An Update on Lillian

We at the Norfolk SPCA are truly humbled. The community rushed to support the Huskies in our care, and the outpouring of donations and well wishes for the recovery of these beautiful dogs has been nonstop. The money raised for the HOPE Fund is already being put to use as we start Bonnie, Diesel, Lillian, Scout, and Ziggy on their journey to forever homes.

After giving her sufficient time to decompress from her whirlwind journey and to acclimate to her new surroundings, our veterinary staff performed an extensive physical examination of the Lillian on Thursday. Done under sedation, this exam was the key to a holistic understanding of the dog's state of health.
Lillian was the most distraught of the Huskies we received last Saturday. Despite her trying circumstances, she is still capable of showing affection.
Lillian's age is estimated to be between seven and nine years old. She was also spayed on Thursday, meaning her many years of being exploited just to sell puppies have come to an end. Veterinarian in Charge Dr. Rita Hemmings also confirmed severe infections of heartworm and whipworms, two maladies easily prevented with routine medication.
Veterinarian in Charge Dr. Rita Hemmings gives Lillian a thorough examination prior to spay surgery.
Lillian's exam did reveal mammary tumors, the direct result of years of excessive breeding and nursing. Those tumors were removed and will be sent out to screen for potential cancer.

Lillian recovered well from sedation and was strong enough to wag her tail for our vet staff by the end of the day. In the face of all the mistreatment she has endured, the capacity to love and the desire to connect remains. This is why we are fighting so hard for Lillian, Bonnie, Diesel, Scout, and Ziggy.

The other adult Huskies will all undergo the same thorough examination that Lillian received, and Ziggy will have his right eye evaluated by a specialist. Their journeys have just begun, but the Norfolk SPCA will be by their sides every step of the way. Stay tuned to our Facebook page as we continue to provide updates.