! 

Join the SoundPrint community by measuring a venue when you are out. By doing so, you are helping each other discover which venues are quiet and noisy.

Gregory Scott is the founder of the SoundPrint app and is involved in the New York City hearing-impaired community. For more information, and to join the newsletter, visit SoundPrint's website and download the app.  SoundPrint is only available for the iPhone but venues are searchable on the app's website . SIgn up as SoundPrint ambassadors for  your city! 

Celebrating HLAA's 40th Birthday!

In the Beginning.....  From SHHH to HLAA

When founded by Rocky Stone in 1979, HLAA was known as SHHH.  In 1983 the official SHHH logo was designed and adopted using fading SHHH letters to represent fading hearing.   To read more, click 

HLAA Offers 
FREE Educational and Product/Service Webinars

All Webinars are Captioned and Recorded   

Next Webinar is
Wednesday February 20th
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm MST

Schedule and Recordings

Next Chapter Meeting
  Saturday, February 9th
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Community Room, Gold Hill Police Station
955 West Moreno Ave., Colorado Springs

Meetings are free, and all are welcome. 
Membership is not required to attend

Free parking, refreshments, hearing loop, assistive listening devices (ALDs), and CART (live captioning) are provided.

We have a seat at the table for you - literally!  We are incorporating some side table seats for those who have requested it, while still arranging other seating to be able to see the faces (OK, Lips!!) of others when they are speaking. 

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of bad weather 
on the day of a chapter meeting or 
event, an email  notice of cancellation will be
 sent out  two (2) hours prior tot he scheduled event.   

Be Sure to Check Your Email Before You Head Out

This Month's Speaker

Maggie Sims is the Project Manager for the Rocky Mountain ADA Center (RMADAC), located right here in Colorado Springs!  She is the longest-tenured employee of the center, and specializes in providing information, technical guidance and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act for the center's six-state region.

Maggie joined the RMADAC in 1992 (one year after the ADA was signed into law by President George HW Bush) as an ADA Information Specialist, with a deep interest in reducing communication barriers for those with hearing, speech, and visual losses. An expert on the ADA and effective communication processes and fluent in sign language, Maggie also provides guidance on technical assistance calls focused on helping the RMADAC's region. Maggie travels extensively throughout the region, representing RMADAC at many community events and conferences. In addition, she acts as one of the media spokespeople for the center. Sims received an Associate's Degree from Colorado Christian University and graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with a Bachelor's Degree in political science.

REMEMBER - CART transcripts of our meetings are available!   They are posted within a week after each months' meeting. Click  here.  
March Speaker  will be  HLAA Member and co-founder of the HLAA Colorado Springs Chapter,  Sharon Campbell, p resenting her Convention Workshop Topic,  
"Living Safely with Hearing Loss." 
Community News

More Looping News
 in Colorado Springs!
Penrose Public Library downtown has installed a hearing loop in the downstairs newly remodeled meeting room!  

UCCS has installed another hearing loop in University Hall.  
This historic building is home to the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Installations by Erin Nichols, Owner of Assist2Hear - located in Denver,.  They are   a leading installer of hearing loops throughout the Midwest since 2010.


You ask,  "WHY is it  S O IMPORTANT  to use  a MICROPHONE at ALL MEETINGS?"

Bluetooth - A Mouthful of Opportunities
by Kevin Franck and Margaret Gregowicz

Understand the various types of devices you can connect using Bluetooth, some of the challenges that come with it, and focus on how Bluetooth is relevant to hearing better.  Click  here

What If Your Reading Glasses Also Provided   Captions?

A graduate student team at  Cornell Tech  is working on something just like this.  Read more here
News from HLAA National

HLAA Position Papers... Do You Know What Our Position Is? - by Lise Hamlin, HLAA Director of Public Policy

These papers provide a  perspective into HLAA ,
and can be used by you, too!  Individuals, HLAA
Chapters and State Organizations can use them when  talking to legislators, the media, businesses, or anyone  who wants to  know more about HLAA's views .

HLAA currently has position papers available
on the following topics:

Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids - HLAA
recommends that health insurance cover the full cost of acquiring hearing aids.

Aural Rehabilitation - HLAA supports the use of an aural  rehabilitation model for hearing health care to reduce or  eliminate participation restrictions and activity limitations  imposed by hearing loss.

Medicare Coverage of Hearing Aids and Aural
Rehabilitation - HLAA supports amending Title 18 of
the Social Security Act to include coverage of hearing examinations for the purposes of prescribing, fitting  or changing hearing aids, coverage of the hearing  instruments themselves and aural rehabilitation.

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids - HLAA supports a
regulated market for over-the-counter hearing aids that  are intended for adults with mild-to-moderate hearing  loss and which meet strict performance and labeling  criteria to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Screening for Hearing Loss in Primary Health Care  Settings -  HLAA supports the inclusion of a standardized  approach to screening for hearing loss in primary health  care settings that includes both a subjective and objective  component in all adults during routine physicals; the  "Welcome to Medicare" assessment; and Medicare  annual risk assessments, that are accomplished in primary  care settings.

Telecoils and Hearing Loops - HLAA supports the
inclusion of telecoil technology in all hearing aids and  cochlear implants as well as the installation of high  quality, well-maintained hearing loop assistive listening  systems in public spaces such as ticket counters,  auditoriums, houses of worship, classrooms, theaters,  concert halls, airports, train stations, and public  transportation.

Wider Access to the Full Spectrum of Hearing
Technology Benefiting People with Hearing Loss - HLAA supports a hearing health care system that  provides consumers access to the full spectrum of  safe and effective hearing technology to meet their  individual needs.

The National Academies of Science, Engineering,
and Medicine (NAS) Report - On June 2, 2016, the
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and
Medicine released its historic report on Hearing Health  Care for Adults: Priorities for Access and Affordability.  The report emphasizes that hearing loss is a major public  health concern and provides 12 recommendations to  improve hearing health care. HLAA strongly supports  those recommendations and is working to achieve their  implementation.

Job Qualification Testing - It is HLAA's position that
employees and applicants who use hearing aids must  be tested with their hearing aids when determining  their qualifications for jobs where a level of hearing  proficiency is a legitimate criterion.

All the HLAA position papers are available for
download from our website.  Click here
HLAA's new Virtual Chapter for Veterans!
L earn more about it and how to join by clicking  here .  
"Is it OK if I Leave Now?" 
by Katherine Bouton

This is an interesting dilemma -  what would you have done?

Whether or not you are open about your hearing loss, there often comes a point at which you just can't try to listen anymore.  Read article here   

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Need Help Paying   for Hearing Aids?  

If you are a U.S. citizen living in El Paso County and need help paying for hearing aids, find out more about the  Rocky Mountain   Sertoma  H.E.A.R.S.  Program here  

For more hearing aid resources, click here

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If not, HLAA-CS can  demonstrate assistive listening technology, and/or set up a portable loop.  Hear for yourself the difference it can make!    

For a list  of Public Venues, Churches, En tertainment Venues, and Retirement Living Communities with Assistive Listening Systems in the Colorado Springs area, visit the HLAA-CS Website and click on the "Communication Accessibility" heading.

HLAA, a 501(c)3, is the nation's leading membership and advocacy organization for people with hearing loss, and has local Chapters all across the country.

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HLAA  Walk4Hearing is the largest walk for hearing-loss awareness in the country. 
Every spring and fall, teams walk in their communities to increase public awareness about hearing loss, help eradicate the stigma associated with it and raise funds for programs and services. 

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