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Information, Education, Support and
Advocacy for People with Hearing Loss 

Chapter Meetings
2nd Saturday of the Month
1 - 3 pm, ( September- Ma y)

Community Room, Gold Hill Police Station
955 W Moreno Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Chapter News
At our Christmas party, 
Pat  received a Bear Ornament, personalized  with the names of the Board Members,  in thanks for his past and continued service as our Technical Assistant.

Dwight  delighted us again with another one of his original stories,  entitled,  " Obstacles",   about a woman over-coming her hearing loss to achieve her goals of flying in space.

Joy  received the Chapter's  Gift Membership to HLAA!

Welcome, Joy!!

Bette won the Grand Prize - a Walk4Hearing Backpack and Ballcap!

To see other pictures from our Christmas Party, click  here .    Pictures courtesy of  Pauline , our Official Chapter Photographer!
Did You Know ??
  • How to Tell if a Hearing Aid Battery is Fresh?   Click  here  to find out.
  • Skype Has Live Captions!

Skype is now more accessible to people with hearing loss with live captions that are optimized to be fast, continuous, and contextually updated as people speak.  They can be used on one-on-one calls with a friend, coworker, or to any phone number, as well as in group calls with a work team or friend group.

To learn how to use this feature, read the  support articleTry it on your next call and give us your reviews at our meeting!!

Community News

Vickie  attended  Colorado Springs' first ever community ADA Forum  on the city's compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  These meetings are interactive and will be held quarterly and are open to the public.   When the next one is scheduled, I will let you all know when it is.
I asked if the U.S. Olympic Museum - which is currently under construction - will be accessible to people with hearing loss - YES!!

The panel, comprised of staff from many city departments, was led by Rob Hernandez, the city's ADA Manager, (pictured in center).  Also pictured next to Rob  is Michael Killebrew, the city's 
T itle II ADA Coordinator/Office of Accessibility.
     Hearing accessibility throughout the city  and county have been advanced largely due to their efforts.   

Have you ever thought what a person with hearing loss would do if they're stuck in an elevator?  Read  the Gazette's article about the discussion  here.


Educational workshops will be categorized in the following tracks:
  • Advocacy
  • Hearing Assistive Technology
  • NEW TRACK: Genetics & Hearing Loss
  • Lifestyle
  • State/Chapter Development 

A DREAM written down with a date becomes a goal.  
A GOAL broken down into  steps becomes a PLAN. 
A PLAN backed by  ACTION becomes


Next Chapter Meeting
  Saturday, January 12th
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Community Room, Gold Hill Police Station
955 West Moreno Ave., Colorado Springs

Meetings are free, and all are welcome. 
Membership is not required to attend

Free parking, refreshments, hearing loop, assistive listening devices (ALDs), and CART (live captioning) are provided.
Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of bad weather 
on the day of a chapter meeting or 
event, an email notice of cancellation will be sent out by  10 a.m.    Be Sure to Check Your Email Before You Head Out

This Month's Speaker

HLAA National Professional Adviser of the Year will be our speaker.  Dr. Nichole Kovel , Au.D.,  will  present an Open Forum on a myriad  of topics -  Get the Facts and Bust the Myths; Updates in Audiology; New Hearing Aid Technology; and Over the Counter Hearing Aids."  Bring your questions!  

REMEMBER - CART transcripts are now available!   They are posted within a week after each months' meeting. Click  here.  PS - No CART transcript for the December Party
News from HLAA National

HLAA's new Virtual Chapter for Veterans!
L earn more about it and how to join by clicking  here .  
HLAA Offers 
FREE Educational and Product/Service Webinars

3rd Wednesday of the Month
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm. Colorado Time 
Webinars are Captioned and Recorded   

To access a webinar, and to view and replay past webinars,  click here

Next Webinar is:
Wednesday January 19th
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

"Life Sounds Good"

Inspiratio nal story of Jess Toews who was diagnosed with a hereditary condition most commonly associated with acoustic neuromas, which are benign  tumors that occur on the nerves for balance and hearing leading to the inner ear. 

She is one of just a few people in the United States that has an auditory brainstem implant (ABI) as well as a cochlear implant

The cochlear implant is used in individuals with cochlear damage but who still have a functioning auditory nerve. A cochlear implant works by bypassing the damaged areas of the inner ear. It uses an array of electrodes to stimulate the auditory nerve directly . The auditory nerve sends signals generated by the implant to the brain, which recognizes the signals as sound. 

The auditory brainstem implant is for those who  cannot benefit from a hearing aid or a cochlear implant.  It  bypasses the inner ear and the auditory nerve, and uses an array of electrodes to stimulate the hearing pathways on the brainstem directly.

Cochlear implant surgery is an inner ear surgery. Auditory brainstem implant surgery is brain surgery and is much more complex.  Jessica's surgeon, Ravi Samy, M.D., presented a webinar, Auditory Brainstem Implantation, in September 2018. 
HLAA's Advocacy in Action
FCC Updates Hearing Aid Compatibility Reporting Requirements

In a unanimous vote November 15, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted a Report and Order that will give consumers and the Commission better access to information about the availability of hearing aid compatible (HAC) wireless handsets.

Specifically, the Report and Order:
  • Requires service providers to post more up-to-date and accessible information about hearing aid compatible wireless handsets on their websites.
  • Requires all service providers to annually certify whether they are in compliance with FCC hearing aid-compatibility rules.
  • Eliminates a method of providing information that is currently less effective and burdensome by ending the requirement that service providers file FCC Form 655 annually, while maintaining that requirement for handset manufacturers.
  • Ensures that consumers have access to the Commission's rules by providing a link to the FCC from the service provider's websites.

There is more information about the Report and Order and the rules regarding HAC phones on the FCC website.

Need Help Paying   for Hearing Aids?  

If you are a U.S. citizen living in El Paso County and need help paying for hearing aids, find out more about the  Rocky Mountain   Sertoma  H.E.A.R.S.  Program here  

For more hearing aid resources, click here

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