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  Volume 6 Issue 17
April 30, 2021
IOS 14.5 Launches Today, Taking On Facebook And Google tracking
Apple's software update, available for free now for iPhones and iPads, brings major privacy changes.

The DL: While HM has been talking to their clients about it for a few months now, iOS 14.5 updates officially launched on Monday. Along with the minor and typical updates you see from Apple regularly, this new change will affect Facebook and Google as well as other applications on your phone by asking consumers if they consent to having their activity tracked across apps and websites that they use. Apple CEO mentioned in an interview that he believes people should be asked to give consent to modern advertising techniques, which will appear as a pop-up asking users if they consent to allowing these apps to track them in order to deliver personalized ads. HM will continue to follow this new update and will keep you informed on how the changes might affect advertising in the future.
Chip and Joanna Gaines’ New Magnolia Network Puts the Power Couple in the Driver’s Seat
Chip and Joanna Gaines are launching their long-awaited television network this summer on streaming in partnership with Discovery—a step that marks a new chapter for their lifestyle empire.

The DL: Joanna and Chip Gaines, most famously known for their Fixer Upper show, are launching their own television network this summer. The Magnolia Network will debut via streaming through Discovery + and a Magnolia app on July 15. The linear component, their cable channel, will follow in January of 2022. The Magnolia app, which will stream their roughly 150 hours of new programming, will be a place for fans of the brand to read, shop, and watch. The app will be fully integrated with Magnolia’s e-commerce website and will also offer workshops that their fans can do at home. They will also be sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes content available on the app, which is accessible with a Discovery+ subscription.
Top Influencers Reach Twice As Many Gen Zers On Social As Do Top Broadcasters
Consumption of influencer-created videos surged by 26% over the past year to 133 billion minutes watched.

The DL: While it is no surprise that younger generations, like Gen Z, strongly gravitate toward digital mediums vs. traditional mediums – a new study shows that over the past year, influencers saw the most minutes watched on their social videos across age sectors, overpowering the numbers from media companies and brands among the top 1,000 influencers, media companies and brands on YouTube and Facebook. When planning an engagement strategy targeting younger audiences, social platforms that push influencer content, such as Tik Tok, is something that we continue to evaluate here at HM.
Facebook Announces New Integration With Spotify Enabling Users To Listen To Music And Podcasts In-Stream
Facebook has announced an expansion of its partnership with Spotify.

The DL: Facebook has officially announced the expansion of their current partnership with Spotify. This expansion will enable users to share and listen to full-length music and podcast episodes directly within the Facebook platform, without having to open a third-party app.

However, Facebook also recently announced that they were looking to launch their own in-app podcast player, outside of this Spotify integration. This podcast player would allow users to distribute their podcasts directly to their Facebook pages. This could potentially be a conflict of interest further down the line, but as of now, it seems to be a mutually beneficial partnership.
Snapchat Acquires 3D Mapping Company Pixel8Earth To Expand AR Capabilities
Snapchat is now looking to maximize its investment in the next stage of interactivity, by acquiring 3D mapping platform Pixel8Earth, which will provide new capacity for Snap's advancing AR capabilities.

The DL: This just in – Snapchat has publicly acquired 3D mapping platform, Pixel8Earth, which will drastically enhance Snapchat’s AR capabilities. Essentially, this tool utilizes digital video content, captured by multiple sources, to “build more complete perspectives in real-world scenes.” The possibilities are endless with this kind of advanced mapping tool. Additionally, this 3D mapping could likely help provide more accurate overlays for AR vision. While the results of this acquisition are currently unknown, Snapchat is continually working to step into the next digital age.
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