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Here are some sources about healthcare informatics issues recommended by HLN:

Preparing for 2017: Four Important Reports

With so much transition ahead of us at the Federal, state, and local levels in 2017, it is important to begin to plan for what the Health IT landscapes will look like for the coming year (and beyond). Several key reports have come out – mostly from government sources – which are worth serious consideration for any Health IT planner:

HHS Public Health 3.0 White Paper: This seminal paper sets the stage for ongoing maturation of the public health infrastructure and capability at all levels of government to continue to assure the public’s health.

ONC 2017 Interoperability Standards Advisory: Now in its third year, this material gets longer and longer, and more and more complex each time. The current incarnation is a navigable website chock full of standards, though I do miss the conciseness of previous versions and the ability to capture it in one PDF which is lost in the current version.

ONC 2016 Report to Congress on Health IT Progress: This HITECH-required report updates Congress about progress during the past year. While it is a really good summary of recent and current activities and initiatives, it only deals with what is really going on (or not going on) on the ground in a cursory way.

National Governors Association Road Map for States to Improve Health Information Flow Between Providers: A very detailed report aimed at State policy makers with clear guidance – and lots of examples – to try to move interoperability forward at the State level.

There are no easy answers here, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the information presented in these reports. But they cannot be ignored and can help form the basis of a solid organizational or governmental strategy.

Read all about Clinical Decision Support for Immunizations in our new comprehensive article in Biomedical Informatics Insights .

Many organizations – public and private – use formal competitive bidding instruments to procure technical products and services. This may be done by law, policy or practice. The driving reasons are to help ensure both clear understanding of the organization’s requirements and expectations, as well as fairness in the marketplace to all potential respondents who wish to do business with the organization. HLN’s new white paper   offers some practical advice for organizations issuing competitive solicitations.
Dr. Arzt Appointed to ONC HITPC/HITSC Public Health Task Force

Dr. Noam Arzt, president and founder of HLN, has been appointed to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Health Information Technology (ONC) Policy Committee (HITPC)/Health Information Technology Standards Committee (HITSC) Public Health Task Force. It’s overall charge is to, “make recommendations to help inform public health issues and challenges related to health IT.” More specifically, the Task Force will initially, “Make specific recommendations to better assist in the standardization of pregnancy status data, clinical decision support in health IT systems, and case management in public health settings—which are important components to addressing many public health challenges.”

Task for recommendations to the HITPS/HITSC are expected in April 2017.