10 Members Selected to join our HMIS Vendor Working Group!
After a public call for nominations, RICH project operation staff members voted anonymously and selected 10 participants from various organizations to represent their innovative ideas during our HMIS Vendor Selection Process!
We thank every single person that applied from our partnering organizations to be a part of this important process! There are were a limited number of slots for participants, determined due to the size of our CoC, so aside from Project Operation Staff members, we selected 10 outside participants with a maximum capacity of 2 persons from each organization to ensure diverse participation.
These ten phenomenal folks have been selected to represent RIHMIS and the RICoC alongside the working groups' Executive Sponsor, Caitlin Frumerie, Project Manager, Shalissa Coutoulakis, Project Team Member, Maria Vargas and other RICH Representative(s) in this process :
  • Elizabeth Bioteau, CoC Planner, RIH/RICoC
  • Caitlin Divver, Director of Evaluation, Foster Forward
  • Amy Ferguson, CES Prioritization and Placement Manager, Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless
  • Jocelyn Hernandez, Program Coordinator, Amos House
  • Eric Hirsch, Director of Sociology and HMIS Steering Committee Chair, Providence College
  • Donald Laliberte, Director of Assessment and Adult Shelters, Crossroads Rhode Island
  • Allison Martinez, Executive Director, Welcome House of South County
  • Alexander Moore, Director of Program Outcomes and Evaluation, Crossroads Rhode Island
  • William (Bill) Stein, Clinical Director of Operations, House of Hope CDC
  • Adam Tussing, Case Manager, House of Hope CDC

Congratulations to those members selected! You will be an important part of the entire vendor selection process! Stay tuned for more information.

As a reminder,  the survey  for what persons like/don't like/want in an HMIS database will be open through this Wednesday, July 3rd! Please be sure to fill this out/encourage others to do the same; all feedback is considered! Your input is important to be sure we include all of your wants/needs in an HMIS vendor selection! Thank you!
All HMIS Vendor RFP processes will continue to be published on our website:

If any questions or concerns arise at any point during the RFP process, please contact the HMIS Administrator, Shalissa Coutoulakis .
(Remember, please address HMIS questions to hmis@rihomeless.org!)
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