Please join AAUW of New Jersey in congratulating Virginia Lyttle on her formal appointment to the New Jersey State Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault.

The Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault legislation (S-2812) was passed by the New Jersey State Assembly and Senate this fall and signed by the Governor in early December 2015. Our Legislative Watch Committee (Sally Goodson & Adrienne Lesser) has lobbied for passage of this legislative action since February 5, 2015.

AAUWNJ formally requested a seat on the New Jersey State Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault.  Ginny Lyttle was our AAUW appointment nominee.  

The duty of the Task Force is to study and evaluate current policies and practices concerning campus sexual assault, to identify problems and areas for improvement, and to make recommendations concerning prevention, response, and awareness.  Ginny, a past AAUW NJ State President, has the background and expertise to make a significant contribution. We were extremely proud to have spearheaded her appointment.

As your President, I want to express my sincere gratitude to our State Legislative Watch Committee for their hard work ensuring our representation on the Task Force. My special thanks to Ginny Lyttle for volunteering to be our nominee. Her AAUW resume was outstanding.

AAUW has a long history of research experience and has already published a number of peer-reviewed documents on sexual harassment on college campuses. Ginny will bring her expertise to the Task Force. Lyttle is an active, outspoken opponent of sexual violence on school campuses, as well as our representative to the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

The State of New Jersey Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault is scheduled to issue a final report to the Governor and Legislature within a year with its findings and recommendations concerning campus sexual assault.

Again, congratulations to Ginny Lyttle for her committee appointment and kudos to our AAUW NJ lobby team. 

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!       

Carol Cohen, President
AAUW of New Jersey
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