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  Volume 6 Issue 33
August 20, 2021
Don’t Lose the Human Touch When Using AI and Big Data for Marketing
As we make our way through 2021, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) dreams are turning into a reality.

The DL: In marketing, just as in life, it is human nature to try and make things easier and more efficient. In comes AI and machine learning to help process and analyze data. These techniques allow the process to become more automated thus saving time, manpower, and most importantly, money.

Our society becomes more data-driven each day, and it is our job as marketers to use this data appropriately to gain the upper hand on reaching consumers. The problem arises when we leave everything up to automation and optimization. Doing so takes out the human element that consumers crave. Consumers want marketing to be personal. They want to feel a connection and personal investment in what is being marketed towards them. Pulling at a person's emotions is paramount to the success of a campaign.

The key to successful marketing is the balance between automation and personal touch. Utilize the data and allow machine learning to provide the optimal strategy but never forget to include that personal touch. The numbers are great and can provide useful information but, in the end, it's how you use that data to convey your message that will determine the overall success.
Behind The Cost For Brands To Hire Influencers - The Complex Math Explained
Influencer agencies have to manage the talent along with digital KPIs.

The DL: What’s the deal with influencer marketing? Influencer marketing used to be based on follower count and impressions, but like everything else in the marketing world, it’s quickly evolving. Nowadays, influencer marketing is more akin to programmatic media buying, where the price depends on the types of posts and platforms.

When deciding to use influencer marketing, there’s a lot to consider; What platforms do you want your brand shared on? What type of influencer do you want and are you willing to pay extra for one with photography or editing skills? Do you want exclusivity with your influencer? Does your influencer need to travel? Lastly, there’s the question of micro vs. macro-influencers, is it more beneficial to your brand to appear once with a huge name, or 50 times with smaller micro-influencers with 25,000 followers? All these questions depend on your brand and product, but for now, it looks like influencer marketing is only growing in popularity. 
YouTube Adds Video Chapter Listings In Search, Which Could Be A New SEO Consideration
YouTube is looking to enhance its in-app search tools, with new video chapters within search results, and expanded access to content in different languages to broaden search capacity.

The DL: The DL: YouTube is slowly rolling out a new in-app search tool called chapters, which breaks down the sections of a video into smaller chapters that will help viewers find the exact part of a video that is most relevant to their search and what they would like to watch. Viewers are not the only ones benefitting from this new tool. Marketers and individuals as a whole will also benefit because they will be given a new opportunity to increase their search engine optimization efforts through it. Additionally, these chapters can be automatically titled by YouTube or the uploader. However, per YouTube's announcement, not all videos are eligible for this auto-segmentation just yet. When it does become more readily available, you can be sure that we will have more information and ideas to share!
Tokyo Olympics Ratings Plummeted—But NBC Dominated Primetime
The Tokyo Olympics joins a number of other event programming with a double-digit decline in viewing, as audiences have more video platforms at their fingertips. 

The DL: Olympic ratings dropped to all-time lows with the pandemic pushing the games a year. NBC dominated primetime with an average of 15.1 million TV-only viewers. The 2016 Olympics averaged 25.8 million viewers. Lack of spectators and added streaming services are to blame for the decreased viewership. Although, this was the highest streamed Olympics ever, growing to 5.5 billion streaming minutes versus 4.3 billion from 2016, an increase of 22%. The challenge for the Olympics, and all linear television, is the ever-growing content battle. Viewers have more choices by the day with new streaming services and new content available at their fingertips when it’s convenient to them. Appointment television is no longer limited to live viewership. 
Snapchat Launches 'Snapchat Trends' To Highlight Key Topics Of Discussion In The App
Snapchat has launched a new market research tool, which is essentially Google Trends, but for Snapchat specifically, which could be a huge help for marketers looking to tap into the platform.

The DL: The new Snapchat Trends tool allows marketers to conduct keyword and term research based on mention volume in the app. These insights allow Snapchat to provide a "new level of visibility into organic chatter". In essence, Snapchat can better understand what their overall community is talking about while showcasing popular Snaps that fall under those trending topics.

Snapchat Trends brings a few elements together including keyword search, filters to drill down to specific regions, example Snaps relative to users' search terms, and an overview of general trends from the previous week. Additionally, case studies and insights are included to assist marketers who are focused on planning and strategizing.

There are a plethora of ways these insights could be used, including the ability to look up your brands or your competitors' mentions, get an idea of how consumers are responding to your products or campaigns, and help you determine whether Snapchat marketing is right for your brand.
Around The Town...
Congratulations to Melissa Kelly on her promotion to Strategic Communications and Content Supervisor! Melissa brought her PR and earned media expertise to the HM team as a Strategic Media and Communications Planner and Account Manager in April of 2020. Melissa services our clients earned, shared, and owned media needs through the ESO department. As the ESO department has grown, so has Melissa's role at Hoffmann Murtaugh. Her role includes helping clients identify their challenges and opportunities within earned, shared, and owned media channels, developing strategic ESO plans where all the channels are working together, and ultimately helping our clients use all channels to tell their story! In her new role, Melissa will also guide a team of experts, ensuring that every project, campaign, and ESO plan is a success. Her favorite part about working at Hoffmann Murtaugh is telling our clients' stories and working with such a fabulous team of people!
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