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December 2021 | Issue No. 2

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HOA Outreach Meeting November 3, 2021 Recap

As part of the HOA Education Program, HOA Board Members and Property Managers were invited to an informational lunch meeting that included presentations from Moulton Niguel Water District and Orange County Fire Authority. We had a great turnout this year!

If you would like to view the presentations from Moulton Niguel Water District and Storm Water Management, please visit the HOA Resources page on the City website.

Moulton Niguel Water District Presentation
OCFA Homeowner Fire Safety Information
Storm Water Management Presentation
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Proper Waste Disposal

As a reminder, be sure to discard materials in the correct trash bins. It helps reduce contamination and ensure successful, sustainable waste management!

Below is general information about what materials belong in three streams of waste collection:

GREEN CART: Organic materials include food scraps, like vegetables, fruit, meat/bones, grains, shells, seeds, tea leaves, and coffee grounds.

BLUE/BROWN CART: Recyclable materials include cardboard, paper, glass, bottles, and select plastics.

BLACK CART: Landfill materials are miscellaneous, but should NOT include batteries and electronic waste.

Click Here for City Trash & Recycling Information

Christmas Tree Recycling Services

Christmas Tree Collection Services will be provided from 12/26/21 to 01/07/2022.

Residents are asked to:

  • Remove all ornaments, tinsel, lights, and stands.
  • Place tree in green cart or beside cart for collection.
  • Do NOT place trees in plastic bags.
  • Trees 6ft or taller must be cut in half.

Questions? Call CR&R at (877) 728-0446

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HOA Outreach Meeting on November 3, 2021 Recap

Proper Waste Disposal and Christmas Tree Recycling Services

Senate Bill 9

Proposed Water Regulations Due to Severe Drought

Save the Date - Spring 2022 HOA Outreach Meeting

Senate Bill 9

Senate Bill 9 (SB 9), which takes effect January 1, 2022, will make it easier for Californian's to build more than one housing unit on many properties that for decades have been reserved exclusively for single-family homes. SB 9 seeks to combat local control and bypass the City’s housing element by requiring local governments to ministerially approve a housing development containing two residential units in single-family residential zones. Additionally, this measure would require local governments to approve urban lot splitting and creating duplexes in single-family residential zones. SB 9 permits four units on a single-family zoned lot and eliminates sufficient onsite parking requirements.

HOA’s may be able to restrict application of SB 9 through CC&Rs and are encouraged to consult with their legal counsel. 

Below are key takeaways from SB 9:

  • Allows up to four (4) units on previously zoned single-family homes.
  • Requires the City to approve either or both:
  • A housing development of no more than two units (duplex) in a single-family zone.
  • Allows for a lot split to take place (a single-family lot becoming two lots).
  • Prohibits the City from requiring more than one parking space or unit.
Learn More About SB 9
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Proposed Water Regulations Due to Severe Drought

The State Water Resources Control Board has announced intentions to consider emergency conservation regulations related to the drought on January 4, 2022. Most of these regulations appear similar to those adopted statewide during the last drought. Should the State Water Board approve the regulations, those regulations are submitted to the Office of Administrative Law where they go through a brief review period until they are effective and enforceable. The proposals include:

  • Irrigating landscapes within 48-hours of measurable rainfall of one-fourth of one inch of rain is prohibited.
  • HOAs may not prohibit members/owners from using low-water plants in their landscapes or prohibiting synthetic turf.
  • HOAs may not fine/penalize a member/owner for reducing or eliminating the watering of any landscape during a declared drought emergency.
  • HOAs may not require a member/owner to remove their water-efficient landscaping at the end of the drought emergency.
Click Here for More Information

Save the Date Announcement!

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Spring 2022 HOA Outreach Meeting

Thursday, March 31, 2022

The next HOA Outreach Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 31. More details on time, location, and topics of discussion to come in the New Year! Please stay tuned for information on how to register.

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Please note that Laguna Niguel City Hall will be closed

December 23, 2021 - January 2, 2022.

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