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  Volume 5 Issue 51
December 18, 2020
25 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2021
Any way you look at it, 2020 has been tough.

The DL:2020 is a year that many would rather forget, and in the midst of all this, the major social platforms have rapidly evolved and shifted focus to meet rising demand and user needs. From e-commerce to AR glasses, to a new shift in advanced VR, you do not want to miss these 2021 social predictions. 

As Instagram and Facebook look to incorporate more eCommerce tools, expect Snap to also align with this shift and look to provide its creators with more opportunities to sell products directly in-stream. TikTok will also look to establish stronger ties with the music industry, to host more exclusive launches and events, and bring in more fans. It looks set to be a year of growth and exciting developments. Be sure to catch up on the platform-by-platform predictions for what is coming next in the world of social media marketing.
Reaching Consumers During Pandemic-Driven Life Transitions
Facebook has launched a new website which includes a range of resources and tools designed to help businesses advance their social impact.

The DL: Do you consider the pandemic as a life stage/life transition? As a result of the pandemic consumer behaviors have changed (we know ours have!). Consumers may lack employment, be looking for ways to be entertained, currently working from home, or have a new schedule, and marketers need to adapt. For example, attention to drive time radio may be shifting to daytime cable. Streaming video and online shopping are skyrocketing.

Research found that 85% of consumers are looking for brands to solve their problems while 73% say they are looking for brands to enrich their lives. Consider how your brand can fill these roles and meet your audiences where they are. We still need to reach consumers at the right time but taking this information into consideration and altering messaging or calls to action may help boost ROI.
Harnessing The Power Of Programmatic To Amplify Audio Advertising
Digital audio is exploding for marketers and listeners alike. Industry research shows that podcast ad revenue alone will surpass $1 billion by 2021.

The DL: If there's one good thing to come out of this year, it is the rapid growth of audio streaming and podcasts. Lockdowns forced millions of people to change their habits and daily routines, leading to skyrocketing digital audio consumption.

Whereas terrestrial radio is a great way to reach consumers, digital audio through a programmatic platform is capable of reaching large, highly targeted audiences with specific messages. Unlike TV, where people channel-hop, or streaming video, where episodes are consumed from different services, audiophiles are platform-loyal and create specific playlists of the things they like to listen to. Since programmatic platforms focus on users, audiences can be reached across many different podcasts and music streams efficiently. Additionally, programmatic audio is engaging, has a lower price point than connected TV, and is clutter-free.

If you have questions on how to reach your audiences with programmatic audio, let us know. We can provide solid recommendations for effective tactics to meet your business goals.
Social Distancing Generates Winners And Losers
Due to widespread commercial lockdowns and quarantine-related personal restrictions, US consumers overwhelmingly reduced spending on services and entertainment this year.

The DL: Unexpected lifestyle changes have drastically changed industry forecasts causing marketers to have to pivot (which happens to be the Association of National Advertiser’s word of the year). Revised forecasts confirm much of what we already inherently know.

The environment has negatively impacted restaurants, bars, salons, travel, events, and education – although there are exceptions like restaurants that counteracted with off-premise dining or education establishments with an online learning focus. 

Benefactors of spending shifts include consumer electronics, home furnishings, e-commerce retailers, and digital grocery offerings. The Adoption and embracing of digital video, subscription OTT, messaging apps, and health and fitness apps have accelerated. 
States Sue Google For Allegedly Monopolizing Online Display Ads
A coalition of 10 states on Wednesday sued Google for allegedly engaging in anticompetitive conduct aimed at squelching competition for online display advertising.

The DL: Google must get tired of being sued as another week has come and another lawsuit has been filed. This suit claims that Google uses its power to exclude competition in the display market, taking dollars that would go to online publishers. The lawsuit also claims that although Google says they won't sell your information to anyone, they actually do.

To deconstruct this a little bit, advertisers do use consumer's information to target potential customers and have done so for years. This data is available and sold to advertisers by websites, credit card companies, online registrations, etc. However, this data is scrubbed of any potential identifiers that can single out a specific person.

So, while online advertisers may be able to target people based on things like what wireless service they use, the websites they visit, and if they are shopping a college to attend, they cannot attribute those data segments to actual people.

It's an ecosystem. Most of what people see online is free because advertising pays for it. Advertising that becomes ineffective or inefficient means that content providers will seek revenue in other ways, like paywalls, subscriptions, and similar services.
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