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Bits and Pieces

November 7, 2023

This week’s classes are designed around fun, education and completing projects before we run out of time. Thursday, Cora is here with another Make-and-Take, and she’s going to do her requested pillow or apron from a shirt! Both are cute, so sign up and get your class supply list, which will require that you bring a shirt to turn into one of the projects. Class is 9:30-12:30, and you should have a finished project when you leave. Ho-Ho-Ho!  

Be sure to join us for SEW SMART on Saturday, at about 9:30! We have something new and fun for you with jewelry designs focused around sewing items. You can shop away with Katie, picking up jewelry for yourself, friends and family. Her pieces are unique and the stones she used are authentic, not plastic beads and such, but quality pieces, like many of those you have seen Brandie wear in the shop and inquired about. Her prices are very reasonable and her quality is great, so join us for her trunk show! Following the trunk show, Brandie will be showing you how to prep a quilt top to be longarmed. There are some necessary things you need to know, and since she’s one of our 5 longarmers at SVQ, she is armed with some very useful information. Don’t miss out. Then I will follow with a quick demo of the Laurastar ironing system, for those of you who might have missed our Shop Hop demo. It may be on your Christmas list for this year, or perhaps a later year, but it IS such a great system that I want you to at least know about it! And we can still get you 18 month zero-interest on the system! Something to very seriously consider.

Following that, American Sewing Guild will be meeting at the shop for their monthly meeting. The national group has a strong east valley presence, and they’re looking to make travel easier for those of us in the west valley. Please come join them and see if this is the guild/group you’ve been looking for. Come and meet with them, and let them tell you what they’re all about! They have some great programs and speakers which will pique your interest!

Don’t forget about Andi’s longarm class Sunday at noon-4, where you will begin to learn how to do Feathers! I think that’s one of my favorite stitches, on a domestic or a longarm machine. It just seems to flow and float across the quilt.  

Open Sew is Monday, 11-13, and if there is enough interest, we might be able to accommodate Open Sew Tuesday and Wednesday, if there is enough interest! Call and let us know, and call before coming in Tuesday and/or Wednesday, since the classroom is now open but may fill if there’s a last-minute or make-up class that needs to happen! I’ll do the best for you that I can.

Remember that Ramona Baird is back in the swing of things with us starting Nov. 18, with Software: Get Savvy. This software class will be especially fun and interesting: it will feature Greeting Cards!!! Just perfect for the upcoming holidays, and cards that you can make that will be remembered and very special to receive. Let’s learn how to set things up through the software program, and then let’s get fancy and/or traditional with the cards we will make. There are also lots of card program designs from OESD that you can use with your domestic machines, don’t forget. Check them out through our website by clicking on the OESD butterfly logo to open up the designs. So much to know and do, so little time….

Thanksgiving will be upon us before we know it, and then we hit the ground running with our GIGANTIC, HUGE four –day sale beginning on Black Friday through Cyber Monday. This will be our last BIG SALE of the year, so plan to come see us and bring your credit cards!!! Maybe even hubby or significant other Santa in your life…sales will be extensive and authentically real! Now is the TIME to fulfill those wish lists and be ready for 2024. No more hints, but don’t miss shopping with us at SVQ…we’re fully staffed, waiting for you!

Sign up NOW for the Martelli Special Event on December 2; you choose the 9:30 or 1:00 time slot, but don’t snooze and lose….this is our first event with Joallyn and Brian of Martelli, and they will be bring you lots and lots of freebies, specially priced items, laughs and more at each event. They will be bringing you lots of items for customizing your quilt studio and making your quilt time even more special and comfortable. Don’t miss out! Don’t let the time slip by you!

To give you a leg up prior to the Black Friday Four Day, let’s make all basics, blenders, and solids the fabric special of the week, when you give us the code BASICS15, and receive 15% off your purchase of one yard or more of these fabrics. We’re still getting in new fabric lines, like the Tula Pink “Besties” line and blenders to go with, but remember: time marches on and so do fabric lines, and some can’t be re-ordered or re-printed, so get them while they’re here. Our weekly fabric special can help you out a bit, we hope. We also hope to see you soon, and at least at Saturday’s FREE SEW SMART EVENT. And you’ll have time to check out all of our BERNINA and Q’nique specials, plus sewing furniture and chairs to make your wish list grow and be ready for BLACK FRIDAY FOUR DAY, since time is now of the essence!!!

Barbara and the timely tootsies at SVQ watching time marching on

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