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  Volume 6 Issue 38
September 24, 2021
Facebook Announces New Business Connection Tools, Including Click-To-Message Expansion
Today, Facebook has announced a raft of new tools to help businesses establish more direct connection with prospective customers, with a specific focus on personalized messaging, while it’s also looking to improve business discovery, and provide new management options to better facilitate business activity and reach.

The DL: Facebook announced a plethora of new tools for business owners and account managers last week. The first unique tool released is a new ‘Click-to-Message” option on ads. In the past, campaign managers were able to encourage users to message them, but now businesses can choose all messaging platforms (Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp), and Facebook will automatically default the user to their preferred messaging platform. This will help increase the likelihood in sales because 75% of adults want to communicate with a business via messaging, according to Facebook. They will also be rolling out on the main app an option that enables businesses to select 4-5 questions to ask the user before starting a messaging chat. 
Additionally, Facebook is adding Post Testing which will allow brands to compare up to 4 versions of a post in sample audiences to gather response data. This allows campaign managers to then put ad spend behind the ‘winner’ to drive better results. Other great tools rolling out include remarketing emails from Business Suite, File Manager option, ‘Work Accounts”, third-party tools, and an expansion on their Business Explore program. 
Facebook rapidly expanding their features and capabilities will be beneficial to all types of businesses. Now may be time to start considering adding Facebook in your business’ next campaign.
Why Nielsen’s Failure Is An Opportunity For The Industry
News that Nielsen is no longer accredited by the Media Ratings Council didn’t surprise anyone. But the news should be a wake-up call for the industry to unite around a common solution for the industry-wide challenge of measurement and data.

The DL: Nielsen is no longer accredited by the Media Ratings Council. Instead of fearing and scrambling on how to measure our data, the industry needs to rethink measurement holistically. Since the pandemic, Americans have changed viewership habits. More homes are broadband only, meaning they are only streaming their television. Some homes are only relying on their 5G mobile coverage, which is closing the gap of Americans without access to the internet. We’re also seeing multiple ways to view the same content, broadening where and how we measure results. As an industry, we won’t be able to rely on one measurement system now that we have so many different platforms and ways to watch content. The industry will need solutions that work beyond just a methodology for one measurement to reach across all platforms and devices. Measurement needs to become more collaborative for the industry to come up with solutions that work across all platforms.
TikTok Shares New Holiday Marketing Guide To Assist With Strategic Planning
Will TikTok be part of your 2021 holiday marketing strategy?

The DL: The Holidays are right around the corner and TikTok wants to keep business owners up to date with important user statistics, consumer shopping dates, and holiday calendars by releasing their 2021 Holiday Marketing guide this week. Some key takeaways include that 77% of TikTokers say that they have bought something they saw on TikTok and 47% of TikTokers saying that TikTok will likely inspire a gift idea this year. Although it’s only September, we see the importance of creating a strategic content marketing plan ahead of the curve. If your business is interested in launching a TikTok account, Hoffmann Murtaugh is happy to help.  
Google's New Advertiser Pages Will Show All The Ads Running From A Brand
Search giant is disclosing more information about campaigns from all advertisers in transparency bid.

The DL: This past Wednesday Google announced that they would be showing more transparency regarding ads run on their platform. This new tool will give you a look at what ads brands are currently running and give you more insight into that specific advertiser. You will be able to access these pages through the “about this ad” that accompanies the ads on YouTube and search. Facebook released a similar program in 2019, their ad library, but Google’s will only be accessible when you are served a specific ad, instead of a searchable archive and only a 30-day history compared to a large backlog. 
Facebook Tests New 'Community Awards' To Encourage Engagement In Groups
Facebook’s trying out another way to boost positive contributions in groups, with a new feature called ‘Community Awards’ now in live testing.

The DL: To incentivize participation among Facebook groups, the platform has introduced a new test feature called 'Community Awards' where group administrators can give awards to outstanding group comments.

Facebook is hoping that this new rewards program will encourage more engagement among users. While Facebook has tried similar group engagement tactics in the past (e.g., Top Fan badges and group expert designations), Community Awards promotes an all-encompassing, positive, and welcoming environment.

While there aren't many in-depth details on this new Facebook test, Hoffmann Murtaugh will continue to monitor 'Community Awards' and update you with any new information. 
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