January's  Point In Time Count: 
January 23, 2019
On Wednesday January 23, 2019 HMIS will conduct the annual Point in Time Count (PIT). This data is presented to Congress and is used by The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to determine funding for the State of Rhode Island.
Point-In-Time Count

It is that time of the year again!
It is important to make sure that all clients who are entered in your programs are on the bed list for the night of the PIT count.
 It is also imperative to ensure that all clients who are no longer in your programs are exited and removed off of the bed list ASAP prior to the PIT count 
on Wednesday January 23, 2019. 
If your project(s) have bed lists, it is important to run the Entry/Exit canned reports to see all of the clients presently entered into your programs (using a one-day date range) to compare with the Daily Unit Report for each of them to ensure the same clients entered in the project are the same ones on the bed list for the project.  These numbers must represent the number of people in your program(s) on January 23, 2019.
Steps for Exiting a Client from HMIS 
(in programs with a bed list): 
Each link is a PDF document with Step-by-Step Instructions!
Click here for an overview document with basic overall steps.

1. Click on the  Entry/Exit Tab and Exit the client for the date of their last actual shelter stay.  
2. Click on the  Case Managers Tab and End the Case Management Assignment for the same date as the Exit Date.  
3. Click on the  Case Plan Tab and make sure that all Goals that were set for your program are marked "Closed."  
4. Click on the  Service Transaction Tab and " View All Services ." Make sure all Services are marked " Closed " and the outcome is answered.  
5. Click on  ShelterPoint  and find your client on the bed list for your project to remove them from the bed list. The "Date Out" for the ShelterPoint date should match the Exit date for the program as well as the End date for case management.  
6. All set - you've successfully exited a client from the program and the bed list!  

Demonstrated below are trends from the last 5 years of our statewide PIT counts.
Accuracy matters to track trends and system needs!

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