June 2016
Will Hybrid Log Gamma Present an HDR Log Jam?  
Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), the latest and least known HDR format, has been suggested as a format for use in the next-generation U.S. broadcast standard known as ATSC 3.0, now in development - though ATSC executives have said no HDR formats have been selected yet. Will HLG produce a boon to Ultra HDTV acceptance or a log jam of confusion?  
8K TV is Around the Corner - No Kidding
The UHD TV industry may see 8K TVs as soon as 2019. The talk about sales of 8K TV sets is a little surprising. No one can watch anything in 8K yet. And 4K TVs haven't even reached 20 percent penetration rate yet. So why the 8K talk? And will it confuse consumers still trying to understand 4K? 
If Action Cams are Over, What's Next?
It's no surprise that the action cam market is experiencing losses. DTC believed sustaining a sizeable market for the long term was questionable. While we remain skeptical about the action cam's future, there may be something on the horizon to replace - or, perhaps, complement - it: Virtual Reality. Find out more about the potential market for VR/360-degree/spherical cameras. 
DTC Specializes in IP Intelligence & Licensing
In addition to our extensive research capabilities in the digital technology realm, DTC is well versed on the intricacies of applying that research to intellectual property and licensing. We work with patent attorneys, licensing administrators and other IP-oriented professionals to ensure IP owners properly apply licensing terms that maximize their technology patent in the digital global market. We advise on several IP-related issues, including:
  • Valuing IP
  • Building royalty-forecasting models
  • Providing market-based strategic guidance for IP use
  • Identifying IP users
  • Maximizing royalty collection
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