The Volunteer Council at  Target Corporate Headquarters  left us speechless on December 7 when we needed to rent not one, but two Uhauls to transport more than 4,250 lbs of water, food, clothes, hygiene and other basic necessities to the Drop-In Center for the youth. 

The volunteers spent from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. packing more than 600 bags of food and 1,000 winter survival kits and even hand made cards with well wishes for each youth that visits the Drop-In Center. Our Community Engagement Manager, Cheri, was with them the entire time and it reinforced for her why she loves our community of supporters and working for HOPE 4 Youth.

Cheri made a trip back to headquarters last week to load a third Uhaul with more than 650 lbs of new men's and women's underwear that they donated for the youth.

There are no adequate words to describe how we feel so we will just say, "Thank you for your generosity, Target!"