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  Volume 6 Issue 28
July 16, 2021
YouTube Launches New 'New to You' Discovery Prompts To Highlight Channels You've Never Seen
YouTube's rolling out a new feature called 'New to You', which is designed to help users discover content from channels that they've not previously viewed, but are aligned with their interests based on past viewing behavior.

The DL: This past week YouTube announced they are rolling out a new feature called ‘New to You’ that is designed to help users discover personalized content from channels they’ve not seen that is based on their viewing interests. This feature differs from the already implemented “Explorer” page which focuses on showcasing worldwide trends that are not necessarily personalized to each user. This new feature also allows YouTube to utilize their full catalog of content unlike before. For small or large businesses, ‘New to You’ could be a major gain in additional exposure and viewer engagement of users that normally may not have found them otherwise. ‘New to You’ can also boost video engagement on the advertising side of YouTube by keeping users active longer, making it more likely for that ad will be seen. We potentially might start to see a trend of advertisers shifting more dollars into YouTube campaigns if this new feature truly boosts video engagement on a measurable level to stay ahead of the curve.
Be careful not to fall victim to the rabbit-hole if you check it out! 😉
Twitter Discontinues Fleets As Marketers Show Little Interest In The Video Format
Twitter has decided to shut down Fleets, its answer to full-screen vertical video apps such as TikTok and Snapchat, after finding that users were just not flocking to the feature that launched less than a year ago.

The DL: In November of 2020, Twitter introduced its response to Facebook and Instagram’s “Story” function, “Fleets.” A 24-hour full-screen image and video function that mirrored the abilities of their competitors, which was also supposed to offer a new advertising option for Twitter. Due to lack of interest and use of this new feature, Twitter decided to remove Fleets completely by August 3rd. Less than a year after its launch, they’re pulling this functionality from the platform and focusing their attention on other features within the app. Earlier this year, they launched “Spaces,” an audio function that mirrors Clubhouse, but the jury is still out on how well this will perform following the downfall of Fleets. 
Facebook's Making Facebook Pay Available As A Payment Option On Third Party Websites
As eCommerce becomes a bigger focus, a key element within this is payments, and facilitating more, easier ways for users to quickly make purchases in-stream, with minimal disruption to their in-app experience.

The DL: ECommerce has become a big focus for many companies and a crucial element within eCommerce is how to improve payment options. So, finding ways to facilitate more and easier ways for users to quickly make purchases in-stream, with minimal disruption to their in-app experience is key.

Facebook is now looking to broaden its payment reach by making Facebook Pay available as a check-out option on third-party websites. This could not only provide a major boost for Facebook’s broader eCommerce options but will help establish more trust in Facebook’s payment options by having more exposure and endorsements on reputable third-party websites.

Not only will the process give Facebook more direct transaction data, but if users get used to paying via Facebook Pay the hope is that it will encourage more purchases on Facebook and Instagram as well. This is a great addition to Facebook and will essentially help Facebook's bigger push, which is to make all posts shoppable, broadening in-app activity.
Augmented Reality Ads See Better Reception Than Other Digital Formats
A recent study from Ericsson found consumers are more likely to interact with mixed-reality ads.

The DL: Research has determined that consumers are more likely to interact with mixed-reality digital ads over other digital formats on mobile devices. Augmented reality ads see much higher engagement and higher return on ad spend due to their interactivity. These ads run across social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Google Swirl. This format is best supported by 5G networks due to the in-depth graphics and higher download speeds, so as the world’s population obtains access to these higher-speed networks we are expected to see AR become more prevalent. 
TikTok Adds New 'Shoutouts' Option To Enable Users To Pay For Personalized Video Messages From Stars
As competition rises for top creators, TikTok is working hard to provide more revenue-generation options, in order to keep its top stars from drifting off to other, more lucrative opportunities.

The DL: Just this week, TikTok added a Cameo-like option to the app called 'Shoutouts', which allows users to pay to have stars send them personalized video messages.

To purchase these video messages, users use TikTok coins. After the initial coin payment, the creator has three days to either accept the Shoutout or decline. Then, creators are given an additional week to create the video and send it to the users' inbox.

Coins are available in the app under profile settings within the balance tab. So, how much does it cost to get your favorite TikTok-er to make you a custom video? Well, it all depends on what the creator wants to charge. 

Shoutouts aren't widely available yet. As of right now, users can only request videos from certain accounts in specified regions.

Who would you want a Shoutout from?
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