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  Volume 6 Issue 39
October 1, 2021
TikTok Reaches A Billion Active Users, The Latest Milestone For The App
Despite almost being banned in the US, being actually banned in its second-biggest usage market, almost being sold off entirely and facing various direct challenges from rivals.

The DL: We have all watched TikTok take over the internet in the last two years, but it just hit its most recent milestone: 1 billion active users. TikTok is following a similar pattern to Facebook in its initial growth: younger users are choosing to spend more of their time on TikTok and moving away from Facebook and Instagram, just like users did from MySpace to Facebook. This doesn’t mean that TikTok will take over the top spot, but with Facebook and other major platforms creating their own TikTok-like features, it’s clear they are trying to stop users from potentially migrating away from their platform. Nevertheless, a billion active monthly users is a huge milestone for TikTok: it’s now on the same level of monthly users as Instagram—but it's growing much faster. All businesses should start, or continue, familiarizing themselves with TikTok and learning what the platform can do for them and their goals.
Is In-Game Advertising Effective? Which Factors Should You Consider?
After the evolution of video games, it has become one of the world’s most entertaining media.

The DL: Video games and gaming have never been more popular. While the community has been growing for years, the pandemic propelled it. The PS5 and Xbox Series X have been consistently sold out since their release in November 2020. With this increased interest comes a unique opportunity for companies and advertisers. 

Video games offer two specific ways to capitalize on the large and lucrative community. The first is in-game advertising. This occurs mostly in the form of pop-up ads or videos during load times, but game developers have also started to entice gamers to watch ads by rewarding them with in-game currency. In-game ads can also take the form of product placement throughout the game. The other way to use video games to advertise is called advergaming. Advergaming is where a brand and video game blend elements of each to produce a product or special promotional event.

The advertising landscape is always changing, and video games produce a new realm of opportunity. The video game industry is performing extremely well, so consider the medium of video games next time you are looking to grow your brand.
Holiday Marketing Gets An Early Start With Promos From Target, Pottery Barn
Brands are pushing early shopping amid supply chain issues.

The DL: Ready, set, GO. Holiday marketing has begun! Marketers are getting ahead of the game and starting holiday promotions earlier than ever before. Retailers like Target announced earlier this week that they will start promotional events on October 10th. The reason for starting promotions early is due to supply chain issues faced over the past year. Target is just one of many retailers that started the holiday season early. Pottery Barn, Sephora, Williams Sonoma, and more have included holiday promos in email marketing. We all know the holiday season is competitive for retailers, and we can expect it to become even more aggressive this year due to the early marketing push. With COVID-19 taking a toll on many businesses, this holiday season is more important than ever: if certain retailers do not have good sales, they could be gone by the new year. Will you hop on board with the early holiday shopping? 
This TikTok Creator's Logo Spoofs Of Apple, Starbucks, And Amazon Are Getting Brands' Attention
Brands are now clamoring to have Emily Zugay update their logos for TikTok.

The DL: In a surprise to most marketers, TikTok has only been growing in popularity. Brands have been finding new and innovative ways to market with this platform, most for $0! Two weeks ago, user @emilyzugay created a video series “recreating” popular logos from a new and hilarious perspective. One of these videos received 24.6 million views, 4.7 million likes, and 66.3k comments, bumping @emilyzugay up to 1.5 million followers. Several brands have changed their profile pictures to Emily’s “improved” version, including McDonald’s, who said it is their most-liked profile picture in history. Consumers are loving the new flexibility of these Fortune500 companies, just adapting these new logos on a whim, and using them for their social media channels. This is a great example of how everyday videos can go viral and influence your audience in a big way.
Facebook Launches Reels On Facebook To US Users
Just days after TikTok announced that it had reached a billion active users, Facebook has today launched Reels on Facebook for all users in the US, bringing its short-form video competitor to many more people.

The DL: Who didn't know this was coming? Facebook has officially launched Reels for all users in the United States. While the social media platform has been testing Reels in the platform since March, the official launch was just announced earlier this week.

You can find Reels in two different places - within the news feed and in groups. However, adding the groups' capability seems to be the more unique element. Not only can users share Reels directly to their Facebook profiles, but they can also post them straight to groups of which they're a member.

The true appeal of Facebook Reels is the potential reach of these short-form videos. Reels can reach everyone, including those outside of your existing followers. People can discover reels based on their particular interests and what's trending.

Currently, we're unsure how Facebook Reels will compare when put up against TikTok. Only time will tell.
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