March 26, 2020  
  I'm Just a Nobody
Well week one of Virtual Church is under our belt, and we are going to return to the sermons God put on the preaching teams hearts many months ago trusting that these are the messages that God needs us to hear. Many months ago, I wrestled with the reality that despite our best efforts in the church to empower people for the work of the Kingdom, that so many continue to self-disqualify. We have a strange relationship in this country with an "inverted pyramid" of success. Most people believe that they have to become influential to have influence. We disqualify ourselves with a weird false humility, we make excuses and deflect responsibility based on how we see ourselves. What would change if we could see ourselves the way that God sees us? Nothing in this book affirms the inverted pyramid of success. Jesus chooses the 12 least likely guys to become the first disciples, they were all nobodies when Jesus stepped into their lives. The most prominent guy was a Tax Collector and everybody hated him. The most popular guy, the group treasurer eventually betrayed him. There was a guy with impulse control issues and brothers with Mommy issues. Trust me when I graduated from High School no one had me pegged for an entrepreneur; my college roommates would have never said of me that I was a future preacher. The person that confronted my white washed life and forever changed it was a 13-year-old 8th grader at an FCA camp! She changed my life not an evangelist or a gifted preacher. She had zero spiritual training she just loved Jesus, and knew I was faking it. Look at the ripple affect her courage started, even today she is a mother of three living in Chicago. None of your church staff was actively working in ministry when I hired them, believing in them for the advancement of the Kingdom. Some of our most generous people in this church are people you would never know. I am always amazed by those who have so much and do so little with their time, talent and resources and then inspired by those who live extravagantly with their lives. One of the most thoughtful people in our church lives in Tennessee and is a winter member. Listen, God has a tendency of picking a nobody, to become a somebody, in front of everybody without asking anybody. In God's eyes there are NO nobodies, but all are created for good works before the beginning of time. I'm looking forward to Sunday to see if we can keep the momentum of Virtual Church going! 
Sunday's Scripture: Exodus 3:1-16
The first song of worship this week is "Set Free"
Every time you hear the word 'RUN,' encourage 
your kids to get up and run around the living room.

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Georgianna, in partnership with The Children's Hunger Project, will be packing 600 weekend meals for children in Brevard County.  Volunteers will be packing at the church in individual family groups.  If you are interested in serving, please email

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The first song of worship this week is "Set Free"
Every time you hear the word 'RUN,' encourage 
your kids  to get up and run a lap. 
Exercise & Worship!
ALL CHILDREN'S Ministry activities are cancelled at this time. 
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