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  Volume 6 Issue 30
July 30, 2021
Instagram Introduces Changes To Protect Teenagers On Its Platform
Facebook on Tuesday unveiled changes to Instagram’s advertising and privacy policies that it said would protect teenagers, following years of criticism that the photo-sharing site has not done enough to prevent underage users from sexual predators and bullying.

The DL: Social Media can be a dangerous online portal for younger users. To help protect vulnerable users, Facebook just unveiled updates to Instagram’s advertising and privacy policies. For years, Instagram did nothing to prevent underaged users from sexual predators and bullying on the photo-sharing site. Advertisers on both Instagram and Facebook previously used people’s interests and activity across other websites to target their ads. Now, they will only be able to use age, gender, and location to show ads to users under 18. Additionally, new Instagram accounts created by someone under 16 will be private by default. Facebook estimates that 80 percent of younger users will remain private in their settings thanks to this new update. We hope that other social media networks will continue to make strides to protect minors. 
YouTube Adds New Connected TV Ad Improvements, New Tools To Maximize Audio Ad Creative
With connected TV viewership on the rise - or people watching online streamed content on their home TV set - YouTube has today announced some updates to its Connected TV (CTV) ad offerings, in order to help marketers maximize this growing opportunity, and get more out of its TV-like ad options.

The DL: With CTV usage steadily climbing, YouTube is integrating connected TV contextual signals into Display & Video 360 campaign targeting to enable brands to select ad inventory based on live-stream, length, and genre. This will provide more specific targeting than what was available in the past, helping brands to narrow in on their target audience. YouTube will also start to offer sales lift measurement for CTV ads to help gauge how CTV campaigns lead to offline sales.
Piloting A New 'Strikes' System To Address Repeat Ad Policy Violations
Google is committed to creating a trustworthy ad experience for users, advertisers and publishers. Our Google Ads policies exist to prevent unsafe or harmful ads from showing on our platforms.

The DL: Google announced an update to violations of their “Enabling Dishonest Behavior” policy. 

This policy exists to prevent unsafe or harmful ads from showing on Google, and the new update will test a “3 Strikes” system for repeat offenders. After a series of warnings, repeat offenders could face account suspension. 

With the goal of “increasing accountability for advertisers,” this sounds like a positive change. However, advertisers who have worked with Google on ad disapprovals in the past will know that this could be detrimental for some advertisers. The reason? Google relies a lot on AI for ad approval policy, and while AI speeds the ad approval process, it’s not great at determining the semantics or meaning behind ads. At HM, healthcare and financial ads are mistakenly flagged often and must be appealed. This means that more time needs to be spent working with Google on getting ads approved so that campaigns can run.

While we support safer user experiences, we hope that Google is working on their disapproval AI prior to the rollout, which is expected to be in September 2021. 
Nielsen Starts 'Cookieless'-First-Party Data Approach For Audience, Outcome Measurement
Even with social platform usage continuing to rise, email remains a key element of any effective digital marketing strategy, providing a direct connection between you and your target audience, and facilitating a range of engagement benefits.

The DL: While Google will not withdraw support for third-party cookies until 2023, Nielsen says this expanded approach will also offer deduplication across linear and digital platforms, and that measuring authenticated and unauthenticated digital traffic will result in greater scale, offering “a comprehensive view” of optimization. This is an important topic of conversation here at HM as we continue to analyze tools that offer cross-screen measurement solutions to enhance our clients' campaigns to be as efficient and successful as possible.  
Snapchat Launches 'My Places' to Highlight Local Businesses of Interest Within the Snap Map
Snapchat is looking to improve business discovery in the app with a new element in Snap Map called 'My Places' which will highlight popular businesses, and places you've previously visited, on the map display.

The DL: With My Places, you'll now be able to locate a plethora of businesses on the map. As of right now, there are three listing categories including places that are popular with your Snap friends, places you've liked, and places that you've previously visited.

My Places allows Snapchatters to discover new businesses, log their favorites, and even find recommendations based on their friends' preferences. To access Snapchat's 'My Places', users can tap the new 'Places' button at the bottom of the Snap Map. By tapping on any of the listed businesses, users will be able to access a full range of information about that place.

So, how do businesses get their establishment listed on Snap Map?

Snap Map's database is based on data from MapBox, meaning ideally, most businesses will already be listed. However, if a business isn't listed on the map, users can suggest a Place Listing addition via the Map itself through Map settings.

There is also potential to promote local businesses within Snap Map. Users have the ability to run a Promote Local Place campaign. There are a lot of ideas in the works for further integrations of this feature.
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