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Checking & Maintaining of Data Quality through the CoC APR Group Training (Basic)
May 15, 2019

Crossroads Rhode Island Individual & Family Trainings
May 21, 2019 (CRI Staff Only)

Interviewing Persons for the Collection of HMIS Data
May 30, 2019

HMIS Security Awareness Training
June 4, 2019

Checking & Maintaining of Data Quality through the CoC APR Group Training (Advanced)
June 13, 2019

Collecting Exit Destinations: Sharing Ideas and Best Practices Group Training
June 27, 2019

Need a specific team/organizational training?!
However, this means that our s ecurity on the back-end will be monitored much more frequently (including IP address login tracking). Do NOT log in to HMIS on any personal non-work issued device and be sure that you NEVER share your HMIS login. Please see the notice here that was issued on April 15, 2019.

New Security Policy for HMIS!
We at RICH have made it easier for all users of RI-HMIS to be able to access the site on different devices; no need to have any more HMIS Certificates installed! Don't worry, you don't need to have the certificates un-installed either.

Bookmark HMIS for your continued ease of access:

Also, beginning in June, we're starting BI-MONTHLY HMIS Security Awareness Trainings!
(See the link above to sign up!)
NEW CoC-APR Metric Scoring Tool

With the FY2019 CoC Scoring Competition opening soon, we've now made this process more transparent than ever!
Even better then us sharing the data with providers before hand; you can run this report on any of your CoC projects at any point-in-time!

Does this report look familiar?
(If you're CoC Funded, we hope so...)

Well, the HMIS parts of it no longer need to be completed by manually going through the CoC APR (or other related metrics).
Instead, this report available on HMIS automatically pulls necessary data from the correct source and scores it for you!

Heres how to access it on HMIS (image above):

1) Click on Reports on the left hand side of HMIS.
2) Click on ART.
3) Click on the folder labeled Public Folder .
4) Click on the folder labeled Current Reports .
5) Click on the folder labeled CoC .
6) The Report is Labeled 2019 CoC Renewal Eval .
7) There are PDF instructions also available directly under the report in HMIS, but they are also attached here for your review.
Homeless System Orientation for New Staff

Offered monthly, these day-long trainings are held at the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless and includes free lunch!
Required for all new HMIS users , this training gives you an overview of what homelessness is and what it looks like in Rhode Island. As an overview to our specific system, this training is meant to give new HMIS staff a better understanding of the work they do by giving them the bigger picture of homelessness in Rhode Island.

Note: This is NOT an HMIS-specific group training and it does not count as one of the required HMIS group trainings. This does cover any new HMIS staff (after 3/2019) that are required to attend this training as an addition to their other requirements.

Anyone is invited to sign up and attend!
Have a Question?
We have a better way of getting you an answer.

ALL HMIS-related questions (passwords, reports, errors...etc.) should be emailed directly to our HelpDesk at

No longer should any specific HMIS staff member be emailed regarding HMIS questions, instead email our HelpDesk!
This new system will ensure you are guaranteed a response from the person who best knows the answer. The question is triaged to whoever is available and most capable to assist you.

Online HMIS New User Training Process!
All new users that are currently being trained to use HMIS for the first time are doing so through our Learning Management System!

When a request for a new user is received, using the same form, they are given access to this site and are able to watch all training videos, do all tests, and complete the training homework all at their own pace!
The training system works on computers, laptops, tablets or mobile devices.

The best part for all Agency HMIS Administrators? You are created an account so you can log-in and view all of your staff members progress. Make sure you've notified us about WHO your Agencies HMIS Administrator is, or your Executive Director will be the one communicated to about HMIS issues...

Soon, other trainings will be available on our LMS for all HMIS users! Stay tuned for more information.

Come and Join Our HMIS Steering Committee Meetings!
We Truly Value Your Input and Participation in these Meetings (now bi-monthly)!
Please reach out to us if you would like to attend and/or want to add any items on our meeting agenda! Feel free to spread this invitation to others on HMIS that may want to attend!

Due to space, we'd like to limit it to 2 persons per agency! The more agencies involved in the decision making process and updates for HMIS, the more we can ensure that every agencies' opinions and suggestions are being heard!
We value your input and participation in order to help all of the pieces in our system work together! 
Our Next Meeting is Tuesday, May 14th at the 
Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless at 9:30am on the 3rd Fl., 1070 Main St., Pawtucket, RI 02860
Contact Us!
(401) 721-5685
ext. 25 - Shalissa Coutoulakis
ext. 26 - Chris Conley
Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless | 401-721-5685 | Website