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  Volume 6 Issue 40
October 8, 2021
Local Advertising To See 6.4% 2022 Growth Following Robust 9.9% 2021 Rebound
Local U.S. advertising will enjoy 6.4% growth in 2022, to reach $138 billion, following 9.9% growth this year — the strongest recovery seen since the Great Recession, according to Borrell Associates’ just-released 2022 Local Advertising Forecast.

The DL: Local advertising is on the rise and is estimated to increase by 6.4% in 2022. This is after 9.9% growth predicted to finish 2021. The top mediums that are contributing the most to the growth in local advertising are streaming video services, streaming audio/podcasts, and display banners. These three mediums combine to account for nearly 50% of the local advertising growth. As local advertising gains momentum, click through to check out the rest of the mediums that are anticipated to grow in 2022 compared to the mediums that are expected to decline to make sure that your brand is ahead of the game.
Instagram Retires IGTV Brand, Merges Video Feed Posts Into A Single Format
Instagram has made it official, with the merging of its long-form IGTV offering into a more general ‘Instagram Video’ format, meaning the end of separate IGTV branding - and ideally, a more streamlined Instagram experience.

The DL: It’s official! Instagram has officially merged IGTV, their long-form video offering into a more general video format within the platform feed. Instagram will no longer be branding IGTV separately and will work to streamline the overall experience in one combined format – Instagram Video. Something to note, Reels is not affected by this change. 

Instagram will also introduce a new video tab on profiles. This is where the combined videos will live, display all of a user’s uploaded videos in one place, and offer new or upgraded features and functionalities like trimming tools, filters, location tagging, etc. Ultimately, creators hope to increase engagement by being able to have users view more video content in one place. Another plus is combining video metrics will also help creators see stats and performances in one place! 

Instagram appeared to have over complicated its platform with the addition of Stories, IGTV, Reels, etc., so streamlining video offerings is just a part of a broader effort by Instagram to simplify the app overall. We think this is a great start.
Programmatic Out-Of-Home Ad Market Gains Performance Play, Automated Measurement
Accretive Media, a programmatic digital out-of-home (OOH) and mobile advertising company, has built a platform specifically to measure OOH media and increase performance. Launch partners include Electra Meccanica, The Richards Group, and Vistar Media.

The DL: As traditional mediums continue to navigate attribution measurement solutions, Accretive Media (a digital out-of-home and mobile advertising company) built a platform that specifically aims to measure OOH media and to increase performance. Through pixels that identify consumers who visit the advertiser’s website, and/or exhibit any other site-level activity such as sales or leads, the platform can also build control groups of similar consumers the technology knows were not exposed to the OOH ad to achieve a conversion rate. This results in a tool that can help to determine an advertiser’s lift and the overall success of an OOH campaign. The trend to deliver more precise, targeted, and measurable OOH campaigns is something we continue to monitor and see across a majority of the top OOH companies industry-wide. 
Programmatic CTV Product Placement Has Arrived
TripleLift and Amagi Announce Preferred Partnership to Break Open the $11 Billion Industry.

The DL: Product placement within Connected TV (CTV) has arrived. Triplelift, known for its native offerings and Supply Side Platform has combined efforts with Amagi, a cloud-based SAAS provider to programmatically integrate brands within TV programs. 

With this breakthrough technology, advertisers will have the opportunity to place their products In-Show rather than In-Break. The insertion tech takes place after the show has been filmed, and machine-learning technology will choose where assets (logo, message, or product rendering) appear within the content based on the context of the program and the audience profile. The result, claims Triplelift, is seamless integration.

Product placement is an $11 billion dollar industry, and the ability to programmatically place products into content post-production will allow brands to capitalize on previously untouched inventory. There’s no word on the cost yet, but once this new technology is available, we’ll be sure to let you know.
Pinterest Tests Idea Pin Sharing Direct To Facebook And Instagram Stories
Pinterest is looking to help users maximize the promotional value of their Idea Pins, with a new option that will enable direct sharing to Instagram and Facebook Stories, complete with a Pinterest watermark.

The DL: The Pinterest watermark is a vital part of any content strategy, as it helps keep people engaged and leads them back to the Pinterest platform. Idea Pins are a great way to organize all your photos. It has additional useful features such as ‘Ghost Mode’ and the stock music tool. This could be a great way to get more exposure for your pins and also share your Idea Pins with a wider audience by making them public. It could be a big boost for e-commerce businesses looking to raise awareness through their Pinterest presence. There are plenty of ways to do this, but if you're not ready to give up on Facebook or Instagram, then Idea Pins could be a good fit for you. Keep on the lookout for this new feature!
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