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October 2022 | Issue No.5

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HOA Outreach Meeting on Thursday, November 10th


The upcoming HOA Outreach Meeting will be held at Crown Valley Community Center, Crown Ballroom. 

Registration closes on Friday, November 4. To register, please click below.

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The HOA Show Podcast

This podcast covers a variety of relevant topics geared toward HOAs. Some episode topics include:

  • The Umbrella Insurance Conundrum: Discussion of the commercial umbrella market and excess liability coverage.
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Registration Open - HOA Outreach Meeting on Thursday, November 10th

The HOA Show Podcast

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Moulton Niguel Water District - Statewide Drought Emergency: Resilient Together

OCPL Mobile Library

City of Laguna Niguel - Landscape Review Process

Crown Valley Community Center Facility Rentals

Community Associations Institute - Avoid a Condo Kerfuffle

Community Associations Institute - Legislative Update

CR&R Food Waste Recycling

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Moulton Niguel Water District - Statewide Drought Emergency: Resilient Together

California is in its third consecutive year of drought and the State urges Californians to save more water. We all play an important part to be water efficient.

Below are six simple ways you can save water and money!

1. Upgrade to a "Smart" Weather-based Irrigation Controller

2. Get Cash for Removing Turf

3. Adjust Your Sprinklers

4. Avoid Watering Between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

5. Get Leak Alerts

6. Install a Water Efficient Drip Irrigation System

Click Here For More Water Saving Tips and Drought Information

City of Laguna Niguel - Landscape Review Process

Most changes to landscape for properties other than single-family residences require landscape approval. For commercial properties, this typically involves a site development permit review. For homeowners’ associations with large HOA-maintained landscaped slopes, the City created a streamlined review process. This process can be used for routine maintenance of landscapes and irrigation and replacement of dead or diseased trees or other plans, among other things.

You can find more information by searching for Form 220 on the City’s website and linked below or by contacting the Planning Division at planning@cityoflagunaniguel.org or (949) 362-4300. The City is obligated to comply with certain state mandates regarding landscape projects and irrigation; however, our goal is to help you get the approvals needed to complete your landscape projects with as little hassle as possible. 

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Learn More About the Crown Valley Community Center Facility Amenities

Avoid a Condo Kerfuffle: Critical Success Factors to prepare Your Board (and Residents) for Pipe Replacement

By Eric Lecky, SageWater

Piping systems are failing at an alarming rate across the country as our infrastructure ages. From domestic supply lines (hot and cold drinking water), to drain, waste, and vent systems, to heating and cooling piping, it's all starting to go. Because these pipes are usually out of sight behind sealed walls and floors, communities often fail to realize how dangerous their situations may be. While condominium boards typically budget for maintenance projects that are routine and visible (landscaping, resurfacing parking lots, etc.), they rarely budget for the things "inside the walls," which often means a surprise expense when it becomes necessary to replace the piping in a building.

However, with proper planning, boards can identify problems, secure financing, and rectify the situation with minimal disruption to the lives of residents. 

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This article is reprinted from OC View; copyright by CAI, Orange County Regional Chapter, all rights reserved.

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About CAI's Orange County Regional Chapter

Event Details

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

11:00 a.m - 1:30 p.m

Hilton Costa Mesa

Join CAI for their annual Legislative Update. This year Louie A. Brown, Jr., CAI-CLAC's Legislative Advocate will be joining Orange County legislators for a roundtable discussion on:

  • The inner workings of Sacramento
  • Issues important to Common Interest Developments, and
  • Possible legislation for 2023 

Guest Speakers

  • Louie A. Brown, Jr., CAI-CLAC's Legislative Advocate
  • Senator Josh Newman
  • Assemblymember Laurie Davies
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