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  Volume 5 Issue 50
December 11, 2020
YouTube Viewing Is Shifting To CTV Screens
YouTube is the single biggest source of supply in US connected TV (CTV) advertising.

The DL: The pandemic has accelerated consumer consumption of YouTube on the big screen. YouTube is the largest source of supply in US connected TV (CTV) advertising, even though consumers are unable to access CTV inventory on YouTube on non-Google platforms (such as Roku). Also, YouTube is the second-most-watched digital video platform after Netflix, according to Q2 2020 data from Nielsen.

It is expected this year for YouTube to account for more than one-third (35.7%) of total US CTV ad spending. As more individuals are spending time at home consuming streaming video content, YouTube content on CTV screens has been at an all-time high. We will be keeping a close eye on this trend in 2021.

If you have any questions about advertising on YouTube, we can help.
LinkedIn: How to Change Your Advertising Interest Categories
Facebook has launched a new website which includes a range of resources and tools designed to help businesses advance their social impact.

The DL: You may not know it, but LinkedIn has a feature which allows you to customize your advertising interest categories so you can see ads that are relevant to you. On the account setup, all the interest categories are automatically checked, but this article will give you a step-by-step guide to choose the ones that interest you!

You should note, however, that turning off some or all the categories or even the entire interest feature will not prevent you from seeing ads on LinkedIn. You will still see them, but they won't be customized to your interests. 
Prime Time: Amazon Is Now Earth’s Biggest Advertiser
The pandemic punched a hole in budgets for even the most successful marketers, but the Ad Age World’s Largest Advertisers report found a few that ratcheted up 2020 spending.

The DL: Amazon was just announced as the world’s biggest advertiser. The company’s advertising spend increased by 34% in 2019. Amazon hit $1.3 trillion in net sales over the past 25 years and they are not slowing down.

Since 2020 brought a global pandemic and recession, only time will tell how advertisers really handled their advertising spend. One thing is for sure, Amazon has been there for us when we need anything delivered straight to our homes, and that has been one helpful step in the right direction. Thank you, Amazon! 
Pandora's Multichannel Holiday Push Reaches Across NBA And 'Elf'
Pandora today is launching its "Holiday Hits Different" campaign across TV, out-of-home and digital ads.

The DL: This week, Pandora announced plans to launch a multichannel campaign to highlight their offerings in a fun and creative way. With the holiday season upon us, and with the ongoing pandemic keeping people at home more often, Pandora is focusing on reaching a broader audience. With live concert events on hold for the year, Pandora is taking advantage of features such as Pandora Live, which showcases live-streamed performances to entice users to the site. Additionally, you will see ads for Pandora in programming such as “Elf” on AMC and “Holiday Hoops” on ABC and ESPN. 

With competitors like Spotify and Apple Music ramping up their spend for year-end, Pandora is positioning itself to stay top of mind for consumers moving into 2021.
The Smoking Gun In The Facebook Antitrust Case
The government wants to break up the world’s biggest social network. Internal company emails show why.

The DL: When Facebook first started, it was a bastion of privacy. The popular social media site didn't allow anyone in without a confirmed college email address, nor did it allow cookies. Users could not see one another's profile pages unless they were friends on the platform. Today, Facebook is much different, with tracking user behavior as one of the strongest features provided to advertisers and the biggest complaints among users.

Forty-six states, DC, Guam, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed two separate lawsuits against Facebook on December 9th, stating "illegal monopolistic practices" were used by the social media giant. Cited are Facebook's purchase of rivals WhatsApp and Instagram, along with other practices to keep competitors at bay. The lawsuits also state that Facebook violates user privacy. Privacy and antitrust imply that Facebook is free to do pretty much as they wish because they have nothing to fear.

However, no one is forced to use Facebook (or any other social media service). And we all know that nothing is free (we hope)... Google isn't free, Facebook isn't free, Twitter isn't free, etc. Users opt in to these services knowing that there's a tradeoff: Ads will be customized based on their online behaviors.

So, is it better to serve consumers with random ads that may or may not be pertinent to them, or to show them ads customized to their needs?
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