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  Volume 6 Issue 27
July 9, 2021
In The Age Of Consumer Privacy, Relevance Is King
Privacy and the management of user data have become primary considerations among advertisers, consumers and legislators. Brands not only must secure, but they must also responsibly use, consumer data—completely changing how the business of advertising will be done going forward.

The DL: Privacy and data management continue to be important components of the marketing framework especially now as we see consumers taking more control over their personal information. This, however, does not mean that brands can never use data. The campaigns that are the most impactful are those that respect consumer choices and preferences and send relevant impactful advertising. 
TikTok Triples Length Of Videos
TikTok is increasing the maximum length of videos from 60 seconds to 3 minutes.

The DL: TikTok has been known for its quick and entertaining content, with an average video length of 9 to 15 seconds. As the limit currently stands at 60 seconds, TikTok intends to triple its video length, allowing content creators to fully use the potential of storytelling. This will make TikTok one of the only platforms that allows for more than one minute of in-feed video content. With longer videos, users could stay engaged and spend more time on the app, opening the potential for creators and advertisers.
Peacock, NBC's Streaming Service, Will Have All Universal Films Starting In 2022
The streaming service Peacock is ramping up its offerings with a new deal with Universal Filmed Entertainment Group.

The DL: Starting in 2022, NBC-owned streaming service Peacock will have Universal movies exclusively available on its platform. The multi-year deal guarantees that in an 18 month time period the Universal films will be exclusively available on Peacock for the first four and the last four months of the 18-month agreement. The other 10 months in between will give Universal the right to license its films to other services. Movies currently slated for 2022 are: “Jurassic World: Dominion,” “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” and “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish”. Universal will also start producing and developing Peacock-only content.
What Apple's IOS 15 Means For Marketers
Apple's upcoming privacy changes, including Hide My Email and Private Relay, will make opt-ins more valuable and may complicate already strained efforts to reach target users on iPhones.

The DL: Even though we are still fully processing the effects of the iOS14 updates, Apple has announced that iOS15 updates are right around the corner. The newest update isn’t scheduled until the fall, but Apple gave a preview of things to come, including giving consumers more control over their personal data. First-party data will become even more important as brands will need to rely more heavily on their own data to reach new and potential consumers. As marketers, we will be tasked with finding new ways to reach our target audience, so new and creative thinking will be crucial to keeping ahead of the curve.
TikTok Launches 'Resumes' To Help Connect Candidates With Job Opportunities
Looking for a job, and a new way to stand out to recruiters and HR managers? Maybe TikTok is your ticket, with the platform today launching its new 'Resumes' program in the US, which enables people to post personal job pitches via TikTok clips.

The DL: The social media space is constantly evolving. This is no different for the popular video-sharing app, TikTok. Their newest venture includes the launch of "Resumes", created to help job seekers connect with potential employers. Essentially, TikTok is looking to take a step into the recruitment space dedicating an entire area of the app to the job application process. In this space, TikTok users will be able to apply for open positions directly in the app.

Resumes is a pilot program that will be teaming up with select companies across the world and inviting job seekers to apply for positions with some of the world's most popular employers including Chipotle, Target, WWE, Alo Yoga, and more!

The actual process behind posting these Resumes is quite simple. Users will use TikTok clips to "showcase their skillsets and experiences" then post them to the app using the #TikTokResumes tag in their caption. In addition to the hashtag, there is also a dedicated TikTok Resumes website where users can get inspiration and tips for video pitches as well as search through listed openings.

We cannot wait to see what this new feature brings to the table!
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