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  Volume 6 Issue 23
June 11, 2021
A Business Guide to TikTok
Have you considered the potential of TikTok for your digital marketing efforts?

The DL: TikTok continues to create a buzz with content creators and advertisers as the platform continues to grow exponentially. As business owners and agencies begin to explore the opportunities within the platform, resources and information on how to run a successful account are becoming more readily available. The Team at ZenBusiness shares key insights in their latest report, noting that over 69% of teens in the US use TikTok while 35% of marketers say they are planning to use it for influencer marketing in 2021. To build a successful campaign, it is recommended to use trending songs, targeted hashtags, and assets to build a community. Through hashtag challenges, influencer collaborations, and in-feed native content, TikTok has expanded its advertising opportunities putting it on every advertiser's radar. 
Why Brands Must Embrace Personalization Before It's Too Late
As shopping habits shifted, so did consumer expectations. Now accustomed to the digital experiences offered by the likes of Amazon and Netflix, customers grew to expect the same highly personalized, one-to-one experiences across the board. 

The DL: According to a new study by Twilio Segment, today, 60% of consumers are likely to become repeat buyers after a personalized experience – so if you are investing in personalization, you are investing in customer loyalty and future sales. However, nearly half of brands see a lack of accurate, real-time customer data as the biggest challenge to their personalization efforts. 

As a result, brands need to continue to work on building a strong data foundation to create the most efficient and effective interactions with their target audiences. 
Nielsen Also Lowballed Local TV Ratings During Covid-19, Audit Finds
A month after Nielsen confirmed that it had undercounted national television audiences by up to 6% during the Covid-19 pandemic, a third-party auditing firm has found that similar pandemic defects affected local television audience metrics.

The DL: Nielsen undercounted viewers during the pandemic timeframe for overall household viewership and Adults 25-54. Inconsistencies ranged up to 9% depending on the size of the market. Nielsen is already under scrutiny for also having lowballed national TV ratings during COVID (confirmed in May). Nielsen explains that measurement devices in homes were not maintained during COVID due to health safety concerns, which resulted in overall measurement issues causing their panel to decrease 20%. Nielsen has acknowledged the discrepancies and continues to work on returning to its in-home maintenance visits. 
TikTok Shares New Insights Into How SMBs Are Maximizing Their On-Platform Presence
TikTok has released the second element of its new 'Behind the Business' series, which provides tips and insights for SMBs that are looking to utilize the platform within their digital marketing approach.

The DL: At the beginning of June, TikTok launched its 'Behind the Business' series geared toward providing tips and insights to small businesses that were looking to utilize the platform.

The first part of the series showcased video tips and techniques that would help TikTok clips stand out from the clutter. The newly released second part of the series focuses more on an in-depth look into how small business owners are currently using the platform to increase audience connection and boost their marketing presence.

Some video concepts include best practices and community-building tips. These videos are only running about a minute and a half long, so they're easy to digest. If you have any interest in building your brand's presence on TikTok, these clips are worth checking out!
Instagram Provides A New Overview Of How Its Algorithms Work
Instagram has launched a new product showcase option today called 'Drops', which will highlight the latest product launches from brands you've engaged with, or may be interested in, at the top of the Shop tab in the app.

The DL: As a part of its Creator Week event, Instagram provided insight into its external processes including one of the most sought-after topics to date, the infamous feed algorithm. Here's a look at some of the key points:

First and foremost, it is important to note that there is not an all-encompassing algorithm in the app. In fact, they use a wide variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes that each has its own purpose. Essentially, Instagram aims for a more personalized experience for users. Therefore, their algorithms were built to introduce a feed that will rank posts based on what you care about most.

All of Instagram's algorithms use key signals. While there are thousands of different signals that its systems can draw from, the majority of the indicators across Feed and Stories in order of importance are information about the post, information about the person who posted, your activity, and your history of interacting with someone.

Instagram's Explore tabs algorithm is a bit different as it's focused on showing you other content that you may be interested in based on who you follow and your engagement history. Much like how Feed and Stories are ranked, the Instagram explore page displays photos and videos in order of how interested they think you would be in each one. In addition, saves have become increasingly more important in the past few months. 

As for Instagram's Reels, the algorithm is strictly based on content that might entertain you. Reels are working to catch up with the popular video-sharing platform, TikTok. For Reels, Instagram says there are four key elements of focus in its algorithm including your activity, your history of interacting with the person who posted, information about the reel, and information about the person who posted.

It's clear that Instagram has a variety of different algorithms working behind the scenes to help creators improve their reach. All in all, it comes down to the advertiser's understanding of what works and what doesn't. These are just a few things to keep in mind when planning out your Instagram content.
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