Time for a New Home Scavenger Hunt!
COLLECTIBLES: Special Edition
Boy Toys of the 1980s & 90s
Vintage Video Games
In case you think that the only toys of value are old, old, old, think again! The reality is that a whole new batch of collectors are ready to snap up the games from their 1980s childhoods!
Those children are all grown up, have disposable income and would like to have a piece of their childhood on display.

This 1999 Nintendo Game Boy Pokemon Yellow CAS 90 sold in 2020 for $600!
Popular Video Game Systems
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Nintendo GameCube
Sega Genesis

Look for anything marked as being from the mid to late 1980s, ideally with any original packaging.
Fewer means rarity and rarity means higher value!
Typically, video games that were released later in the game console‚Äôs life span are more rare. When the technology was about to or had already moved forward, fewer people made purchases for the older systems. Fewer buyers means that publishers released those games in smaller quantities and that means rarity and higher value.
And the World Record goes to...
A rare, unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for $100,150.00, setting a new world record price for a vintage video game.

Games are most sought after if they are complete in the box, accompanied by manual, and the labels are in good condition.
Ga-Ga for GI Joe!
Simpler isn't always better
The G.I. Joe toy designers delivered the most expansive military-themed toy line built in 1:18 scale in the history of the world! And because Good Guys exist only when there are Bad Guys, Hasbro pitted its new 1982 G.I. Joe against a clever and adept adversary, the villainous Cobra Command.
In addition to the toys themselves, Hasbro developed elaborate paperwork, package artwork, Combat Command File Card biographies for each action figure, and blueprints that were printed on instruction sheets included with every vehicle, playset, and weapon system.
This vintage Hasbro G.I. Joe 1984 Hooded Cobra Commander complete with accessories would sell at auction for $50-$150 depending on condition and accessories.
Transforming History
It all began in a Galaxy far, far away... Oops! Wrong franchise!
Co-produced by the toy companies Takara Tomy and  Hasbro, Transformers toy line began in 1984 and centers on extraterrestrial factions of sentient self-configuring modular robotic lifeforms (often the Autobots  and the  Decepticons ) in an endless  civil war ... Got that?
To simplify, what you want to look for is Transformers made from 1984-1990!
The franchise has expanded to comic books, animation, video games and films. Who knows- maybe a fast food chain is next!
Collectibles can be difficult to evaluate but we will be happy to help you! Just email photos and descriptions to  info@converseauctions.com or call 610-722-9004.  

Even if your collectibles won't add to your bank account, they were a cherished part of your and your children's childhoods!
Be well, stay at home, go on a scavenger hunt for collectibles of all kinds and stay in virtual touch!

Yours sincerely,
M. Todd Converse and The Converse Team