August 2022
Catch Up with CAG This Month!
The Center for Advanced Genomics hits the road in August! We're headed to scientific conferences and training symposia across the country. Catch up with us at:

  • IHIA | New Orleans, LA | August 7-9
  • CHIA | Las Vegas, NV | August 23-26
  • ISFG | Washington, DC | August 29- Sept. 2

Can our methods for extracting and analyzing trace and degraded DNA from challenging samples help solve your toughest cases? Let's talk!

Focused on FGG? At ISFG, Stephen Turner and Michelle Peck will present their latest research in can't-miss poster sessions! Check it out:
Michelle Peck, M.F.S

Determination of Validated Kintelligence Thresholds for Application to Forensic Genetic Genealogy

Poster Presentation - P279
August 31 - September 02
10:00-11:00 a.m.
Stephen Turner, PhD

Evaluating the Impact of Dropout and Genotyping Error on SNP-Based Kinship Analysis with Forensic Samples

Poster Presentation - P094
August 31 - September 02
10:00-11:00 a.m.
Evaluating Rapid DNA for SAK Testing
CAG forensic scientists recently performed a review of Direct PCR and Rapid DNA approaches to streamline SAK testing. These processes have been shown to reduce turnaround times and, in some cases, improve profiling success rates. Our team, recognizing a lack of direct research on the topic, sought to address this gap with a review to help inform the forensic community and stakeholders. You can read the full review in The Journal of Forensic Sciences. 

Synthetic Fingermarks for Touch DNA R&D
Curt Hewitt, PhD, delivered his talk, Engineering a New Future for Fingermark Sample Processing at this year's Green Mountain DNA Conference.

He detailed the development and use of standardized, simplified, scalable synthetic fingermarks in R&D to explore the feasibility of obtaining fingerprints and touch DNA from spent shell casings and other challenging surfaces like glass, wood, and adhesive tape.

Interested in solutions for touch DNA? Connect with Curt Hewitt.
Grow Your Forensic Career with Us!

Signature Science is hiring! Positions in our Austin, TX and Charlottesville, VA laboratories as well as remote positions are available. As part of the Signature Science team, you’ll collaborate with experts in the field of forensic science as an integral part of The Center for Advanced Genomics®.

At our ANAB-accredited laboratory, SigSci analysts work to support a robust, growing client base, and can expect to be challenged daily with a diversified caseload. Our analysts are trained in all aspects of forensic casework, and, as a result, can enjoy start-to-finish case ownership. Learn more about Forensic DNA testing at SigSci here and apply to start a rewarding career at Signature Science today!

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