August 15, 2019 
BATTLE PLAN:  The Fuel of Faith 
This week we are nearing the end of the "Battle Plan" series looking at the last section of James.  In many respects, James has saved the best for last.  After all, what would a Christian battle plan be without a section on prayer?  In this section, James gives an example of a "powerful and effective" prayer by a man named Elijah.  The interesting thing is that although we have the entire account of the events unfolding in the Old Testament, we have no record of the prayers that were prayed by Elijah.  James must be telling us that there is more to powerful and effective prayer than the words we speak.  Join us this Sunday as we conclude our study of James and unpack what made Elijah's prayer so powerful and effective.
Sunday Morning Prayer Changes
I t's been my observation over the last year that our Sunday morning prayer time has drifted away from the Biblical examples found in the Book of Acts. They have become more horizontally focused and less vertical in nature. To be clear, this shortcoming falls on my shoulders as it has happened on my watch and I take full responsibility for allowing us to get to this place. The changes we are implementing is to restore prayer to its proper place in worship. So beginning this Sunday we will no longer be taking prayer requests from the floor. We will have one of our Prayer Leaders come and pray our morning into being in ways that call upon the name of Jesus to intersect with our lives. We encourage you to fill out prayer cards as those will be sent to the prayer tribe and will also direct the following Sunday prayers. I also encourage us to go to the Historic Sanctuary and invite one of our Prayer Leaders to pray with you. I will periodically be sharing community concerns; new births, the passing of our loved ones, or urgent prayer concerns for our body. It is my sincere hope that we as a church will embrace the power of prayer as the glue that binds our relationship with the Triune God.  
Much Love,Pastor Corky


We will host a Haiti meeting in the Georgianna Sanctuary on AUGUST 27 to update the church on the girls' progress, answer questions, and recruit new care and maintenance team members. If you are interested in having a firsthand understanding of our daughters' lives, please join us!  For additional information, email
For all first-time Cambridge Elementary School volunteers...please plan to attend the mandatory volunteer training meeting held at Georgianna on AUGUST 20 at 6:00 pm.  Should you have any questions prior to the meeting, please contact Chris at
Georgianna will host flu clinics in-between church services on Sunday September 8 and Sunday October 6. Thank you Walgreens and church member and local pharmacist Cheryl Day for assisting us with this event.  Pick up needed paperwork at the church welcome desk.

Applications for fall trips to Belize, Guatemala and Kentucky 
 will  be available at the Welcome Desk.
Nurses are needed for the Guatemala trip.
 Questions? Email Chris!

Applications for the mission trip to Kenya (JAN 25 - FEB 8)
will be available at the Welcome Desk.  Only 8 spots available!   
Questions? Email Chris! 


*YOUTH Volunteers needed during the 11:30 service
 *Volunteers NEEDED for the Nursery at 8:15 and 11:30.
Who to Contact:
If you would like to volunteer, please contact Kelly 
Interested in volunteering for Children's Ministry 
but unsure of what that looks like?  
    Check it out HERE!  


It's that time again! School has started and youth attendance is revving up, so we are in need of volunteers to feed our kids! If you are able and willing, please sign up through the Georgianna app or click on the " Here" button below.
We appreciate you!
If you are interested in providing a meal  click  HERE!  
Sr. High: Sunday 6 - 8pm
Jr. High: Wednesday 6 - 8pm


Wednesday mornings:  Discerning the Voice of God,
by Priscilla Shirer (Sept 18 - Oct 30)
Friday mornings:  Lord, is it Warfare? Teach Me to Stand, 
by Kay Arthur (Sept 6 - Nov 15)
Sign ups will be available in the Courtyard Sunday,  
August 18th & 25th.



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