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  Volume 8 Issue 38
September 15, 2023
You're Invited: HMDL LIVE Lunch & Learn Wed Oct 18 (Virtual Option Available)
We're excited to extend an invitation to you for our upcoming HM DL Live event on Wednesday, October 18th. Join us from 10:30 a.m. - Noon at Alloy 26 (or virtually) for a panel presentation on the latest happenings in the media industry.

Topics Include:
  • Replacing The 3rd party Cookie
  • Privacy-Safe Use Of 1st Party Data
  • The Evolving Video Landscape
  • The Change In Search Marketing
  • AI & NLP In marketing

For those joining us in person, lunch will be provided immediately following the panel presentation. Please be sure to RSVP here before EOD on Friday, October 13th! We can't wait to see you there.
TikTok Announces New Partnership To Facilitate Multi-Touch Attribution
TikTok’s looking to help marketers better connect the dots between the performance of their TikTok campaigns and their bottom line numbers.

The DL: TikTok is collaborating with TransUnion to enhance the connection between the performance of TikTok campaigns and business outcomes. This partnership will introduce multi-touch attribution capabilities to TikTok campaigns, utilizing TransUnion's "TruAudience" framework, which prioritizes privacy in data collection to offer comprehensive insights across various channels. TikTok explained that TransUnion's Marketing Attribution solution assigns credit for conversions to multiple touchpoints in a customer's journey. This enables marketers to determine the effectiveness of marketing channels and tactics in driving conversions, as well as identify specific touchpoints within a channel that are most successful. 

With tech giants (like Google) phasing out cookie tracking, marketers are seeking new data sources to optimize their campaigns. So, TikTok's partnership with TransUnion may offer one type of solution for TikTok marketers to navigate these challenges and gain deeper insights into their marketing efforts. 
Nielsen Rival ISpot Buys 605 As It Bets On Measurement Outcomes Driving TV Currency
ISpot has been strong with marketers and audience measurement while 605 has a history with networks and outcomes deals.

The DL: iSpot.tv is making a significant move by acquiring 605, marking the first challenge to Nielsen's dominant position in TV and cross-platform audience measurement. Both companies have been seeking certification to measure and collect viewing data in the TV and streaming industry. The acquisition is driven by the complementarity of the two firms, with iSpot's strength lying in comprehensive audience measurement for marketers, while 605 excels in outcomes measurement from video advertising, primarily serving networks. 

The acquisition merges data from cable provider Charter with smart TV data from Vizio and LG, expanding iSpot's measurement reach to 82.7 million household devices. The strategic appeal lies in 605's advanced outcomes measurement capabilities, which are increasingly adopted by the sell side, and iSpot's intention to bring these capabilities to the buy side. The move reflects the growing importance of outcomes measurement in the industry, positioning it as a major component of currency, with expectations of increased investments in outcomes over counting in the future.
Streaming TV Ads Beat Mobile Ads For Informing Holiday Purchases
More consumers now find streaming ads, rather than mobile ads, most helpful in informing holiday purchases.

The DL: Tis the season! According to a recent survey by LG Ads, streaming TV ads have overtaken mobile ads in effectively informing consumers about holiday purchases, with 39% of respondents preferring streaming ads, up from 17% the previous year. Although mobile ad popularity declined from 38% to 28%, mobile phones are the primary devices for holiday purchases (73%), followed by laptops/desktops (66%), and even smart TVs (20%).

Deals also are a top priority for shoppers in holiday TV ads, and interestingly, favorable brand sentiment is associated with advertising on free, ad-supported streaming services. Lastly, despite concerns about inflation, 76% of respondents plan to maintain or increase their holiday spending compared to the previous year, and a significant number start shopping as early as October, often while watching TV. 
5 Ad Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To Now
While Meta, Google, Apple, and programmatic display are all investment areas for M&C Saatchi Performance, the agency is shaking up some approaches for 2024. 

The DL: Agency M&C Saatchi Performance has released five new approaches to keep an eye out for in 2024. Jonathan Yantz, managing partner, has announced that the company is most excited about CTV and Influencer/Creator spaces. 

Here are the five approaches/recommendations he thinks agencies should pay attention to now: 

  1. Creative Is Crucial: Although AI is on the rise, high-quality content is essential to working within social algorithms. With a further loss of data in a privacy-centric world, creativity is more crucial than ever before. 
  2. Dynamic Approaches To CTV: As measurement is improving, M&C suggests that the “multiscreening” phenomenon where users are watching TV while scrolling on a phone or tablet, is on the rise. Yantz advises “Reaching someone on CTV and retargeting them to their phone with a direct-response message is valuable.”
  3. Keep TikTok Targeted: US influencer marketing continues to be on the rise, as spending is growing faster than ever before. Yantz says M&C is finding greater success with smaller influencers and niche audiences. 
  4. Holistic Approach To Measurement: Media mix modeling is essential for maximizing omnichannel investment. 
  5. Anti-Authenticity Movement: the definition of what is “authentic” is proving to be ever-changing, and AI is not commonly associated with authenticity. But, Yantz says “AI will become particularly valuable for marketers as a clear tool to enable the endless creative testing agencies have always wanted.” 
Around The Town...
📢 Final Call for Registrations: CMO Insights Panel on AI in Advertising 📢 

Hurry! Time is running out to secure your spot at Pittsburgh Technology Council's highly anticipated CMO Insights Panel focusing on AI in Advertising. This event is meant to be more of an introduction to AI in the advertising industry, featuring distinguished panelists who will share their valuable insights into the evolution of AI over the past decade and its current advancements. Here are the details:

Confirmed Panelists:
  • Gabriel Welsch, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Duquesne University
  • Nicole Auman, Director of Brand Marketing, Sheetz
  • Amy Spears, SVP and Head of Tonic, Highmark Health

Date: Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

Location: Pittsburgh Technology Council Office 100 S. Commons, Suite 172 Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Joining the panelists as the moderator will be our CEO, Shea Murtaugh. We are looking forward to a lively discussion and the opportunity to engage with the panelists during a question-and-answer session. Feel free to stick around after the panel for some networking!

We are always up for a chat on our favorite topic: media! So, if you would like to brainstorm on how to navigate the ever-changing media landscape, we'd be happy to connect.
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