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Are you wrestling this week with all that's going on in our world?  I know I sure am!  I hope that if nothing else, you are having some incredible discussions in your home with the students and children in your life!  I know all too well how easy it is to be silent or just watch the news together as a family, but it is so important that we talk about the racial tensions, protests, and rallies and make sure we are also listening!  David and I are praying for each of your families, our community and nation.  Praying for peace and justice, as well.  We hope you'll join us in prayer!   

As summer begins and we shift gears to summer programming, if David and I can help you, share zoom call information with you, or if you'd like to reach out personally, please use our contact info below:
**David Benson -; 706.248.7353
**Heather McCreary -; 404.457.9442

Heather McCreary
Student Ministry Program Manager

We're taking a break this week from online connections!  We know our students need a break from screens and we do too! 
Summer fun is just ahead starting JUNE 9th!

Starting June 9th we'll be hosting 

Login on TUESDAY nights June 9, 23, July 7, 11 at 8:30pm  for TRIBAL GAMES!  All students rising 6th thru 12th are invited to join us!  Grab some friends and share the link with them!  Be prepared for fun, games, and lots of prizes!  Links for zoom calls will be sent through small group leaders and emails.  If you miss the link, message David or Heather (contact info above) or DM us on Instagram (HMStudentMin) for connection!  We'll send it right over!  

Starting June 11th we'll be hosting 

Join us on THURSDAYS, June 11, 25, July 9 & 23  at 11:30am for BRUNCH AND BIBLE STUDY!  Make some eggs and toast or a sandwich and chips, but bring your brunch to Zoom!  We'll check in to see what's going on, what you're eating, and also dig deep into a Right Now Media study together!  No need to watch or read anything ahead of time!  We'll watch and discuss together on zoom each week!  Join us once, or join us for all four sessions, but don't miss out on Brunch!  

**Zoom links will be sent via text and email each week.  If you'd like to be in the know - please email or DM us on Instagram (@hmstudentmin) for links to zoom!  

To insure safety for our students on zoom calls: 
**Links for calls are shared via small group or direct text or email.  No links are published publicly.
**Anyone joining the call should have their zoom screen name listed as their first and last name.  If we don't recognize your zoom name, we can't admit you to the call.
**Please remember to keep your microphone off as you enter the call. 

It's time for them to join STUDENT MINISTRY!  

Typically in the church calendar, this past weekend would be Promotion Sunday at HMUMC!  That means our 8th graders become High Schoolers, our preschoolers move into kids ministry, and possibly biggest of all, our 5th graders move from kid's ministry to student ministry!  We want to make sure in this transition and time of meeting digitally, we still connect with anyone moving up to student ministry!  

PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK WITH THE PARENTS OF THE RISING 6TH GRADERS YOU KNOW !  This link will give them the opportunity to register to connect with student ministry, to sign up for student ministry emails so they can participate in summer events (this email you're receiving today), and also sign up for VBS Reimagined - there is a 6th grade option for online VBS! 

Thanks for passing this link on to anyone you may know so we can begin to connect with their student as we prepare for the start of the middle school years!  

Online Lessons

This week we look at James 4:1-12 and dig deeper into what prayer is and how we are to live humbly together with others with different views. Check out the video here and talk about what it means to bring your requests (prayers) humbly before God. What and how should we talk to God? If you would like further discussion questions, please download the full lesson outline here

If you need help with a login for RightNow Media, please email David:! 
If you have a smart TV, cell phone, iPad, or Computer you can download the App. 
Always check our website to see what's happening in student ministry and check for event sign ups!

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