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  Volume 6 Issue 25
June 25, 2021
Axe Parodies Pandemic Pressers In Push Targeting Vaccine-Hesitant Gen Zers
Axe is targeting Gen Z vaccine laggards with a campaign that suggests they could fall behind in the resurging dating scene without an inoculation against COVID-19.

The DL: With the pandemic winding down in many parts of the world, advertisers are faced with new changes. Just in case you didn’t know, masks aren’t cool anymore. Leave it to Axe to parody the hours of pandemic press releases over the past year with a “Get Axeinated” campaign. Life is returning to normal, and that means that the dating scene is returning…and no one wants to smell.

While tongue-in-cheek, Axe’s campaign is aimed at getting more people (Gen Z) vaccinated. A video running across all Axe digital channels leads to a page where Axe offers free Axenation kits that include body spray and even a card that serves as proof of Axenation. Axe also tells the unvaccinated that, “Being vaccinated is hot." Hot or not, Axe is joining other marketers, like McDonald's, in giving away freebies to entice US consumers to get vaccinated to help spur economic growth. 
Facebook Adds Shops To WhatsApp, Intros Shops Ads, Plans Visual Search On Instagram
Facebook has announced three more updates designed to advance its aggressive, ongoing push into ecommerce.

The DL: This week, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will now be adding shops to WhatsApp and will begin testing an AI visual search feature on Instagram and AR try-on experiences. The addition of shop ads on WhatsApp is making the 1.2-million-monthly active shops more accessible and easier to be discovered by the 300-million-month shop visitors. Implementing AI visual search and AR try-on experiences to your media plan will be a unique feature to help increase purchases. As we know, the pandemic has changed the shopping experience to have an increase in online shoppers; with two-thirds saying they want to virtually try on products from the comfort of their homes. 

From a company’s point of view, implementing this new AI and AR technology in your store's online shop is a smart move to help increase your audience and overall sales. Testing will begin in a few months, but you may want to start planning on adding this technology and features to your media plans now to be ahead of the curve.
US Consumers Can’t Quit QR Codes, Per New The Drum/YouGov Study
QR codes came of age during the pandemic. Once considered a gimmick, consumers now appreciate the functional benefits of QR codes and are increasingly using them for engaging with brands, according to a new study from The Drum/YouGov.

The DL: A recent survey showed that 45% of US customers have used a digital marketing QR Code while 75% plan to use QR Codes more often. 59% also believe that it will become a staple in their smartphone use. This recent increase in QR Codes came of age through the COVID-19 pandemic as the world became more touchless. As more and more users are now becoming more accustomed to using the QR Codes, they are appreciating what brands have to offer which can include marketing or promotional offers. This opens up another unique way for brands to engage with their audience.
7 Avoidable Twitter Mistakes That Will Make People Unfollow You
Is your Twitter follower count going down rather than up? Wondering what you did, or didn’t do, to make people hit that unfollow button?

The DL: Twitter is a great social media platform to build brand awareness, interact with customers, and increase sales when done correctly. However, it's also easy to lose traction on this platform. So, if your Twitter following is decreasing and you want to know why, check out these seven common mistakes you're making in the app:

  • You don’t post often enough
  • You post too often
  • You only post ads or sales
  • You never respond
  • You’re boring
  • Someone else does what you do, but better
  • Your posting quality has declined

For help managing your brand's Twitter page, look no further than Hoffmann Murtaugh!
Twitter Launches New Insights Series Analyzing The Latest Trends In Media And Entertainment
Twitter's looking to provide more insight into the evolving discussion around media trends in the app, via a new content series that will highlight key pointers and notes to assist with marketing strategies.

The DL: From The Director's Chair, a new content series from Ged Tarpey, the managing director of Global Media & Entertainment at Twitter, was created to highlight the latest news, trends, and insights happening on the app.

Tarpey's goal is to showcase media and entertainment news as it happens in real-time, providing his perspective and why it's important for marketers in these industries. The first spotlight was focused on the re-opening of movie theaters and how Twitter users responded to this popular pastime coming back. The article notes that Twitter's organic movie trailer watches have increased by 35%.

Twitter continues to advance in the content creator realm with new additions to the app including its new audio Spaces. This has been a great tool in getting fans excited for movie premieres, as casts and crews of popular movies have been holding Q&As in the app. Additional creator tools like newsletters and subscriptions are making the app more of a permanent home for content creators everywhere. It's easier now more than ever to create a community on Twitter.

With that being said, we are anxiously awaiting the next edition release to see which news, trends, and insights Tarpey shares next!
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