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  Volume 6 Issue 3
January 22, 2021
TikTok Adds New Q&A Option Which Enables Fans to Post Questions for Creators
TikTok is looking to prompt more engagement between creators and their fans with the launch of a new Q and A option.

The DL: Have you ever watched a live video on TikTok and wondered why the creator never answered your question you posted? Chances are that your question got lost in the pile of other comments and the creator did not even see it to begin with. That all changes now as TikTok is rolling out a Q&A feature that allows fans to pose questions to creators that can then be answered in future video clips.

Creators can then use the query as a prompt for a new video - while other profile visitors can also see the list of questions asked of a creator and “like” each as a form of voting for which questions they want to see addressed. Maximizing fan connection could have various benefits for TikTok. It keeps users and creators engaged and coming back to the app more often. It could also help creators solidify their followings, which has implications for future influencer marketing partnerships and developing community.
How Apple’s iOS 14 Release May Affect Your Ads
Apple has announced changes with iOS 14 that will impact how we receive and process conversion events from tools like the Facebook pixel.

The DL: With Apple’s iOS 14 Release this week, Facebook has announced how this will affect ads on their platform. Businesses that advertise on mobile apps, as well as those that optimize, target, and report on web conversion events from any of their business tools will be affected. 

This means that we will no longer be able to see a 28-day look back window on pixel data, and it will be reduced to 7 days. As a result, we may start to see a reduction in conversions coming from Facebook campaigns. For our take on the update, check out our blog here.
Coca-Cola Will Sit Out Super Bowl, Joining Pepsi In Benching Soda Ads
The Super Bowl has long served as a prominent front for the long-running soda war between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. This year, the beverage giants will fight that battle somewhere else.

The DL: Two large competitors who are typically Super Bowl advertisers will not be this year. Earlier this month, Pepsi announced that they won't be running any ads during the Superbowl, and rival Coca-Cola just released a similar statement. Pepsi will be focusing on its halftime show, and Coca-Cola wants to make sure they are investing in the correct resources during these unprecedented times. 

According to Kantar, last year Coca Cola spent $10 million in Super Bowl LIV ads. In December, they had to lay off 17% of their global workforce and stopped offering certain products like Tab & Odwalla Juices. CBS, which is asking around $5.5 million for its advertising packages, has yet to declare a sell-out. With two big-name advertisers out, it will be interesting to see if others follow suit. 
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette To Cut Friday Print Edition, Pursues Digital-Only Goal
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette plans to eliminate one of its remaining print editions.

The DL: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has decided to eliminate the Friday print edition beginning February 26th. They had already reduced their print edition down to 3 days in 2019. Now only Thursday and Sunday remain in print production. As they transition to a digital only newspaper, they will increase their Sunday print edition with 10 supplemental pages of content. 

Following the ever-changing consumption demands, the Post-Gazette has seen the trend of an increase in their digital content. Most consumers of print are not on a seven-day habit, so it is unlikely that there will be much of a reaction regarding the change. However, advertisers that typically place ads to promote a special occasion on a specific day will now have to pivot and look at alternatives to get their specific message across. Seemingly digital being the solution.
Sorry, Chewy And Peloton: Your COVID Boom May Be Ending
While consumers have been pouring love and money into brands that benefit from changing pandemic behavior, some think the ride may be ending.

The DL: It was a good ride, but the ride has slowed. Peloton, the exercise bike company, enjoyed record sales and stock prices during the past year as people were forced to shelter in place. Now, as the vaccine rolls out and light is appearing at the end of the tunnel, the company is up for sale and UBS downgraded the stock from "neutral" to "sell".

It's clear that while many of the behavioral changes made this past year will stick around, some won't. While many "made do" working out from home, they yearn to return to the gym. Media consumption habits have changed, with the past 12 months seeing a boom in video consumption that doesn't seem to be slowing.

There's no distinct timeline as to when things will get back to normal, but some say it may be as soon as the summer. HM will be monitoring changes in the media landscape and will provide updates as things shift.
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