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  Volume 6 Issue 31
August 5, 2021
Three Ways Advertisers Can Capitalize On Improved TV Attribution
Digital media accounted for nearly half of global ad spend last year, and it will almost certainly eclipse the 50% mark by the end of 2021. But where do the rest of the ad dollars go?

The DL: Digital media tactics still cannot beat the mass reach that linear television brings to the media mix. At HM, we believe linear television should be part of a comprehensive integrated media strategy when it aligns with the client’s overall business goals. Using our Response Management Tool, we can quantify target how linear television schedules engage consumers, generate responses, and interact with digital media in the market. To effectively provide these insights, we work with clients to take a full-funnel approach, generate a measurement framework, and optimize reporting. This hard work allows us to collaborate with our clients to make sure we are not only reporting on what matters most to them but also ensuring they are seeing results. 
Why Marketers’ Picture Of Seniors Is Getting Old
It’s a lazy stereotype typically played for laughs: a befuddled senior trying to figure out how to turn on an antiquated desktop computer. It turns out, it’s as wrong as it is outdated.

The DL: As with many things we’ve seen during the pandemic, media habits have changed significantly. One age group that has changed the most is the senior/boomer group. The days of portraying seniors as not being able to turn on their computer has passed. 

Google conducted a research study last year into the habits of older adults and the results showed that most seniors are actively online, averaging at least six hours a day, and own an average of 5 devices. It was also reported that they don’t plan to change these habits when the pandemic is over. 

So, what does this mean for marketers? 

As seniors shift their consumption habits, we - as marketers - need to shift how we approach them as an audience. An integrated approach will be key to reaching this audience as they are actively on both traditional and digital media sources.
Do Consumers Trust Social Media Influencers? Here’s What Statistics Show
Love them or hate them, but one thing you can’t do is avoid social media influencers. They’ve become integral to many social strategies as businesses shift more resources toward digital. 

The DL: The pandemic has propelled the shift to a higher use of social media across all ages and more brands are seeking ways to connect with their customers in a seamless, authentic way. Since over 50% of respondents confirmed they read online reviews when shopping for a new product, influencer marketing can be the gateway into introducing new products and services to an accessible audience. SlickText’s Social Media Influencer report shares insights on what platforms are perceived to have the most genuine influencers, content that is most authentic to viewers, and what can hinder that trust. Analyzing the type of content, platforms, and even how often the personality posts can help brands choose the right representation that will reach their desired audience.
HBO Max Is Getting Its Own Exclusive Podcasts, Starting With Batman
The HBO Max team wants its app to not just be the place people find big movie premieres but podcasts, too. The company announced today that it’s planning to release its new Batman podcast, Batman: The Audio Adventures, as an in-app exclusive, meaning it won’t make its way to other podcasting apps or be available through an RSS feed. 

The DL: Once upon a time, it used to be video content that was the newest up and coming tactic everyone wanted to have as part of their media mix. But these days, podcasts are taking over as the newest darling in the media world, and HBO Max is gearing up to start delivering their own exclusive audio content to the masses. As viewers subscribe to HBO Max, they will also get exclusive podcast content. While there are no opportunities to advertise on the HBO audio content currently, there are plenty of ways for marketers to advertise in this booming audio landscape. Let us help get you started!
Facebook Hosts First-Ever Paid Film Premiere, Which Could Point to New Distribution Opportunities
The film industry is going through a major upheaval at the moment, with the pandemic forcing a reassessment of traditional distribution processes, and both expanding and limiting opportunities in-step, as more people turn to video-on-demand (VOD) platforms instead of traditional cinema releases.

The DL: This just in - Facebook is launching the first-ever official film premiere on the platform. "The Outsider", a documentary feature, will make its debut on August 19th via a Facebook ticketed event.

This video premiere can be viewed by any Facebook user where paid online events are available. As of now, Facebook has committed to not taking a cut of any ticketed events or revenue from independent creators until 2023.

"The Outsider" takes a deep dive into the construction of the 9/11 Museum located in Manhattan. The film's distributors are eager to reach an international audience as many traditional cinemas in the States are still closed. This makes Facebook a viable option for the documentary's release.

This launch could prompt similar launches in the future and eventually lead to a new avenue for Facebook video growth. With more people turning to VOD platforms like Netflix and Hulu, it seems likely that that film distribution has the potential to continue to grow virtually, even after traditional cinemas are able to re-open.

This will be quite an interesting experiment for Facebook and if it works out, advertising opportunities are sure to skyrocket. We can't wait to see how the first Facebook film premiere launch goes!
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