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AOLS GoToWebinar:  "Centimetre Surveying With Your Smartphone?"
Thursday July 20, 2017, 12:00-1:00 pm EDT
Association of Ontario Land Surveyors - In Sight June 23, 2017
Consumer handheld electronics and professional positioning sensors have been on a collision course for years. Pat Hills, segment manager for geospatial business at Cansel, will discuss several industry innovations that are embracing the increased processing power of personal smartphones and tablet computers.  Register here
In the Media / Dans les médias
What you need to know before buying title insurance
More homebuyers are opting for title insurance rather than land surveys
CBC News | Nova Scotia
An increasing number of homebuyers are turning to title insurance as a cheaper alternative to land surveys, but experts stress it’s important to know what you’re buying — especially what’s covered and what’s not. Read more
CBC Radio Interview
CBC Investigates | 1st-time homebuyer stunned to discover new backyard isn't his
Nova Scotia man told he doesn't own the backyard he thought he'd purchased with his home
CBC News
Imagine buying a home with a deck, a shed and a big fenced backyard, only to discover you own neither the backyard nor the shed and only part of the back deck. Read more
CBC Radio Interview
Educate the Canadian Public
Professional Surveyors Canada
The Manning story shows that we need to continue to educate the Canadian public.  Please support PSC's national marketing campaign by posting these free ads on your website.  There are three target audiences homeowners, homebuyers, and construction professionals.
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The Nova Scotia case is not unique to Canadians - see the story about the New Zealand couple in the International News section below.
Stone a piece of city’s history
Cornerstone defining Greenfield’s border dates back to 1800s
Daily Reporter
GREENFIELD — They were just looking for a marker to define their property line in light of an upcoming paving project.
Taking a rest by an oak tree along the north side of their mother’s property near Seventh and Monroe streets, siblings Amie and Matt Collins found something solid a few inches below the surface of the dirt.
When they uncovered it, surveyors declared it was something more than a simple property marker — they’d found a cornerstone dating back to 1890, a surveying tool that once marked the western Greenfield city limits. Read more
The GPS of its time: Surveyor James Cook remembered 250 years after mapping Newfoundland
Cook's charts so accurate you can navigate with them today
CBC News
A world renowned explorer who literally put Newfoundland and Labrador on the map is being recognized for his work 250 years later. Read more
Cartoon by Bill Brookes - Innovation - the Key to Survival
Reprinted from Sir Veyor's Impressions of Surveys & Mapping page 17, with permission of W.R. Brookes.  Published as a special issue of the "S & M News", December, 1971.
Contrat accordé pour la plage de Verdun
Journal Métro - Le Messager Verdun
Le projet de la plage urbaine de Verdun pourra finalement commencer, mais pas à temps pour que les résidents puissent en profiter cet été. Divisé en deux parties afin de réaliser des économies, il sera réalisé par deux compagnies différentes pour une inauguration d’ici la fin de l’année. Lire plus 
Original Disneyland map sells for $708K at auction
The illustrated rendering of Walt Disney’s vision was what sold the wild theme park dream to investors in 1953
Disneyland—arguably the world’s most famous theme park—very nearly didn’t get built at all. Back in 1953, even Walt Disney’s own production company refused to put up the money needed to build the park.  Read more
Cast Iron Monument of the 6 P.M.
The American Surveyor
Hidden from view among the trees on a high bluff along the west side of the Missouri River is a monument on the Kansas/ Nebraska state line that has been overlooked in terms of importance. It was the beginning point for the surveys of the 6th Principal Meridian, yet throughout its 152 year existence, its designation has simply been the "Cast Iron Monument".  Read more
In a surveyors’ stockpile, clues to West Marin’s past
Point Reyes Light
Historian Dewey Livingston first became aware of the mysterious “Grippi Tube 18” map after reading a book by his predecessor, Jack Mason, over 30 years ago. Mr. Mason mentioned it in a footnote while discussing Charles Webb Howard’s desire to split up the ranches on the Point Reyes Peninsula, but the whereabouts of the 1879 map were uncertain. The only clue was the name of a land surveyor who once owned it: Joseph Grippi.  Read more
L'Uber des notaires
Ma Presse
Tout comme Uber a bousculé l'industrie du taxi, les sociétés d'assurance titres ont révolutionné le monde de l'hypothèque au Québec. Lire plus
Tender Notice
Public works and Government Services Canada
Date closing:  2017/07/05 14:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
La techno qui transformera nos vies
TVA Nouvelles
Quelles sont les prochaines découvertes technologiques qui pourraient changer notre façon de vivre dans les prochaines années? Et comment celles-ci modifieront-elles notre quotidien?
Les réseaux Wi-Fi vous permettent de recevoir des informations sur votre ordinateur ou votre téléphone intelligent. Toutes ces données peuvent être relayées par ces antennes installées sur de nombreux édifices. Bientôt, le paysage pourrait être transformé. Lire plus
Sky Revolutions helps us understand drone surveying
sUAS News - the business of drones
Results of Drone Effectiveness Study show industry seeking support from commercial operators
Many leading construction companies and Facilities Managers are reaping the rewards that come with drone surveying, but some are still seeking guidance on how drones help improve their business processes. Read more
A map that fills a 500-million year gap in Earth’s history 
The Conversation
Earth is estimated to be around 4.5 billion years old, with life first appearing around 3 billion years ago.
To unravel this incredible history, scientists use a range of different techniques to determine when and where continents moved, how life evolved, how climate changed over time, when our oceans rose and fell, and how land was shaped. Tectonic plates – the huge, constantly moving slabs of rock that make up the outermost layer of the Earth, the crust – are central to all these studies. Read more
International News / Informations internationales
Auckland couple pay $85,000 for 11sqm of land after fence hostilities 
stuff businessday
A couple have had to pay $85,000 for 11sqm of land they thought they already owned.
Arthur Boyer and his partner Nicole Kramer moved into their Auckland home in 2012.
But a dispute broke out with their neighbour Clare McCracken in 2014 after a surveyor discovered that part of Boyer's backyard belonged to McCracken. Read more
La Jolla’s Missing Land Survey Markers: Mapmaker on a quest to prevent litigation by homeowners
La Jolla Light
La Jollan Michael Pallamary says survey monuments in some of the oldest La Jolla subdivisions have disappeared, making the job of land surveyors (such as himself) harder.
Survey monuments, also called survey markers, are objects placed in the ground as benchmarks to determine property lines, elevations or horizontal positions. Ludington Heights and the Muirlands — which are among La Jolla’s oldest subdivisions dating back almost a century — are missing some of these markers. Read more
Google Maps are unreliable: Government of India
Survey of India declared Google Maps 'unreliable', 'un-approved' and 'not authenticated'
The Mobile Indian
Most of us depend on Google Maps whenever we are at an unknown location. Maps users find it quite helpful but the Indian Government has a different take on it as they find it unreliable.
India’s mapping and survey organisation, Survey of India (SoI), declared Google Maps and Google Earth “unreliable”, “not authenticated” and “un-approved” and wants people to stop relying on these applications. Surveyor General of India, Swarna Subba Rao, at an event on the occasion of 250th anniversary of Survey of India in New Delhi, said to IANS, "If you talk about the authentication, the Google Maps is not authenticated. It hasn't been produced by the government, so they aren't authenticated". Read more
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