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  Volume 6 Issue 18
May 7, 2021
Twitter To Acquire Scroll, A Subscription Ad-Blocking Service
Twitter plans to acquire the subscription service Scroll, the social media company announced on Tuesday, as it expands its plans for subscription offerings. 

The DL: Twitter just announced their new plan to acquire Scroll, a subscription ad-blocking service. Scroll charges users a fee to block advertising on participating news websites then distributes a cut of those earnings to partner publishers. Publishers can earn up to 50 percent more from this service than they do from advertising, according to Scroll. In January, Twitter also acquired Revue, a newsletter provider, and introduced ‘Super Followers’ to Twitter users willing to pay a fee to place content behind a paywall. We will continue to monitor Twitter as the social media site grows in order to help determine strategic solutions for our clients.
7 Advertising & Marketing Trends In Banking for 2021
Choosing the right channel at the right time, with the right message for the right customer is critical for bank and credit union marketers, especially as fintech competitors aggressively advertise.

The DL: Creating and placing effective and engaging advertising in the banking vertical has become more complex. Competition for banks and credit unions has been increasing steadily with fintech and neobanks aggressively advertising. It is now more important than ever that banks look at their internal resources to combat these competitors.

Traditional institutions do have an enormous advantage with their first-party data. Unlike neobanks that are working to grab overall awareness and conversion, traditional institutions can use the data they have in-house to create customized message campaigns. When these campaigns are combined with informative content, there is increased likelihood that consumers will interact with the content and be engaged. First-party data can also be used to create lookalike audiences which is a huge advantage with the imminent demise around third-party cookies.

HM understands the importance of customer acquisition and retention for financial institutions. Our team continues to research the trends and emerging fintech to ensure we are providing strategic media recommendations that position your financial brand for success.
Oscars Telecast Draws 9.85 Million Viewers For ABC, A Record Low
ABC’s telecast of the Oscars hit an all-time low with an average of 9.85 million viewers watching on Sunday, a drop of 58% from last year according to Nielsen.

The DL: Oscar’s viewership reached an all-time low in April 2021, with a drop of 58% over last year according to Nielsen. Other awards shows saw a similar decline. Both the Golden Globes and Grammy Awards audiences decreased by more than 50% in 2021. Awards show viewership is still higher than standard primetime programming but pales in comparison to telecasts like regular-season NFL football. Oscar viewership saw an average of 9.85 million people, whereas NFL games averaged 15 million.
What does this tell us? Lack of new content due to COVID could be partially to blame. Another culprit may be the disillusionment with equal representation in award nominees, with specific regards to the Oscars. The recent Oscars also lacked both a host and comic elements that, in past years, may have helped increase the audience. It is likely time to re-vamp and update the award show formats to make them more appealing. Did you watch it?
Facebook Adds New Messaging Features, Including Chat Themes And Read Receipts On Instagram
Facebook has unveiled a raft of new messaging features across Messenger, Instagram Direct and Messenger Kids, with new, themed stickers and backgrounds, visual replies and read receipts on IG, improved audio recording tools and an updated archive feature.

The DL: This just in: Facebook officially added a plethora of new messaging features to the platform. These features were created to offer something extra to the interactive process. One of the newest features includes themed chats which have the potential to grow into brand promotions and tie-in opportunities in the future. In addition to themed chats, Facebook has also added new stickers on Messenger and Messenger Kids featuring the diversity and impact of Asian and Pacific Islanders for API Heritage Month. Furthermore, Facebook also added read receipts within Instagram Direct. While these are just a few of the new features listed in the article, they are sure to catch user's and brand's attention moving forward.
Instagram Launches First Edition Of 'Instagram Insider' Digital Magazine, Highlighting Platform Trends
Today, Instagram has published the first edition of its new 'Instagram Insider' digital magazine, which aims to highlight key content trends, based on Instagram activity, as well as influential creators on the platform.

The DL: Instagram Insider is focused on two key concepts; inspiration and discovery. This 9-page digital magazine includes an overview of rising trends, example images, and links to recommended creators to follow on the platform. This magazine was solely designed to appeal to Instagram users, but it also provides plenty of insight for marketers and advertisers.
Based on the magazine's content, users may be able to find new ways to ramp up their Instagram game. This short (and free) magazine is definitely worth checking out for anyone interested in entering the social media space.
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