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Vol.1 No.1                                                               January 2014                                                               

We are presenting our first monthly online showcase of our fellow union musicians! Depending on the response we get, we would like to have up to three (perhaps more) union musicians featured each month. We have so many excellent musicians in this local and we hope to let our members see and hear what's going on musically right here in your own local.

Who will be the featured artists for February? It may be YOU!

Our first featured union musician for the month of January is JAMAL BATISTE, son of union member DAVID BATISTE. Jamal's music video link (You Tube) is below.
To be featured on this monthly musical newsletter, see the requirements below Jamal's feature.


Musician's Corner
Jamal Batiste

 Drummer, producer, and artist Jamal Batiste creates, performs, and produces music that is rich with relevant cultural and social dynamics that can be enjoyed by all, while having fun and offering people inspiration, motivation, and encouragement in their everyday lives.  


Jamal has toured on an international scale, playing in Africa, Japan, Canada, and Europe, leading up to multiple recent dates in France, including the Aulnay All Blues Festival. He has shared the stage with luminaries such as Irvin Mayfield, Bill Summers, Leo Nocentelli, Bill Dickens, Cyril Neville, Trombone Shorty, Donald Harrison, Irma Thomas, MyNameIsJohnMichael, Burnell Worrell of P-Funk, among many others. 


More recently, Jamal has brought his talent and expertise to a host of varied and intriguing projects, including The Batiste Family endeavor, "Father and Sons of the New Millennium." He recorded and produced music for Dee-1 (Psalms of David II and Casme' Rocks (Change Gonna Come).  


Currently, he is working in a major film through the Musician's Union.  

To view Jamal's full bio, click here


 Union Member Since 2006


Why are you a union member? "There are several advantages: Whenever major filmmakers look for musicians in N.O., they come to the union. The union lets us know when programs, such as the Louisiana State Tourism Office's "Music Ambassador Project" is available for musicians and how to register. The rehearsal facility is a big plus for members and the fact that the union is connected to the NO Musicians Clinic and hosts MusiCares' free dental cleanings (Smiles Program) shows that the union cares about its members."

Here is Jamal's Music Video:



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Who will be the featured artists for February? 
 It may be YOU!



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