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Here are some articles about healthcare informatics issues recently authored by HLN:

Read our new article in the October 2016 supplement to Biomedical Informatics Insights:

Abstract: This article focuses on the requirements and current developments in clinical decision support technologies for immunizations (CDSi) in both the public health and clinical communities, with an emphasis on shareable solutions. The requirements of the Electronic Health Record Incentive Programs have raised some unique challenges for the clinical community, including vocabulary mapping, update of changing guidelines, single immunization schedule, and scalability. This article discusses new, collaborative approaches whose long-term goal is to make CDSi more sustainable for both the public and private sectors.

Read about HLN's Open Source Strategy in a new online article in EMR & HIPAA .
Read our new blog about clinical decision support on the  Libertas Academica  site.
HLN Participates in AIRA Regional Meeting in Atlanta
HLN attended and participated in the October 2016 regional meeting of Immunization Information System (IIS) projects sponsored by the American Immunization Registry Association.