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  Volume 6 Issue 32
August 13, 2021
LinkedIn Adds Native Video Meeting Option, Facilitating Enhanced Connection In The App
Last week, LinkedIn quietly rolled out a new, native video option within its messaging platform, which provides another way to connect with users, without the need to download a separate video app.

The DL: LinkedIn in recently launched its own native video meetings to connect users in direct messages. This feature can potentially help users meet for a 1:1 conversation after applying for a job through LinkedIn. In the past, users had to download a separate app or click a link to join the webinar. Other new features also being rolled out include a calendar integration (scheduled meetings will send an email to both parties), allowing messages while on a video call, screen-sharing, and virtual backgrounds. Looking to the future, LinkedIn is working to make it possible for users to host Live-Streams and integrating LinkedIn Stories. These additions are not game-changing but an extremely helpful step to streamline conversations and enhance your connections on the business networking platform.
Tokyo Olympics Draw Smallest Summer Games TV Audience Since 1988
Olympics average nightly viewership was 15.5 million, NBCUniversal said, the lowest since it won exclusive U.S. media rights 33 years ago.

The DL: The Tokyo Olympics, which were delayed by a year, had the smallest viewing audience since 1988 when NBC Universal first began covering the games. Several factors were in play: the 13-hour time difference from Tokyo to New York, COVID (which eliminated spectators), as well as the events themselves. Another factor at play was the rise in cord-cutting and streaming in the United States. The average prime time viewing was 15.5 million a night. That is a 40% decrease from the Rio de Janeiro Games and a 50% decrease from the 2012 London Games. Ad sales for NBC Universal’s Coverage of the Olympic Games exceeded 1.2 billion.  
Comscore To Offer Deduped CTV Measurement Across YouTube, YouTube TV
Comscore and Google are expanding their relationship to incorporate YouTube and YouTube TV measurement into Comscore Campaign Ratings. 

The DL: We will now be able to incorporate YouTube and YouTube TV measurement into Comscore Campaign Ratings. This will provide advertisers with a deduplicated view of reach and frequency across linear TV, OTT/CTV (including measurement for co-viewers), PC, and mobile.
Instagram Tests New Ads On The Shop Tab To Highlight Specific Products
Instagram is launching the next element in its eCommerce push, with a new test of promoted products on the Shop tab in the app.

The DL: Instagram continues to improve their ecommerce experience, in hopes that eventually shopping within the platform will become easier and second nature to user. So, as Instagram gradually adds more commerce features and tools, making the platform more shopper-friendly, the idea is that any time a user views a post they will also be able to buy the items shown in just a few clicks. Instagram is now testing promoted products on the shop tab in the app as the newest element to their e-commerce push.
Soon, brands with product listings in the app will be able to promote their products with a “Sponsored” disclaimer on the Shop tab front page. When a sponsored product listing is clicked, a user will go to a detail page where users can get more info, view more images, etc. 
Ideally, this will also help connect people to other posts and products from the brand within Instagram, even offering features to visit the brand’s website and make a purchase. As Instagram works to make shopping a regular activity in the app, we will continue to be on the lookout for updates and how these new features may fit into future social media plans for our clients.
TikTok Provides Guidance for SMBs Looking To Tap Into TikTok Marketing
With the vaccine roll-out gaining momentum around the world, TikTok says that now is the time for brands to jump into TikTok marketing, in order to capitalize on pent-up demand, and reach consumers that are now looking to get back to normal life.

The DL: In the past few months, TikTok has made an increasing effort to support small businesses within the platform. This decision resulted from more US consumers supporting small businesses during the pandemic. For many TikTok users, the primary reason for utilizing the platform is to discover new things.

There are a plethora of notes that TikTok provides to help businesses kickstart their presence on the app including:

In addition, TikTok encourages brands to look through trending hashtags to see how other businesses are approaching marketing. But unlike other platforms, brands can't rely on repurposing ad content within the app. The fact of the matter is that basic promotions don't have a place here. The key to success is creating an organic-feeling, soft-sell approach that works with how people are already engaging on the app.

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