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  Volume 6 Issue 19
May 14, 2021
How Apple’s IOS 14 Will Change The Advertising Landscape
Consumer privacy has been top-of-mind for the digital advertising industry for the past several years, and to better understand this issue, we need look no further than Apple’s recent release of iOS 14 and the privacy-driven changes to IDFA that are still to come.

The DL: Apple’s iOS 14 update means that advertisers must be nimbler. Ultimately, this change will greatly affect the reach and frequency of campaigns once more users opt-out of tracking. It will also hugely impact website traffic, not allowing advertisers to tell the difference between new and repeat traffic. Following the consumer's journey just became more difficult, but not unnavigable. Geofencing and geotargeting will be incredibly important moving forward. The path ahead has yet to be written by the industry, but it will pivot to ensure success for advertisers. 
5 NewFront Takeaways: What Brands Should Know About Amazon, YouTube, TikTok, Roku And More
This year’s NewFronts highlighted a growing field of connected TV players—from Roku to Vizio—and social media standouts like Snapchat and TikTok, all of them jockeying for brands with commerce and content.

The DL: From May 3rd-May 6th the Interactive Advertising Bureau hosted the 2021 NewFronts. Highlights include CTV from Roku and Vizio and social media such as Snapchat and TikTok. Below are 5 takeaways from this year’s NewFronts:

The Living Room Screen: The new guy to the the IAB this year was Amazon. Amazon now reaches 120 million viewers per month through ad-supported digital video. Currently, Amazon has Fire TV, Twitch, IMDb TV, and Prime Video to stream. Starting in 2022, the platform will stream "Thursday Night Football" as well. Other platforms include YouTube, which promoted growth in CTV, Roku, and Tubi. 

Commerce: It can be difficult to get viewers that are watching digital content to make a purchase, but that is where Amazon will come out on top. One of the top highlights from their presentation was that while watching a commercial for an item, the viewer can add it to their cart and checkout through their remote. TikTok also showcased their power of commerce through “community commerce”. This is where an item goes viral on the platform and causes sales to spike. Most recently, this happened with American Eagle and their leggings. 

The Cookie: With the cookie dying, Apollo Global Management presented their first-party data solution and its contextual targeting system. Lighthouse, a BuzzFeed first-party data solution was also mentioned. 

Search: To keep the viewer engaged, companies like Samsung, Vizio, and Tubi introduced ad units that are connected to content discovery. Samsung highlighted their new ability to do a “full takeover” experience. Vizio showcased a “Hero Unit” which is an ad space. This space can be used to show advertisements that play in the background of a program. 

Creators: Platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube talked about the communities of creators who use the platforms. Highlights included Snapchat's “creator marketplace” which can help brands connect with creators on the platform.
IAB: Podcast Advertising To Surpass $1B This Year
U.S podcast advertising is poised to grow as much in the next two years as in the entire past decade.

The DL: Why has podcasting become so interesting to advertisers? It allows advertisers to quickly pivot their messaging during a time when that luxury is very much needed. It also allows brands to tap into the direct, influential relationship creators have with their listeners, giving them the opportunity to exceed the typical :30s message found on radio and leverage longer, story-telling creative. As a result, podcasting has grown exponentially. Revenue increased 60% from 2020 to 2021, and a forecasted 30% increase is expected in 2022. As innovation around this tactic increases, it offers an uncluttered space to give advertising message a chance t0 be heard. A great opportunity, if fitting, that brands should snap up.
Clubhouse Finally Launches Android Version - But Is It Already Too Late?
It's taken some time - and no doubt some scrambling at Clubhouse HQ - but finally, an Android version of the audio social platform is now available, in limited beta for now, with a wider launch coming soon.

The DL: After what feels like an eternity, Clubhouse for Android will finally begin rolling out in beta effective immediately. This release will begin gradually, starting with the U.S. today, followed by other English-speaking countries in the months to come and eventually, the rest of the world. The next few weeks are said to be crucial, as Clubhouse executives will be collecting feedback from the community in hopes of fixing any immediate issues and work on features including payments and club creation before a more broadened launch.

This launch has been highly anticipated, but there are still significant limitations to accessing the application on an Android device. Some of these limitations include a lack of options to follow topics, the inability to create or manage clubs, and there’s currently no capacity to update your name or username within the app. 

While the Android version is finally here, it could be too late. Over the past few months, there has been significant growth within Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as they have all started adding their own Clubhouse-like social audio options. This has the potential to slow Clubhouse’s progress moving forward. If users can access audio rooms in apps that they’re already familiar with, which are currently available on their devices right now, why do they need Clubhouse? The future of Clubhouse is currently unknown. We’ll just have to wait and see!
The Power of TikTok For Marketers And Advertisers
Whether you like it or not, whether you use it personally or not, there's no denying the rising influence of TikTok, based on its enduring popularity, particularly among younger users.

The DL: Over the past year, TikTok has become a social media powerhouse. Despite several challenges - including the threat of a full ban in the US - and an actual full ban in India, the app’s popularity continues to grow daily. This continual growth means promising news for brands looking to market themselves on the app.
According to the infographic, TikTok is the most downloaded social media application in the world. TikTok has 805 million monthly active users who spend nearly 4 more hours per month within the app than they do on Facebook or Instagram. Demographically, nearly 50% of users fall between the ages of 16-26. However, it’s important to note that people of all ages have gotten caught up in the TikTok hype.
For marketers and advertisers, TikTok is the perfect platform to run ads for a multitude of reasons, including the app’s ability to reach a mass number of those within segmented target markets, high engagement leads, the plethora of targeting options, a bunch of different ad formats, and the increased potential to utilize influencer marketing. If you’re looking to incorporate TikTok into your marketing mix, Hoffmann Murtaugh would be happy to assist you in your journey.
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