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  Volume 6 Issue 35
September 3, 2021
CTV Accounts For 60% Of Premium Video Ad Views, Programmatic Buys Now Up To 24%
Premium video ad views in the U.S. jumped 50% in this year’s first half compared to first-half 2020 — and connected TV (CTV) accounted for 60% of those views, according to FreeWheel’s latest U.S. Video Marketplace Report.

The DL: Audiences watched 50% more advertisements on premium video streaming services between January – June of this year compared to the same time frame in 2020. Connected TV (CTV) accounted for 60% of the premium video streaming services. In addition to CTV, Set-Top-Box VOD generated 15% of ad views while mobile and desktop garnered ad views of 13% and 12% respectively. Roku was the top streaming platform having accounted for 43% of the ad views followed by Amazon Fire TV at 26%. What do all these stats mean? It is a strong indication of the future of video advertising as streaming services and CTVs continue to gain momentum. Brands need to consider these routes to reach their addressable, targeted audiences.
Google To Sunset Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) In June 2022
This is the latest move that Google is making to push automation through their ad products.

The DL: Google recently announced that they are sunsetting the expanded text ad in June of 2022. Expanded Text Ads, or ETAs, made their debut in 2016, offering 50% more ad copy than the original text ads. For the past 5 years, ETAs have been a Google staple – even when Google rolled out a new format, the Responsive Search Ad (RSA), in 2018. Then, in February of this year, the RSA became the default option for creating text ads although ETAs were still available. 

For the past several years, the brains behind the Google Ads platform have introduced features that lean toward automation, and the RSA is a step in that direction. The RSA, if you are unfamiliar, offers 15 headlines and four body copy options that rotate, allowing for up to 43,680 different ad permutations.
The challenges with RSAs are twofold: First, all the different copy elements must make sense when pieced together, which can be difficult, and second, reporting for RSAs is lackluster in that Google only shows impression metrics and does not provide advertisers with the ad permutations that drove the best results in terms of clicks, conversions, etc.  

Based on our firsthand experience, RSAs do improve performance compared to ETAs, but they need to be fueled by more data. This may mean that future campaign structure is more consolidated and that low-traffic campaigns may not perform as well. Unknown currently is Google’s future approach to ad copy best practices which were 3 ETAs and 1 RSA per ad group. Stay tuned to the HM DL. We will provide more information as we learn of it.
The Keys To A Successful TikTok Advertising Campaign
Looking for ways to maximize your TikTok ads, and drive best response from the app?

The DL: Advertising on TikTok is quickly rising to many marketers’ consideration lists. However, before embarking on this journey, marketers need to consider what is working for brands on the platform now. Hopefully, an understanding of what is working at this moment will help maximize brands’ ads on TikTok and drive the best results. 

Here is a concise and quick overview of some of the must-have components that are working for other brands. So, consider these things when developing your TikTok advertising plan -

  • Don’t repurpose content from other social channels
  • Test creative, audiences, ad options, etc
  • Be patient to see what is working
  • Keep it short
  • Have a variety of creative in any given ad group
  • Enlist the help of content creators that know the TikTok platform
How Mars Measures The Emotional Impact Of Video Ads Using AI Tech
A proprietary tool tracks eye and mouth movements so the company behind M&M's and Skittles can gauge whether a campaign is resonating or needs to be tweaked.

The DL: Emerging AI technology is giving advertisers the ability to see how consumers are responding emotionally to their creative as well as tie in the usual digital measurement metrics. The AI tech referenced in the article analyzes facial expressions by tracking eye and lip movements to measure if someone is happy or sad. It then aggregates the data to give insights into how the video was perceived. This new technology can help advertisers like Mars quickly pivot if they see an ad is not engaging the target audience. This - agility and increased speed in decision-making - is something that has helped Mars stay ahead of its competitors in the packaged goods space. It is something to keep an eye on to see how it could be used in other verticals to increase consumer response and engagement. 
Twitter Launches 'Super Follows' Creator Monetization Option
It’s been in test mode for the last few months, and now, Twitter has officially launched its new ‘Super Follow’ option, with selected creators in the US now able to charge a monthly fee for exclusive, extra tweet content for their biggest fans.

The DL: Twitter's newest 'Super Follow' option is a different concept for the platform, allowing certain creators to charge a monthly fee to their biggest fans for "exclusive content". Twitter is hoping that the implementation of this option will encourage some of the largest creators to spend more time pushing out content via their platform.

There are three different types of pricing packages where creators can set a monthly subscription of $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 a month to monetize bonus content for their Super Followers.

"Creators are able to claim up to 97% of any payments received through the option, after in-app fees, up to $50k in total earnings. After they reach that $50k threshold, the creator cut drops to 80%, with Twitter taking a larger percentage from then on."

While Twitter's Super Follows option is only currently available to a small group in the United States, the platform says that more regions will be following suit shortly. Hoffmann Murtaugh will continue to monitor Super Follows and update you with any new discoveries.
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