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Public health agencies established immunization registries now called Immunization Information Systems (IIS) to consolidate records across provider locations to support more effective immunization of patients and public health surveillance. In this article read the review of the existing workflow, standards, and processes used by IIS to accept, process, and make immunization data available.

CDC updates Vaccine National Strategic Plan 2021-2025: How well does it address IIS issues? Read our perspective.
New Versions of HLN’s Award Winning Open Source Immunization Forecaster Released; Working on COVID-19 Vaccine Support

There were 2 new versions of the Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE) released.
  1. November 6, 2020, version 1.24.2
  2. December 1, 2020 version 1.25.1

There are a number of different elements for any jurisdiction to consider when planning for a COVID19 vaccine administration program. COVID-19 vaccine planning, normal routine vaccine administration and the impending onslaught of influenza have been heralded as the triple threat for jurisdictions to combat in the coming months. Read more

We discuss the data management realities to the large-scale administration of one or more new COVID-19 vaccines. Read the detailed blog.

ONC held a national working session on patient identity and matching during which a wide range of perspectives and technologies were presented. Read our reaction to the session.

HLN attended the ONC summer Tech Forum in August 2020 which brought together over 1,500 industry experts and Federal partners to discuss technical innovations in health information technology and their potential impacts on the healthcare ecosystem. Read our perspective.