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  Volume 6 Issue 2
January 15, 2021
Why B2B Marketers Are Plugging Into Connected TV
The ability to target homebound business decision makers via this rapidly growing platform is now proving more alluring.

The DL: The changing workplace structure has allowed B2B marketers to test into the targeting of connected TV (CTV). The remote workforce is not going to be returning to the office anytime soon, so it is a great medium to engage with your target audience. 

CTV offers the trifecta of media indicators since you can define targets with the unprecedented reach of television and measure the campaign results similar to digital campaigns. CTV also enables marketers to use their 1st party data to target customers and create lookalike audiences that can be served their message. 

From a Hoffmann Murtaugh perspective, we believe CTV is a great addition to our B2B clients media plans. However, as with any media tactic addition, we strongly believe in a test and learn strategy to see how CTV interacts with your integrated media plan. 
Google Pauses All Political Ads Through Inauguration
Google has temporarily disabled political ads for at least a week beginning January 14, 2021.

The DL: These are interesting times in which we live. The President of the United States has been banned from using several social media sites (YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and there is a lot of uncertainty in politics, the vaccine, and moving forward as a nation.

Google has decided to proactively pause all political ads through the inauguration. Specifically, any ad that even mentions politics, impeachment, the inauguration, and the insurrection at the US Capitol will be halted. This includes merchandisers and news organizations.

Following the events at the Capitol, many advertisers smartly stopped posting or running paid social media as the events played out. However, for advertisers that are actively in the political space, it is yet another challenge to overcome in order to make sure their message is heard.
Pepsi Will Cut Super Bowl Ads For Flagship Soda to Focus on Halftime Show
Pepsi won’t sit out the Super Bowl, but some of its commercials will.

The DL: The 2021 Super Bowl’s highly anticipated commercials might look a little different this year. There will still be a Pepsi halftime performance by performer The Weekend, but that is the only advertising Pepsi will be doing. That’s right, you won’t be seeing a traditional Super Bowl ad for Pepsi in 2021. The last time Pepsi did not air a commercial during the Super Bowl was in 2010. Recovering from a severe recession, Pepsi decided not to run ads, ending a 23-year streak. The company has commented that this decision was not in an effort to reduce advertising spend. 

CBS, which is seeking around $5.5 million for Super Bowl TV advertising packages, has yet to declare a sell-out of its in-game commercial inventory. Last year’s game generated an estimated $435 million in ad spending, according to Kantar – a new record. 

As of now, the Super Bowl LV is scheduled to air on February 7th. It’s likely we will be missing other big-name advertisers, but we will be seeing new brands like Vroom, the online car retailer for the first time.
4 Ways to Transform Your Marketing With Content That Teaches Consumers
As consumers make informed purchasing decisions in seconds, your messaging needs to be a part of their resources and not just another ad.

The DL: With reviews and search engines readily available at the touch of a finger, today’s consumers consider themselves product analysts when it comes to purchasing decisions. It’s time for marketers and advertisers to bury their sales tactics and start educating their consumers. Product details and service specifications should be included in messaging and creatives before the consumer has the chance to question them.

Creating an educational ecosystem for potential customers will help clients stand out amongst the advertising clutter while equipping audiences with the knowledge to make better product decisions.

We, too, strive to share the latest insights with our current clients and potential future clients via our weekly HM blog. Be sure to check it out! Here is the link.
SAG Awards Rescheduled To April To Avoid Conflicting Date With Grammys
The 27th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards has been rescheduled to April 4, a week after the Grammy Awards moved to its previous date of March 14.

The DL: Award shows are still trying to get the hang of things in this new world of virtual ceremonies. Award season is facing many challenges – the Oscars were already relocated to 2Q in 2021 in order to allow more film entries.

And now the newest victim of the ever-constant show shuffling are the SAG awards on TNT and TBS. Originally slated for March, the Grammys took precedence once it was determined that the Grammy Awards would need to be moved to March instead of January. Who can keep track? One thing is for sure: it doesn't matter if it’s the Oscars or the Sags, if there is an award show advertisement worth having, Hoffmann Murtaugh will find it!
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