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  1. IIS Consumer Access Strategies in the Age of COVID: presented by Dr. Noam Arzt - The increased use of immunization data, has led to different strategies applied by IIS to provide access to the information. This presentation will discuss specific approaches.
  2. Vaccine Provider Agreement System (VPAS): presented by Mike Suralik - This presentation will discuss a solution - VPAS - developed by HLN and deployed on a cloud-based infrastructure to help jurisdictions complete the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement.
Conference Presentations at HIMSS21 Public Health Informatics Digital Symposium: First Steps on the Journey towards a Digital Health Wallet - August 9-13
Co-presented by HLN's Dr. Noam Arzt and University of Miami Miller School of Medicine's Dr. Richard Bookman
During this session, Arzt & Bookman will provide an overview of the current state of vaccine credentialing and review some of the design decisions made by various stakeholders along the way.
Previously, we have described at length how the vaccine credential effort in the US differs from the situation in other countries. In this blog, we review the "facts on the ground" and offer a way forward for the US.

We address the similarities and differences between vaccine credentials and traditional immunization histories and offer some opportunities for public health to maintain its role in data access. 

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How should public health agencies understand and manage the flurry of controversy surrounding digital vaccine credentials? This post is a part of a series on vaccine credentials encouraging public health to redirect the conversation.

As Smart Vaccination Certificate (SVC) plans continue to develop, it all boils down to the rules that will be developed to make the SVC’s usable. Many of these rules currently don’t exist so we analyze some key factors.

On March 19, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued its Interim guidance for developing a Smart Vaccination Certificate (SVC). This document is essentially a “request for comment” about WHO’s proposed technical approach.