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  Volume 6 Issue 22
June 4, 2021
Why Are People Getting Choked Up Watching This Extra Gum Commercial?
An epic new commercial for Wrigley’s Extra brand gum that celebrates the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 is giving cooped up viewers all the feels — in a way that only a gum advertisement could.

The DL: People are excited to get life back to normal and EXTRA Gum just created the perfect commercial to get you ready for a fresh start as we head into the summer! People online are amazed at how emotional a gum commercial made them, but the comfort of Celine Dion singing her famous song “It's All Coming Back to Me Now” made this ad go viral. While the ad is comically exaggerated in many ways, the excitement resonates with the viewers and has even brought many people to tears. Now that’s playing to your audience!
Twitter Announces Initial Test Of Ads In Fleets, Flags Expansion Of Full-Screen Format Ads
Twitter has announced a new test of ads within Fleets, its take on the stories format, which will see ads inserted between Fleets as users tap through the full-screen frames.

The DL: Six months after Twitter’s launch of stories known as “Fleets”, Twitter announced they will be testing Fleets story ads with selected partners in the US on IOS and Android. Fleets ads will support both image and video assets in 9:16 format with video ad lengths up to 60 seconds long. Brands will also have an option to add a “swipe up” call-to-action link. Twitter will be providing advertisers with ad metrics such as impressions, profile visits, clicks, website visits, video views, and more. Twitter discovered that users on the platform are utilizing fleets to share messages they don’t want out there for more than twenty-four hours and that account followers are watching them. Although fleet ads are in the testing phase, it could be worth a trial run once the feature becomes available to you.
NBC Sports And Tunity Partner To Measure Tokyo Olympics Out-Of-Home Viewership
With less than two months to go until the Tokyo Olympics begins, NBCUniversal and Tunity announced a partnership that will allow the company to report national out-of-home viewership in Olympic measurement for the first time.

The DL: The Summer 2021 Olympics, which start on July 23rd are highly anticipated - especially as the world is beginning to open back up. NBC Universal and Tunity have announced a partnership which will which allow them to measure OOH Olympic viewership for the first time across multiple locations outside of a viewer’s home. Tunity is the only platform which can measure OOH muted TV viewership (viewing from venues like gyms, bars, restaurants, and offices). The OOH data will be combined with NBC Universal's overall metrics for the Summer Games to provide more holistic audience measurements. 
Location-Based Ads Can Rebound Despite Apple's Privacy Changes
As marketers seek to reach consumers on their phones, including iPhone users who aren't opting into tracking, contextual targeting has taken precedence.

The DL: Location-based mobile marketers face significant challenges after Apple released its policy changes. As restrictions are lifted and more people are vaccinated, they have more freedom to visit stores, restaurants, theaters, and other businesses. The roadblock is now reaching those Apple customers who have opted out of app tracking. One solution to this roadblock is contextual targeting which is based on online behaviors. Marketers are now turning to mobile carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon for data about people’s behaviors. Marketers will also start to geotarget consumers who have opted in to receive push notifications from a store or restaurant chain. For companies that have loyalty rewards programs, those notifications can be a powerful way to engage consumers who are most likely to make a purchase. Apps typically give smartphone users the option to share their location data and to receive push notifications about special promotions.
Instagram Adds New 'Drops' Product Showcase To Help Boost ECommerce Activity
Instagram has launched a new product showcase option today called 'Drops', which will highlight the latest product launches from brands you've engaged with, or may be interested in, at the top of the Shop tab in the app.

The DL: ‘Drops’, Instagram’s new product showcase, will feature the latest new releases and offerings related to consumer's interests. In essence, this option builds on Instagram’s current product reminders option which was released in 2019.

As a refresher, product reminders enable brands to provide alerts to consumers based on their previews. In turn, this helps boost brand awareness and maximizes interest. Drops will then collect all these notifications and house them under one specific area, all while providing updates on new, related products aligned with consumer's interests.

For brand's products to qualify as a Drop listing, they will need to utilize the ‘Product Launch’ feature that’s available via Commerce Manager. By doing this, brands will be eligible to be featured on people’s Drops page, which adds an additional promotional element to the process. 

Currently, Drops is only available to mobile users in the United States.
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