Dear Miami Beach Homeowners Associations,  

Height and development have been hot topics in recent Miami Beach City Commission Meetings.  For the record, I am opposed to adding height and density unless there is a compelling community interest.   

I recently asked Mr. Thomas Mooney, our City of Miami Beach Director of Planning, to give me a list of all height increases approved by the Commission under the new Administration.  The purpose of this letter is to share those findings with you.

There have been 7 height increases approved by the Commission since the end of 2013,  4 of which were initiated by the City:  

I have observed that even though height increases aren’t approved as often as it may seem, residents still feel construction fatigue and overdevelopment.    That is an interesting dichotomy well worth consideration. 
  • Should we limit the number of private commercial and/or residential development project permits on an annual or continuous basis? 
  • Should we reduce the as-of-right height in the current zoning as a Comprehensive Plan modification? 
  • Are there ways we should be doing our public projects differently? 
I invite your HOA to consider these questions, and the question of development in general, and provide your opinions either individually or as a body.   I look forward to hearing from you in the coming months.  

From time to time I would like to reach out to our Homeowners Associations.  Please feel free to let me know if additional e-mail addresses need to be included!


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